Peach Moonstone Meaning and Properties

Peach moonstone is a gorgeous stone that has both aesthetic and metaphysical properties. It comprises a variety of feldspar minerals, specifically orthoclase or microcline, which is known for its unique peach coloring and iridescent sheen. This rare gem is said to bring inner peace and emotional balance, so it’s no surprise that it has become a popular choice among crystal collectors and those who enjoy wearing unique jewelry pieces. It is found in India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the United States, Myanmar, Tanzania, Norway, and Brazil. Let’s delve into the world of peach moonstone to learn about its properties, uses, meanings, and more!

Peach Moonstone Meaning and Energy

The Meaning of Peach Moonstone

Peach moonstone is believed to have many healing properties, including balance, clarity, peace of mind, and relaxation. Its soft pinkish hue is associated with love, compassion, acceptance, nurture, and understanding.

Peach Moonstone Meaning and Properties 1

This can help you become more aware of your feelings while becoming better attuned to them so you can work through them more easily. Peach moonstone can be ideal for those looking for a calming stone to promote mental clarity or emotional balance.

The Energy of Peach Moonstone

Peach moonstone is said to be connected with the spiritual energies associated with the moon. This means it can channel the feminine energies of self-love, kindness, and nurturing. Its ability to bring these energies into your life can benefit those looking to find inner peace and balance. The energy of peach moonstone can also help to bring out your creative side and open you up to new possibilities. It can help you cultivate clarity and focus, allowing you to see the bigger picture and confidently make decisions.

Benefits and Healing Properties of Peach Moonstone

Peach moonstone’s benefits and healing properties are plentiful, from physical to spiritual to emotional. Its healing properties have been used for centuries by many cultures worldwide. Here are some of its most commonly believed benefits and healing properties:

Peach Moonstone Physical Benefits

  • Boosts Feminine Energy & Fertility – Peach Moonstone is associated with divine feminine energy because it has a calming and nurturing quality. It can help balance hormones, regulate menstrual cycles, ease period cramps, and improve fertility issues in women. Wearing this crystal can also help you feel more connected with the lunar cycle, which is associated with feminine energy.
  • Balances The Endocrine System – This crystal is believed to help provide energy to activate and replenish the endocrine system, which helps promote hormone production and regulate bodily functions like metabolism, digestion, and detoxification. Consequently, feelings of well-being, heightened energy levels, and improved emotional stability can result from the regular use of peach moonstone.
  • Promotes The Flow of Energy Within The Body – Peach Moonstone promotes the free flow of energy within the body and helps clear energetic blockages. This can improve physical and emotional well-being, clarity, focus, and self-confidence.
  • Helps Body To Relax – Peach Moonstone is known for its calming effects on the mind and body, greatly reducing stress and anxiety. This crystal helps put your mind at ease by creating a sense of tranquility while boosting positive vibrations throughout your body that help you relax.

Peach Moonstone Emotional Benefits

  • Helps In Getting Rid of Ill Feelings – Peach Moonstone is believed to help reduce negative feelings and emotions like fear, anger, resentment, and jealousy. By promoting positivity within yourself, you can enjoy greater emotional stability while being more open to the possibilities of life.
  • Promotes Healing From Past Emotional Traumas – If you are struggling with negative emotions from past trauma, peach moonstone can help provide emotional balance and clarity. It is believed to have healing energies that can aid in the process of self-forgiveness and acceptance, which allows for greater peace of mind.
  • It Teaches Patience – It is said that its energies can teach patience and understanding, allowing you to be more comfortable with yourself. This can help you become more aware of your feelings while becoming better attuned to them so you can work through them more easily.
  • Promotes Self-confidence – The energies of peach moonstone are believed to promote self-confidence and resilience, which can help you feel more secure in who you are. This crystal’s energetic vibrations can also aid in increasing your self-esteem so that you can believe in yourself more fully and take on life’s challenges more easily.

