Pink Gemstones for Jewelry and Decorations

Pink is a relaxing and soft color. The pink gems appear pretty stunning when used in jewelry. However, pink gems have surged in popularity in the past few years. Gemstones such as tourmalines, morganites, and pink sapphires are becoming a favorite among collectors. Pink is generally associated with females, but men can also rock some alluring pink jewelry.

The color pink is known to retain its properties for a long time. It does not fade easily. Pink is among the top colors like green, red, and blue in gemstones that never fade easily. This guide combines some of the best pink gemstones for jewelry. You are also going to learn where you can buy them.

Where to Purchase Pink Gemstones

If you are a pink enthusiast, you are lucky since these gemstones are scattered worldwide. Hop into any jewelry retailer near you and request a variety of pink gemstones. In case you do not want to step outside, you can always order online. Just search for reliable online companies and choose your poison.

Pink Gemstones for Jewelry

Below are some of the unique and beautiful gemstones. It is worth noting that most jewelry customers are more concerned about the color of the gemstone they are purchasing rather than its variety.

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Rose Quartz

It is a delicate quartz gemstone in pink. The stone can occur in transparent and translucent pieces. Rose Quartz’s soft pink color is widely known to denote love and romance. It bears a certain calmness that is seductive. At times the gem may occur in a milky form. This gemstone appears as faceted cuts, cabochon, carved, and fancy Asscher cuts.

Some pink gemstones will have inclusions that produce a star effect. These stones are precious and, therefore, highly prized.


Pink Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the most desired colored gemstones, whether it is blue or green or pink gemstone. That means it is a valuable pink gemstone that you want to lay your hands on. Colored diamonds are on the rise, but they are pretty expensive. The sapphire gem can be a perfect alternative and quite affordable.

Pink sapphire occurs in the corundum family. This is technically the second hardest item in the world after diamond. Blue sapphire is easily found, but pink sapphire is rare, especially if it bears intense colors. The gem can occur in diverse colors, from pastel pink to bright pink. It may also appear in different color temperatures, such as a cool violet-pink and warm peach pink.


Pink Mystic Topaz

This gemstone is relatively new. It occurred in a process called thin film deposition that was invented back in 1998. Pink Mystic Topaz has an alluring coating which gives it the color pink. The coating is also responsible for various other colors and the multicolor forms of the gem. The film used on the gemstone makes gemstone lovers consider it a treated stone. At the top of pink mystic topaz is a natural mineral as the coating is located at the bottom.


Pink Rhodolite Garnet

It is a bright raspberry-red garnet available in purple and pink. These pink garnets occur in diverse colors, such as hot pink and rose pink. The rose pink got its name from Greek as Rhodolite means rose in Greek.

This gemstone is a perfect blend of Almandine and Pyrope garnet. Pink Rhodolite Garnet’s discovery was in the United States before it was introduced in the market. Currently, the primary sources of this precious gemstone are Mozambique and Tanzania.



Morganite is regarded as one of the beryl family members. The family includes gems such as Aquamarine, Emerald, and Golden Beryl. This pink-colored gemstone may occur in different hues, from salmon-colored pink to light pink. The gem was given named morganite in honor of JP Morgan by George Frederick Kunz.

Morganite is quite popular and affordable. The stone is also very high in demand. The gem is closely associated with romance, love, and harmony. It is worth noting that morganite is incredibly beautiful and alluring. The stone is very lucrative for use as jewelry.



Kunzite is an impressive gemstone found in the Spodumene family. It is an attractive gemstone occurring in pink to violet deposits. The gem was named kunzite after George Frederick Kunz, an American Mineralogist. Kunzite first occurred in the United States, but now the large crystals are mined in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

These gemstones are ideal for outstanding jewelry designs and cocktail rings. In a nutshell, they are perfect due to the occurrence in large crystals. However, it is advisable to keep your kunzite jewelry away from direct sunlight. It can fade when exposed to sunlight for a long time. The jewelry is perfect for special occasions and evening wear only.


Malaya Garnet

It is spelled as ‘Malaia’ at times. The gemstones are a hybrid garnet since it is a blend of Spessartite and Pyrope. The gem was discovered back in the 1960s and named Malaya, which is a Swahili word that means prostitute. It was named outcast since the miners were not able to sell the stone.

