Onyx – The Colors, Shapes and Sizes

Onyx is one of the more popular precious gemstones. Its quality, colors and substance is very attractive by many consumers and Onyx is a great stone to compliment or accent other high quality gemstones or precious metals. The great news about Onyx is that it comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit almost any consumer’s needs. Here is some more information.

Onyx is a beautiful type of quartz that comes in a variety of colors. It is extremely similar to Agate, another type of quartz. Onyx usually comes in black or black with white bands. The bands that are found on Onyx run parallel and are consistent. Agate bands are round or circular and are not consistent. Onyx makes a great stone to compliment other types of precious gemstones, as well as precious metals. Because black is a popular color for Onyx, many people use Onyx with gold, silver, platinum and even white gold. Onyx is also available in a red, brown or reddish-brown color. These colors are usually given the name Sardonyx and they are extremely attractive and used quite frequently.

Onyx is available in many shapes and sizes. Onyx is a fairly strong stone and has a hardness measured by Mohs hardness scale of 7. This means that it will stand up to the daily grind and will usually last for many years, or even many generations if kept well. Onyx can come in many shapes and it can be fit for a ring, bracelet, earrings, charms, etc.

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Where is Onyx Formed and Found?

Onyx is found in many regions of the world due to large quartz deposits. However, it can be found in the United States, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Onyx comes in several colors, most notably black, black with white bands, red, brown and reddish brown. It should be noted that red, brown and reddish-brown quartz are usually called Sardonyx.

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The Uses of Onyx

Onyx is one of the most attractive and popular stones available. It is made from quartz, which is the most popular type of mineral. Quartz can be found in many types, and makes up 12% of the earth’s crust.

Onyx is the same type of mineral as Agate; however, Onyx has banding that is straight and parallel, Agate is usually ringed in form. In addition, Onyx banding is consistent in size and shape, where Agate is usually not. Onyx comes in a variety of different colors and its popularity possibly is the result of its beautiful colors.

For instance, Onyx comes in a beautiful black and a black with bands of white. Onyx also comes in red and browns. Red, brown and brownish reds are called a different name than onyx, they are called Sardonyx. Sardonyx is also popular, especially the deep rich red colors.

Today, Onyx is mostly used for ornamental jewelry. Because Onyx looks great as a black stone, many colors go well with it. For instance, if you are looking for a back drop for your jewelry pieces, Onyx usually does the trick. Whether it is gold, silver, platinum or white gold, Onyx always compliments the other colors.

While Onyx is considered a precious stone, it is not expensive. In fact, Onyx is usually very affordable and in line with other types of precious gemstones. Onyx is a wonderful, warm gemstone and if you are looking for a stone that goes well with other precious stones or precious metals, definitely look into Onyx.

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Onyx – The History and Origins

Onyx is one of the more common precious gemstones. For most people that like to look modern and in style nothing beats the color of black. Black looks good with almost any color and provides a nice back drop for gold, silver, platinum and white gold.

Onyx comes in many different colors but it is most popular for its black and black and white mix. Onyx is a type of quart and. It is a type of cryptocrystalline. This means that it is formed with very tiny crystal structures that are more like grains than crystals. These tiny crystals are far too small to be seen with the naked eye and require a microscope to be seen.

Onyx was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans and was named after the Greek word for nail or claw. Besides black and black and white bands, onyx comes in other colors most notably red, brown or reddish brown. When Onyx is reddish brown or red, it is known by a different name – Sardonyx. Sardonyx was a prized stone and used by politicians during the Roman times for creating seals, due to the fact that Sardonyx never stuck to the wax.

Today, onyx is used mainly as a gemstone for high quality ornamental jewelry. It goes great in rings, bracelets and charms. Whether it is black, white, red or brown, Onyx is a high quality gemstone that is extremely attractive.

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