Peach Moonstone Spiritual Benefits

  • Connects With The Divine Feminine – Peach Moonstone is associated with the divine feminine energy, which is said to bring about inner healing. This crystal is believed to help you connect with your intuitive self while aiding in spiritual growth and development.
  • Opens The Mind To Higher Realms Of Consciousness – This crystal has been used for centuries in spiritual practice as a gateway to higher realms of consciousness. It is believed to open your mind and heart to new possibilities, allowing you to access other realms of understanding that can bring about greater spiritual enlightenment.
  • Protects Against Negative Energy and Psychic Attack – Peach Moonstone is said to help create a protective shield against negative energy and psychic attack. This crystal can help keep your energetic field clear of intrusive or depreciating vibrations so you may stay grounded, balanced, and centered.
  • Enhances Spiritual Connections – Its energies are believed to enhance spiritual connections with the divine and your higher self. This allows for a stronger connection with your spiritual guides while aiding in the process of manifesting your desires into reality.

Peach Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Peach moonstone represents the duality of both the physical and spiritual planes, bringing balance and harmony within one’s life. This crystal is believed to be a powerful aid in manifesting your dreams, amplifying intuition, and encouraging self-discovery. It has energetic vibrations that promote positivity, healing, emotional well-being, clarity, focus, and self-confidence.

The metaphysical properties of peach moonstone make it a powerful tool to use in crystal healing and spiritual work, as its energies can bring about profound clarity and understanding while dispelling any negative emotions or beliefs. It is an ideal crystal for those looking to unlock their potential, manifest their dreams into reality, or explore the higher realms of consciousness.

Overall, Peach Moonstone can be a powerful ally in spiritual and energetic work, providing physical and metaphysical benefits that help bring balance, harmony, and clarity into your life. Whether looking for protection against negative energy or seeking to manifest your desires into reality, this crystal is a great tool to have by your side.

Peach Moonstone and Chakras

The chakras energy centers in the human body are connected to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Peach moonstone is associated with the sacral, crown, heart, and solar plexus chakras.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located below the navel and is linked to creativity, sexuality, and emotional balance. Peach moonstone helps open this chakra by releasing any blocks or negative energies that may prevent it from functioning properly. This promotes sexual energy and fertility while aiding in creative expression flow. It can also help you to connect more deeply with your creative side by awakening your imagination and sparking new ideas.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the highest energetic center at the head’s top. The energies of peach moonstone are believed to open this chakra, allowing for a better connection with higher realms of consciousness. It can also help you reach higher states of consciousness by connecting you more deeply with your spiritual self. The gem can also help promote inner peace and clarity of mind, allowing you to free yourself from limitations and reach your fullest potential.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest, representing love and compassion. It governs the ability to give love both externally and internally—to accept love from others and give it back out into the world. This crystal is believed to open this energetic center, allowing for increased self-love, understanding, and acceptance. It can also help you tap into your inner wisdom to make decisions based on love rather than fear or judgment.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located just above your stomach. It is the center of your power and governs your self-esteem, courage, and willpower. When this chakra is in balance, you likely feel confident and have a strong sense of self. However, you may feel insecure, timid, or even powerless when out of balance. Peach moonstone can be a helpful tool to bring extra courage and confidence into your life.

How to Use Peach Moonstone?

There are many ways to use peach moonstone for healing and energetic work. They include:

Wearing Peach Moonstone

One of the most common ways to use this crystal is to wear it as jewelry and in clothing and accessories. For example, you could wear a peach moonstone necklace or bracelet. You could also add a peach moonstone pendant to a purse or bag. If you want something more subtle, add a peach moonstone charm to a keychain or set of keys.

When it comes to clothing, you could look for peach moonstone detailing items, such as a dress with a peach moonstone belt or shoes with peach moonstone accents. The crystal pairs well with other gemstones, such as Unakite, Rhodochrosite, Pink Aventurine, and amethyst. When a combination of these stones is used together, they can help create a powerful energetic force.

Through wearing it, the gemstone’s vibrations will flow through your body and help bring balance and harmony while amplifying intuition. Wearing it as jewelry can remind us to nurture ourselves and to focus on self-care when times are hard. The beautiful pink hue of peach moonstone also allows for a subtle and delicate statement. When you wear the gemstone as jewelry, it can symbolize your spiritual and energetic work to others.

Peach Moonstone Ring

The use of peach moonstone in the form of a ring is an elegant reminder of soft femininity. This beautiful crystal shimmers in the light and embodies a sense of calm. Peach Moonstone invokes feelings of serenity, tenderness, and empathy while connecting to willpower energy.

