Pargasite is a complex inosilicate mineral of the amphibole group, and is a-rich vivid green color. It was first described as an occurrence in Pargas, Finland in 1814 and named for the locality.

It occurs in high temperature regional metamorphic rocks and in the skarns within contact aureoles around igneous intrusions. It also occurs in andesite volcanic rocks and altered ultramafic rocks.

Pargasite is the main water-storage site in the uppermost mantle, however it becomes unstable at depths greater than 90 km (56 mi). This has significant consequences for the water storage capacity, and the solidus temperature of the lherzolite of the upper mantle.

Pargasite: Meanings, Benefits and Properties

The frequency of Pargasite connects to the solar plexus and heart chakras. It opens and activates these chakras allowing one to connect to one’s emotions relating to issues of self-worth.

Pargasite helps one to be accepting and loving of oneself, thus aiding one with the emotions of self-worth and self-respect. Thereby allowing one to forgive oneself and move forward.

The supportive energy of Pargasite helps one to acknowledge and release deeply held Emotional Issues, such as anger, which relate to past emotional traumas and have caused one to “block” or shut down emotionally.

Associated Chakras

  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart

Emotional Issue

  • Emotional Support
  • Self-Worth – Emotional

Spiritual Connection

  • Acceptance of Self on All Levels
  • Love – Directed Inward to Self

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