According to experts, it did not fall under any garnet category during that era. However, after some time, the pink gemstone became an admired mineral due to its rarity and beautiful colors. It occurs in diverse colors such as pink and peach.


Pink Tourmaline

These gemstones occur in different colors, with one being pink. For the last few years, tourmaline has been on the rise in popularity because of its properties. The gemstone has high versatility and durability, which make it ideal for use as jewelry. Tourmaline also occurs in bi-color specimens.

The pink occurring specimens of tourmaline may include electric hot pink to soft pink hues. Several deposits also have purplish hues making them appear breathtaking. This gemstone occurs naturally and is used in jewelry without any kind of treatment. It is also quite affordable when compared to other gemstones. Tourmaline occurs in Mozambique.


Pink Spinel

It is a splendid gemstone that is often mistaken for a sapphire or ruby. Pink spinel is made of magnesium aluminum oxide. This precious gemstone appears in different colors and has a fascinating brilliance. It also has a rating of 8 Mohs, which makes it ideal for jewelry.

The diverse colors it occurs include yellow, orange, dark pink, pink, light pink, blue, red, and black. The remarkable properties of pink spinel make it a good choice for jewelry. Large specimens will often have bright colors and will fetch higher prices since they are much valuable. Star spinel cabochons are very rare and precious.


Pink Opal

This pink gemstone is a rare opal stone occurring in the Peruvian mountains. Also regarded as Pink Andean Opal, this gem is loved for its beautiful color. It was also named Andean Opal since it is collected in the Andes. The gemstone occurs in delicate pink color. Deposits bearing a deeper pink hue are valuable and much rarer than the others.

Pink opal is durable as compared to precious opal. The gem is quite extraordinary and cheap. It is ideal for use as jewelry.


Pink Zircon

Pink zircon is famous among collectors and gem enthusiasts as the stone has incredible brilliance, durability, and affordability. The gem is, however, rare than the blue zircon. The white diamond is a perfect substitute for diamond. Pink zircon may occur in diverse colors such as orange and violet hues.

Since the gem has perplexing durability and brilliant, it can be used for jewelry purposes. The gemstone can also be used to make sensational ornaments.


Pink Pearl

Pearls are gems made from shell mollusks organically. Consisting of nacre, these gemstones are pretty rare. That technically means the majority of pearls will be treated, meaning an irritant is added to shell mollusk to produce a pearl.

These pink gemstones occur in a wide array of sizes and colors. Some of the attractive colors it occurs in include green, silver, gold, white and pink. The pink pearls contain some peachy pink and silver pink hues. In fact, these gemstones are the most valued pearls and can make good jewelry pieces.


Pink Moonstone

Many gemstones will showcase unique optical and physical properties, but moonstone is the least expensive. Pink moonstone has always been famous with gem enthusiasts and a shining star in most fashion trends. The gemstone bears a phenomenal luminosity that is quite attractive.

It is also cut in diverse flower shapes. Moonstone has a lot of significance in different cultures on the planet. This stone is essential in terms of culture to various communities, but it is also associated with folklore, which increases its significance.


Pink Coral

These gemstones are pretty exquisite and have graced jewelry for several decades. Precious coral is made from calcium carbonate. The gemstone contains carotenoid pigments, which give it pink hues. Pink coral will occur in different colors such as red, golden, white, salmon, and pink. Corals can be cut to make cabochons or carved or drilled as beads.

The gem can also make stupefying jewelry pieces. Several species of corals are protected, while many others are free for any use.



It is a zinc carbonate gemstone that was named after James Smithson. He was a British mineralogist and chemist. Smithson was the very first chemist to determine that Calamine is made of two minerals, with Smithsonite being one. These gemstones can occur in different colors, which may include blue, pink, green, turquoise, and purple.

The color intensity of the gems will depend on the impurities in the traces. Purple and pink Smithsonite get their colors from the availability of cobalt in the stone.



This is one rare pink gemstone. Stone collectors have a hard time sourcing this gemstone. Pezzottaite was given its name in honor of Federico Pezzotta. He is a curator in Milan at the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale. The gem was initially occurring in Madagascar, several other gemstones are also found in Madagascar, but currently, there are no Pezzottaite deposits in the country.

