Phantom Quartz Meaning and Properties

Phantom Quartz is the name given to a type of included Quartz that has “phantoms” visible within the main crystal termination. Phantoms are recognized by the appearance of “phantoms” or outlines of a smaller partial or complete version of the main terminated crystal or triangular or pyramidal-shaped bands or layers visible within the main Quartz body. The appearance of the “phantoms” can appear white or colored depending on the composition of various elements and mineral inclusions. The energy of the included mineral “phantom” is amplified by the Quartz producing a very powerful healing tool.

Phantom Quartz Meaning and Properties 2

The frequency of phantom Quartz connects to all the chakras, with a stronger resonance to certain chakras depending on the mineral the “phantom” is composed of.

Black “phantoms” can be composed of Carbon, Manganese, or Hematite and have a strong connection to the Earth’s star chakra. They have strong grounding energy, helping one to become centered and to align one’s energy fields.

Green “phantoms” often are composed of Chlorite and have a strong connection to the heart chakra and are very powerful healing tools.

Phantom Quartz can help one to be consciously aware of one’s past lives and aids ones in connecting to the Akashic Records to bring forth information that will help one in this lifetime.

The energy of Phantom Quartz opens one’s consciousness to connect with one’s soul and to bring into our consciousness one’s soul’s purpose and the lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

This type of included Quartz supports one emotionally so that one can release patterns no longer serving one that is held within one’s cellular memory, which allows one to move forward in this lifetime. It can aid with healing on many levels due to its ability to work multi-dimensionally.

Associated Chakras

  • All The Chakras

Physical Ailment

  • Physical Healing

Emotional Issue

  • Emotional Release
  • Emotions – Healing

Spiritual Connection

  • Akashic Records
  • Multi-Dimensional Healing
  • Past Life – Issues
  • Soul Connection
  • Souls Purpose

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