Mystic Topaz

One of the newer types of stones to enter the marketplace is Mystic Topaz. This gemstone is an enhanced stone that is treated with special properties to give it an extraordinary look. Mystic Topaz is a patented stone that is only sold in small amounts of numbers each year. However, this stone has become very popular and its popularity is likely to continue.

Mystic Topaz is usually made from colorless Topaz. Colorless topaz is a common form of a gemstone, however, Mystic Topaz adds a very thin layer of titanium to the bottom of the stone (the pavilion). This small amount of coating causes the stone to give off a beautiful rainbow and iridescent colors. Most stones show beautiful blues, greens, yellows and even warm tinges of red.

It should be noted that there are different stones that are sometimes used to create Mystic Topaz; however, usually, the colorless stone will give the wearer the best results. Mystic Topaz comes in a variety of sizes and can be very affordable even in sizes above 1 carat. Topaz in general is very affordable and the sizes of the stones can be large in many cases. If you are looking for a great-looking stone that is still traditional but gives off a wonderful array of colors, look into Mystic Topaz.

The Uses of Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz is primarily used for ornamental jewelry and one of the top jewelry pieces to find this stone are rings. This stone makes it perfect for any type of ring; in fact, many people are choosing this stone for an engagement ring, due to its beauty and style. It is important to note that many times since this stone is much more affordable than diamonds or other types of natural gemstones, these rings are set with much more affordable metals such as 10K gold or silver. However, you can easily upgrade the metal that you choose for your jewelry. Mystic Topaz is a patented process and is usually limited in supply each year. While many large jewelers will have Mystic Topaz available, smaller stores may not.

Besides rings, Mystic Topaz is a great stone for charms, pendants, and earrings.

Where Does Mystic Topaz Come From?

Mystic Topaz is an enhanced gemstone that does not form naturally. It is treated to give the normal gemstone which is usually Topaz characteristics. The majority of Mystic Topaz that is sold today uses clear Topaz gemstones as their preferred stone for this commercial product.

Natural Topaz used to create Mystic Topaz is located in many regions all over the world. It is usually mined however in Africa, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Mexico, China, and even in several states in the USA. It should be noted that one of the states, Utah has made Topaz the official gemstone of the state.

Mystic Topaz has only been available for a few years, but has seen lots of interest; you can find Mystic Topaz at most large jewelry stores. However, smaller stores may not carry this beautiful enhanced stone.

Topaz normally is thought to have formed by fluoride-type gasses cooling off and solidifying. Topaz is usually associated with lots of other similar materials including Quartz, Microline, Beryl, and Tourmaline.

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