New deposits have been occurring in Afghanistan, and many believed they are cesium-rich morganite. However, tests were conducted on the stone, and it was found to be Pezzottaite.



It is a manganese mineral appearing in raspberry red stripes and distinctive pink. Rhodochrosite occurs as beads, cabochon, and faceted material though quite rare. This gem may also be referred to as raspberry spar, manganese spar, or Inca rose stone.

Rhodochrosites is a Greek word meaning rose-colored. The pink gemstone is quite phenomenal, bearing diverse patterns and combinations. That makes the gemstone ideal for jewelry, such as earrings, pendants, and other stunning pieces of jewelry. Rhodochrosites is quite hard, making them perfect for durability as jewelry.



It is a manganese silicate gemstone which was also named from a Greek word. The gemstone is quite similar to rhodochrosite since they share several similarities. Rhodonite, however, has a different appearance. It contains black dendritic inclusions. Rhodonite bears a pink color that may display as delicate rose pink or a bright red color.

Black inclusions may be scarce or plentiful in the gem. Rhodonites can also occur as red faceted crystals that are transparent. The stone is popularly known as the gemstone for Massachusetts. Other sources of the stunning gemstone are Russia, Finland, and Australia.


Pink Chalcedony

It is an abundant pink gemstone found all over the world. The gem occurs as stunning shades of pink, including the pastel pinks to the faint hues of pink. Some deposits may occur as darker pink hues. This gemstone is relatively smooth and soft to touch.

Pink chalcedony has visible inclusions and also contains a waxy luster. It has a microcrystalline structure but does not occur in crystal forms. The majority of these stones are translucent to opaque. The attractive luster can be polished to smoothen the stone and can also be cut into cabochons. The stone can also be used to make extraordinary carvings. Pink chalcedony has a rating of 7 Mohs and does not have any cleavage. That means the pink gemstone is tough and durable enough to be made into jewelry.



Found in the zoisite family, this is a stunning pink gemstone typically occurring in Norway. Its name was coined from some mythical city that existed in Norway known as Thule. The majority of the specimens are from Norway, but some deposits have occurred in the USA. In appearance, thulite resembles rhodonite.

However, it does not have the dendritic veins found in rhodonite. This gemstone has an appealing and eye-catching pink hue that makes it look awe-inspiring as jewelry. Most of the deposits found are opaque, even though some of the varieties discovered occur as translucent material.

Thulite has a hardness of 6.5 Mohs and some cleavage. That means the gemstone is not perfect for bracelets and rings. The majority of the deposits are dissected into cabochons or polished beads. Thulite can also be used to make sensational ornamental items and carved images. However, it is good to note that this is not a valuable stone and, therefore, not expensive.



It comes in fascinating shades of lilac and pink, which translates to spectacular jewelry. If you are looking for unique and splendid jewelry pieces, look for jewelry from this gemstone. The majority of the lepidolite occurs in Madagascar, Brazil, and Afghanistan. This gemstone is categorically not a stone since it is a mica made of aluminum and lithium.

Lepidolite occurs as opaque to translucent material and contains a pearly luster. The lithium contained in the gemstone makes the stone flake off. This gem is tough but not that hard. It ranks at around 3 Mohs, meaning it can easily be chipped or scratched. It is, therefore, not durable or fit for use as jewelry.

If you decide to purchase lepidolite as jewelry, make sure you take good care of it if it is to last long. Take good care of the piece, keep it out of reach of children, and it will serve you for a long time.


Pink Diamond

The pink diamond is extremely rare. One intriguing thing about this gemstone is how it acquired its color. Many gemstones will contain inclusions that produce the diverse hues observed. However, as for the pink diamond, the chemical composition involved is pure carbon. The pink saturation in the gemstone is as a result of plastic deformation in the crystals.

The pink diamond is used to produce astonishing jewelry pieces. The stone has undertones of orange, gray, brown, and purple. The pink diamond is highly valued as it bears the deepest pink shades. One carat could cost around $4,000,000. This gemstone may not be an average shopper’s favorite, but you can look for the stone’s synthetic versions. It will be cheaper than the legit pink diamond.

If you are looking for a high refractive index gemstone with excellent fire and dispersion, then the pink diamond is your stone. For the people who love wearing statement jewelry, then this is your gem. Get a pink diamond and grace the occasion with a smile on your face.

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