Its colors range from pale pink to more vivid peachy-orange hues that add interest to any piece of jewelry. Whether you’re looking for an heirloom piece or a modern interpretation, crafting a ring from peach moonstone creates an eternal bond between the wearer and the jewelry.

From magical evenings out or everyday looks, this shimmering stone makes its statement no matter the outfit.

Peach Moonstone Feng Shui Applications

Peach Moonstone can also be used in feng shui principles. It is believed to bring the moon’s energy into your home and has a calming effect, which can help reduce stress when placed near a bed or in other areas where relaxation is key. It can be used in various places around the home, from the living room to the bedroom.

Peach moonstone can enhance creativity and artistry when placed in a home office or workspace. To make the most of its feng shui properties, peach moonstone should be kept in the southwest corner – the area associated with relationships and love – or anywhere else you feel would best benefit from its peaceful vibrations.

Meditation with Peach Moonstone

Meditation is probably the most effective way to tap into its energy and benefit from it spiritually. When using peach moonstone during meditation, you want to focus on connecting with your heart chakra first and foremost.

Hold the stone in your hand while sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, then take some deep breaths while focusing on spiritually opening up this part of your body.

Visualize yourself surrounded by a light emanating from the stone as it releases calming energy into your body until you feel completely relaxed and at ease. With each breath out, let go of any negative emotions or thoughts clouding your mind until all that remains is peace and love for yourself and others around you.

When working with peach moonstone during meditation, it’s important to note that its effects may vary from person to person. Some people find that holding a piece of peach moonstone in their hands or placing it on their forehead during meditation helps them access deeper levels of awareness and inner peace than they would otherwise achieve through traditional meditation techniques alone.

Others may need to meditate longer while holding the stone for its effects to take hold. Experimentation is key in finding out what works best for you.

Peach Moonstone Zodiac Connection

  • Scorpio: Scorpios have a powerful intuition, often leading them to seek answers beyond the physical world. Peach moonstone is especially beneficial to those born under this sign because it can tap into their inner depths and uncover hidden knowledge. This stone can help Scorpios see the truth behind any situation and make decisions that align with their highest good.
  • Libra: Libras are known for their ability to remain impartial. However, even they can be swayed by strong emotions occasionally. Fortunately, peach moonstone helps restore balance and clarity of thought so they can keep an open mind no matter what’s happening around them.
  • Cancer: Cancers are very sensitive creatures who sometimes feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Fortunately, peach moonstone is an excellent source of comfort and reassurance in times of distress. It helps them stay grounded and connect with their internal power to face anything that comes their way.

Peach Moonstone as a June Birthstone

People born in June are blessed with the natural healing energies of peach moonstone, making it an ideal birthstone for this month. It helps balance emotions and encourages self-acceptance, which can be especially beneficial during transition or growth. Peach moonstone also emits optimism and creativity–excellent qualities for anyone looking to start something new or explore uncharted territory. In addition, it helps bring peace and tranquility during times of stress or difficulty, making it a great overall companion to anyone born under the June zodiac sign.

How to Cleanse and Charge Peach Moonstone?

There are many different ways to cleanse and charge your peach moonstone. Here are some of the most popular methods:

  • The smoke of the incense – Burning incense is a traditional way to purify your crystals and infuse them with positive energy. The smoke from the incense helps lift away old, stagnant energy and replace it with new, vibrant energy.
  • Under a stream of water – Running your peach moonstone under a stream of water for several minutes can help remove any lingering negative or stagnant energy. This is especially effective if you use natural spring water or rainwater.
  • Buring underground – Burying your peach moonstone in the ground is a powerful way to cleanse and charge it. Make sure you bury it for at least 24 hours to remove all the old energy and replace it with fresh, vibrant energy.
  • The light of a full moon – Placing your peach moonstone out under the light of a full moon is a simple but effective way to cleanse and charge it. The moon’s light helps clear away any lingering negative energy and brings new life and vibrancy.
  • Using saltwater – Soaking your peach moonstone in saltwater is a great way to cleanse and recharge it. Make sure to use Himalayan or sea salt, as other types of salt may contain chemical additives that could damage the crystal.

As you can see, there are many different ways to cleanse and charge your peach moonstone, depending on your preference. Whatever method you choose, take your time and connect with the crystal’s energy each step of the way.

