Moldau Quartz Meaning and Properties

Moldau Quartz is the name given to a variety of Quartz, and silicon dioxide found as pieces of rock in the area of the Czech Republic where Moldavite occurs. The color range is white, grey, orange/rusty brown. Due to the proximity of Moldavite, the Quartz pieces have been attuned to the vibrational energies of Moldavite and thus can aid in the transformation of “Light” energy onto our physical vehicles.

The frequency of Moldau Quartz connects to all the chakras especially the heart and third eye chakras. It opens and stimulates the heart and third eye chakras, opening one’s consciousness to higher dimensional energies and allowing one to have a heart-centered awareness.

Moldau Quartz helps to link the energy of one’s emotional and mental bodies so that one is able to consciously evaluate all situations from one’s heart center, bringing beauty, joy, wisdom, and love into one’s life.

The energy of Moldau Quartz opens and energizes all of one’s chakric system, and aligns and energizes one’s energy fields so that one is vibrating with the energy of “Light” consciousness.

Associated Chakras

  • Heart
  • Third Eye

Emotional Issue

  • Emotions – Balance

Spiritual Connection

  • Heart-centered Awareness
  • Light Energy

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