Owyhee Blue Opal Meaning and Properties

Owyhee Blue Opal (OH-WAH-hee) is rich pale blue form of common Opal recently discovered near the sacred Indian springs at Owyhee, Oregon in the United States of America. It often changes from transparent blue to opaque blue on exposure to air as the water content evaporates.

Opal is a hydrated silica mineral that comprises microscopic spheres of silica that are bound together with water and silica. There are two forms of Opal, common and precious. The latter exhibits “fire” which is the result of the silica spheres forming a regular pattern within the crystalline matrix that can diffuse light. Common Opal is normally opaque in the color range including white, blue, pink, yellow, yellow/orange, brown, or black.

The frequency of Owyhee Blue Opal connects to the solar plexus, throat, and third eye chakras. It stimulates the throat and third eye chakras allowing one to communicate with the Angelic realms and to be open to receive guidance from the higher dimensions.

Owyhee Blue Opal is an ideal stone for those that need to communicate information and guidance received from a higher dimensional source and is helpful to communicate one’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others.

Owyhee Blue Opal allows one to speak with clarity and confidence drawing on one’s personal power to gently obtain one’s goals in a calm, positive focused manner.

The energy of Owyhee Blue Opal helps to clear and balance the throat chakra and aids with disorders in that area, such as inflammation caused by throat infections.

Associated Chakras

  • Solar Plexus
  • Throat
  • Third Eye

Physical Ailment

  • Inflammation
  • Throat Disorders

Emotional Issue

  • Confidence
  • Decisiveness

Spiritual Connection

  • Angelic Communication

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