Peach Moonstone Care and Cleaning

The best way to ensure your peach moonstone lasts for many years is to take proper care of it. To ensure your moonstone retains its eye-catching looks, it’s important to take good care of it. Cleaning your moonstone should be done every few weeks with a soft cloth and plain warm water. Gently wipe down the stone and dry it off immediately afterward to prevent any water spots from appearing. To avoid scratches, never clean your peach moonstone with anything potentially abrasive, like metal scrubbers or harsh chemicals. Peach moonstone should be kept away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can cause the colors to fade.

Peach Moonstone Value

As for value, it depends on many factors, such as carat weight and quality. Depending on these factors, this mystical stone can be worth anywhere from five dollars up to several hundred. If you are lucky enough to source peach moonstone for your jewelry designs, you will surely be enchanted with your pieces!

Peach Moonstone Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

Peach moonstone has been associated with the moon’s power since ancient times. It is believed that the stone holds a special connection to the energy of Luna, providing intuition and divine guidance.

Peach Moonstone has been used throughout history for a variety of reasons. In ancient times, it was used as a talisman to bring good luck or as a protection against negative energy. It was also thought to help attract love and relationships. Some cultures believed that Peach Moonstone had the power to grant wishes.

In more recent history, Peach Moonstone has been associated with healing properties. It is said to help relieve stress and anxiety and balance hormones. It is also believed to help treat digestive issues, fertility, and menstrual cramps.

Peach Moonstone vs. Sunstone

Though both stones are associated with the power of the sun and moon, they are two very distinct crystals. Peach moonstone comprises Feldspar and aluminum silicate, while Sunstone comprises goethite, Hematite, and red copper. Peach moonstone is known for its soft pinkish-peach hues, while Sunstone often has vibrant orange and yellow tones.

Peach Moonstone vs. Pink Opal

Pink Opal comprises hydrous silicate, while peach moonstone comprises Feldspar and aluminum silicate. Peach Moonstone usually has more muted colors and a semi-transparent appearance, while pink opals have vibrant pink to purple hues with an almost glass-like look. The power associated with each stone is also distinct: Pink Opal is thought to bring emotional healing, while Peach Moonstone brings lunar energy and divine guidance.

Experience The Magical Powers of Peach Moonstone

No matter where you are on your journey toward self-discovery, adding some peach moonstone can provide powerful support. This beautiful crystal reminds us that we possess innate wisdom within ourselves that is just waiting to be unlocked—all you have to do is take the first step. So get ready to explore the magical powers of peach moonstone today!

Peach Moonstone Physical Properties
Crystal StructureMonoclinic
Mineral ClassFeldspar
Specific Gravity2.61 – 2.64
Hardness6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale
TransparencyTranslucent to opaque
Chemical CompositionSodium potassium aluminum silicate
LocationsMadagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the United States
RarityRelatively common
Can Be Submerged in WaterYes, but prolonged exposure may cause damage
Sun Safe CrystalNo, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause it to become dull or lose its shine
Special Care InstructionsAvoid exposure to heat, sunlight, and chemicals; clean with a soft cloth and mild soap
Price/CaratPrices vary depending on quality and size, but can range from $5 to $100 per carat
Peach Moonstone Metaphysical Properties
ChakrasSacral, Heart, Crown and Solar Plexus
Zodiac SignsCancer, Libra, Scorpio
PlanetsMoon, Venus
Numerical Vibration4
SymbolismLove, compassion, intuition, feminine energy
Affirmations“I am open to receiving love and abundance”, “I trust my intuition and follow my heart”, “I honor my emotions and allow them to flow”, “I radiate love and positivity”, “I am a powerful and intuitive being”
Physical ConditionsHormonal imbalances, fertility issues, digestive problems, skin conditions, menstrual cramps
Emotional ConditionsAnxiety, stress, emotional instability, depression, mood swings
Spiritual PurposesEnhancing intuition, connecting with the divine feminine, promoting self-love and compassion, enhancing psychic abilities, supporting emotional healing
Crystal CombinationsPeach Moonstone can be combined with other crystals such as Clear Quartz to amplify its energy and promote clarity; Rose Quartz to enhance self-love and emotional healing; Amethyst to promote spiritual growth and enhance intuition; Black Tourmaline to protect against negative energy and promote grounding; Citrine to enhance abundance and manifestation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peach Moonstone

Is Peach Moonstone Natural?

