Orange Jade Meaning and Properties

Orange jade is a magnificent gemstone full of positive and radiant energy. From the moment you lay your hands on the stone, you will notice it is a wonder and a beauty to behold.

This guide covers every detail you need to know about this impressive gemstone. The great news is that orange jade can help anyone as long as you are willing and ready to receive the help.

Orange Jade History and Overview

There are two periods in history when jade was heavily used. One period was during the Ming and Qing dynasties, while the other was the Warring States Period to the prominent Han Dynasty. During this period leading to the Han Dynasty, yellow and orange jade was popular and heavily used in various areas. Most orange jade-made objects were made at that time, including animal and ritual-based items.

Orange Jade Meaning and Properties 5

Yellow and orange jade was also widely used in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Literatus from Ming acknowledged orange jade as a precious stone to the Qing rule. Jade was only for the Royal family, which pushed the stone to its peak. Jade artifacts during these dynasties, especially the Ming and Qing, were utensils and containers in large sizes.

Orange jade is a typical orange nephrite and may bear a dark golden color. It is among the rarest jade varieties you will ever come across.

Orange jade occurring at different locations may have different smoothness and color intensity degrees. This orange coloration in orange jade results from ions that find their way in the crystal lattice and tantalum. That means its color is the original chromophore and not the secondary one.

Geological Properties

Orange jade appears like other yellow and orange-colored gemstones and Citrine. Many people mistake it for other gemstones in its first appearance, but you will see the difference upon a closer look.

Its vividness is all courtesy of the tantalum content. These tantalum ions get into the crystal lattices to form this stunning gemstone. The orange gemstone also bears some astounding eye-catching effects via light dispersion. As mentioned, orange jade is nephrite and contains calcium magnesium iron silicate. Orange jade is rare than other jades since it is not readily available, making it expensive.

Healing Properties and Benefits

Orange jade radiates a profound effect on human beings. Most practitioners believe that this stone has attractive benefits that surpass any typical healing crystal. Adding it to your life ensures you receive the proper benefits, as stated below.

Emotional Properties

The primary purpose of this gemstone is to bring joy and light into the user’s life. That means the gemstone is more than powerful when you consider emotional healing. Orange jade is perfect for people looking for a purpose or anyone who wants to overcome grief. The stone’s energy help wipe away negative energy and help you gain emotional stability.

Life is full of ups and downs, but the stone will help clear your mind of the downs. Continued use of the stone equips you with the necessary tools you require to fight off dark energy. As much as you will have downs in life, the stone ensures these memories do not stick with you.

Orange jade is also great as it enhances how you communicate with other people especially loved ones. It helps enhance the self-esteem of the wearer. Use this gemstone to find confidence, strength, and belief in your abilities.

Spiritual properties

Like other healing stones, orange jade has a robust spiritual connection and is a powerful tool for discovery and exploration. Regardless of what you believe in, orange jade will assist you in diving into the collective consciousness. With the help of the stone, you are sure to find wisdom and critical answers to life.

Lemon jade helps the wearer see the bright side of the world and bring positivity in their life as far as spiritual energy is concerned.

Physical properties

Many people love lemon jade due to its impressive spiritual and emotional benefits. However, it is worth noting that the stone will also help your physical health. Crystal healers believe that orange jade can influence several biological processes that enhance your overall health.

Some people say that the stone helps them alleviate stomach pains, gives them better digestive health, and reduces headaches. Orange jade also enhances heart health which enhances proper blood circulation and a stable blood pressure level. If you want to remain fit, orange jade will help you gain physical fitness.

Orange Jade and Chakra

The orange and gold energies inspire the Sacral Chakra. It is an energy point responsible for joy and passion. Without the right energy flow from this chakra, you will not have fun and probably live a dull life. If this energy pathway is blocked, you might start feeling fear. The Sacral Chakra governs your enjoyment of life.

Orange jade is also responsible for another chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Its energy point is found below the ribs, and it is one of the seven primary chakras. This chakra is referred to as Manipura in ancient Sanskrit. If this chakra point is not in balance, you will experience a fallout in emotional health. You will feel emotionally unstable and insecure. You tend to become weak and even see personal habits changes such as extreme fatigue, restlessness, and overeating.

Ways to Use it

Orange Jade can be used in several ways as it is not exclusive. You can incorporate its properties via any means you choose to use the stone.

Many people love rocking it as jewelry due to the ambient finish and vibrant color the gemstone bears. Ensure the rock keeps touching your body to infuse its healing power.

Some people carry orange jade in their pockets or pulse to acquire its healing properties. Others love using it as a meditation stone. Get the polished rocks if you want to use the orange jade for these purposes.

Zodiac Connection

Anyone can infuse the healing properties of orange jade as it does not work on a specific zodiac sign. However, some crystal healers believe the stone has a robust connection with the Virgos. Virgos are incredibly hard-working, loyal, and kind. These people will do anything to achieve their dreams as they are very dedicated to following their passions.

Even though they are adamant, they have their weaknesses. They become hard on themselves and aggressive once things go wrong. They could spread dark energy when working in a group. The stone helps them at such times and reminds them that they cannot be in control all the time. Orange jade replaces this dark energy with light and positivity.

Final Thoughts

Orange jade is a beautiful gemstone for its healing properties and for those who love stunning jewelry to complement their looks. Keep the stone close to you to acquire its healing properties.

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