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Identifying Orange Sodalite

Typically, orange sodalite is identified by a strong orange fluorescence and a deep blue color. There are times the stone will showcase a violet tint. The opaque deposits have patches or white veins that run across them and contain calcite. Transparent crystals are quite rare. Sodalite can occur in violet, blue, yellow, gray, colorless, or orange.

What is Sunset Sodalite?

Sunset sodalite is a combination of Sunstone (Orange Feldspar) and traditional sodalite. The mineral is fairly new and also known as Orange Sodalite. Orange Feldspar crosses the surface of the sodalite, making it appear beautiful with orange spider web patterns. Sunset sodalite is popular for confidence, strength, and clarity.

Orange Sodalite Healing Properties and Benefits

Emotional Healing Properties

Sodalite is a typical truth stone that will enable your subconscious and conscious mind to connect with your feelings and thoughts. The stone will help you verbalize and recognize your truths and feelings. Sodalite will allow you to cover those negative traits you dislike in you and help you accept and acknowledge them without harshly judging yourself.

Sodalite will empower the release of guilt and core fears and discharge any negative thoughts you may be having. It will help create an insightful mind in you to help you attain inner peace. The stone enkindles self-trust and self-acceptance.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Sodalite unites intuition and logic in the spiritual world. The stone encourages deep thinking and spirituality. Sodalite will act as a guide to your inner travels through dreamwork, shamanic journeying, and meditation. By calmly presenting symbolic imagery and ideas from the subconscious, the gemstone will stimulate your thoughts and allow subtle feelings to come from your core. Sodalite will promote multileveled understanding and allow you to tell your truth.

This gemstone is a typical grounding tool for spiritual, inspirational, and metaphysical writings. Sodalite resonates perfectly with numerologists, astrologers, and tarot readers.

Physical Healing Properties

Crystal healers have been using sodalite for the longest time to treat gland metabolism. They have also been using gemstone to cleanse the lymphatic organs and systems. Some believe the stone can help in improving cellular hydration and ease water retention. The stone is also helpful in regulating blood pressure.

Sodalite reduces inflammation for conditions like headaches, fever, muscle strains, and sinus infections. It can treat vocal cords, the larynx, and the throat. Sodalite will alleviate digestive disorders such as reducing acid in the body. The gemstone can also combat insomnia and excess weight.

Orange Sodalite and Chakras

It resonates with the Solar Plexus, Sacral, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras. Make use of sodalite to bring all these chakras in balance.

Sacral Chakra

The orange and gold shades of sodalite stimulate the Sacral chakra. It is found above the pubic bone but below the naval bone. This chakra is responsible for the flow of energy in your body. It is also the Life Force element in the human body and regulates information from your mind to your body and vice versa. With this chakra, out of balance, you will be over-dependent on other people and experience confusion. Make use of sodalite to bring this chakra to balance.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow hues found in sodalite activate the solar plexus chakra. It is the energy distribution center, and a chakra focused on relationships. Found between the navel and the ribcage, this chakra controls the digestive and immune systems. This chakra will free any allergic reactions and help fight infections when in balance.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra helps balance emotions. The chakra is close to your heart and will help you release frustration, jealousy, anger, and doubts. The throat chakra will keep your circulatory system in check and lower your expectations.


It is the chakra for intuitions and logical abilities. The third eye chakra will eliminate anything that blocks your mind from thinking. This chakra is ideal for individuals that want to focus on their goals and desires.

Zodiac Connection

Sodalite is a zodiac gemstone for individuals under Sagittarius. That is the period between November 22nd and December 21st. Sagittarius are kind, optimistic, and very adventurous. Sodalite helps them stay in balance and shape.

Different Ways to Use Orange Sodalite

Sodalite can be used for meditation purposes where you hold the stone and focus its energy on your body. The stone is also used to decorate other objects. You will find it on sculpted points and intricate statues. Some people use sodalite as jewelry due to its striking beauty. It can make stunning pendants, necklaces, and even rings.

Orange Sodalite Gemstone Jewelry Care and Cleaning

As much as people say sodalite is tough, it clocks 6 Mohs which is fairly soft. It is softer than other hard gemstones, but its ornaments and jewelry can last for a long time with correct care. The stone is sensitive to harsh cleaners, high temperatures, and strong pressure. Clean it using warm soapy water and rinse it well.

As for the dyed pieces, test first to see whether it is stable in warm soapy water before cleaning with a soft cloth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Orange Sodalite

There are various ways you can cleanse and charge sodalite. Place it in a sunny area outside to charge it using direct sunlight. Cleansing is capable via the use of direct moonlight. Place the stone outside when the moon is out to return the stone to balance. You could place quartz just nearby to speed up the process.

Boost sodalite spiritual capabilities by combining them with amethyst. Pair the stone with clear quartz to create calmness and a protective side.

Orange Sodalite History

Sodalite is a deep blue mineral acquiring its name from its sodium content. The first deposit of sodalite was discovered in 1806 in Greenland. Sodalite ornaments first appeared in 1891. Large deposits of sodalite that were gem-quality were seen in Ontario, Canada. Sodalite can occur in blue, yellow, pink, orange, or gray colors.

However, the blue sodalite is common for use as a gemstone, and it comes with white veins that run through its surface. Sodalite is also known as ditroite, bluestone, or alomite. You may come across the pink sodalite, which is known as hackmanite. The pink stone first appeared in gem quality in Quebec in 1991.

Hackmanite showcases a rare phenomenon known as reversible photochromism (tenebrescence). It is a rare occurrence whereby a mineral changes its color when exposed to light and reverts to its original color after exposure.

Where is sodalite mined from?

Its discovery was first in Greenland, but significant deposits first occurred in Ontario, Canada. Today, the gemstone is found worldwide, but large deposits can be found in British Columbia and Ontario. Another popular mining site for this gem is Ohopoho in Namibia. There are also several mining places in the U.S, including South Dakota, Colorado, Arkansas, Maine, and New Hampshire. Other countries you will find sodalite include India, Myanmar, Russia, Norway, Brazil, Bolivia, and Afghanistan.

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