Yes, Peach Moonstone is a natural stone and is not artificially enhanced or colored in any way. It is formed by a combination of aluminum, potassium, and sodium silicates and usually forms in igneous rocks such as granite and pegmatite. Always buy from a reputable source to ensure you get the best quality moonstone.

Where does Peach Moonstone Come From?

Peach Moonstone is found worldwide but is most commonly sourced from India and Madagascar. It is said that each region produces moonstones with distinct colors and properties, so it is important to be aware of where your stone comes from.

How To Tell if Peach Moonstone Is Real?

One way to tell if Peach Moonstone is real is by looking at its color and iridescence. Real Peach Moonstone will have a soft, peachy color with a subtle yet noticeable shimmer. Additionally, if you hold a Peach Moonstone up to the light, you may see a distinct “schiller” effect, which is a type of iridescence that creates a floating or glowing effect on the surface of the stone.
Another way to determine if Peach Moonstone is real is to test its hardness. Moonstone has a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, which means it is relatively soft and can be scratched by harder materials. If you scratch the surface of a Peach Moonstone and it leaves a visible scratch mark, it is likely a fake or an imitation.

Is Peach Moonstone Rare?

Compared to other types of Moonstones, Peach Moonstone is considered relatively rare. This is because it is a variety of Moonstone that is only found in a few locations, and it is not as widely available as other types of Moonstone. Additionally, Peach Moonstone that has a high level of clarity and a strong iridescence can be considered rare and valuable.

Can Peach Moonstone Go in water?

Yes, peach moonstone is safe to use in water. However, it’s something you want to be careful with. Peach moonstone should not be placed in water for long periods, as this could cause damage to the stone’s luster and color. It’s best if this stone is taken off before swimming or showering.

Can You Wear Peach Moonstone in the Shower?

It is generally not recommended to wear Peach Moonstone in the shower or other wet environments, as prolonged exposure to water can damage the stone. Additionally, harsh soaps and shampoos can also cause damage to the stone and dull its shine.

How To Protect Peach Moonstone From Water Damage?

To protect Peach Moonstone from water damage, it is best to avoid exposing it to water whenever possible. If you do get your Peach Moonstone wet, be sure to dry it off thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth as soon as possible. Additionally, you can apply a protective coating to the surface of the stone to help prevent water damage

Can Peach Moonstone Go in Salt Water?

Saltwater can be particularly damaging to Peach Moonstone, as the salt can cause it to become dull and lose its shine. Therefore, it is not recommended to expose Peach Moonstone to salt water for prolonged periods.

Can Peach Moonstone Be in the Rain?

While Peach Moonstone can handle brief exposure to rain or other forms of moisture, it is not recommended to wear it in the rain for extended periods. This is because prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the stone to become dull or even crack.

Can Peach Moonstone Go in Hot Water?

Peach Moonstone is sensitive to heat, and exposure to hot water can cause it to crack or lose its shine. Therefore, it is not recommended to expose Peach Moonstone to hot water or other sources of heat.

Can Peach Moonstone Be in the Sun?

While Peach Moonstone can be in the sun, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause it to become dull or lose its shine over time. Therefore, it is recommended to store Peach Moonstone in a cool, dark place when it is not being worn.

How Does Sunlight Affect Peach Moonstone?

Sunlight can cause Peach Moonstone to become dull or lose its shine over time. This is because the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight can break down the minerals that give the stone its color and iridescence. Therefore, it is best to limit exposure to sunlight when wearing Peach Moonstone.

Can I Put Peach Moonstone in the Sun To Charge?

Some people believe that exposing Peach Moonstone to sunlight can help to recharge its energy and enhance its metaphysical properties. However, this is not recommended, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the stone to become dull or lose its shine. Instead, you can try cleansing Peach Moonstone using other methods, such as smudging with sage or placing it on a piece of selenite.

Is Peach Moonstone Toxic?

Peach Moonstone is not known to be toxic to humans or animals. However, it is always a good idea to handle gemstones and crystals with care and wash your hands after handling them. Additionally, some people may be sensitive to the energy or vibration of certain stones, so it is important to listen to your body and use your own discretion when working with gemstones and crystals.

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