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Rose quartz is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite today. The stone is seamlessly infused into personal care and beauty products, jewelry, water bottles, and even facial rollers. However, even as the quartz is used all over for various purposes, a lesser-known pink gemstone bears more powerful healing properties known as Pink jade.

Pink jadeite is a mineral of silicate and sodium aluminum. It is considered a healing stone that can help the wearer get rid of toxins from their body.

Pink Jade Origin

The author of Legends & Myths and Crystal Lore, Athena Perrakis, argues that Burma brought pink jadeite to China in the 1800s. The stone then became a favorite in the Qing Dynasty among the wealthy members. Jade was a huge deal in China, just like how diamonds and gold are valued in the West.

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Polished slab of Lavender Jade. This specimen was exhibited at the booth of Merk’s Jade Specimen, Roger & Hana Merk, at the Tucson 2014 Show. | Photograph
© Hershel Friedman – All Rights Reserved. | Locality: Burma | Collection
Merk’s Jade

Jade was used in jewelry, furniture, and even as decoration for the imperial family graves. Perrakis explains pink jade as a stone of growth. Anything stagnant will gain momentum upon contact with the stone. She urges people to place a piece of the stone in their purse or garden to stimulate finances and plants growth.

The Crystal Bible and The Crystal Seer author Judy Hall also explain that jade is among the highly valued gemstones in Chinese. The stone bears five virtues: purity, courage, justice, modesty, and wisdom. It also has five pillars of happiness that include health, love of virtue, natural death, old age, health, and wealth. Aztecs also valued jade due to its healing powers. They believed the gemstone could cure liver, spleen, kidney, and other disorders.

Pink Jade Meaning

Pink jade looks to help individuals with broken hearts. It also allows people who find it hard to let love come to them. The gemstone purifies your aura to eliminate any dark energy that may be blocking your heart. Pink jade will heal your emotional wounds and get you to an advanced state where you can easily accept the good things in life that come to you, such as love.

One challenge many are unable to overcome is heartache. It does not matter whether the despair comes from family issues, fights with peers, or past relationships; such memories can affect you drastically. Such painful memories can lead to bad relationships and dull life.

Pink Jade Healing Properties & Benefits

Pink jade bears radiant energy and the soothing power of love. Its healing properties can work on anyone, even individuals with a hardened heart. Throughout its lifetime, jade has always been regarded as a symbol of lasting love effects and purifying light. Modern healers believe that these pink jade properties are still effective even today.

Emotional Properties

Many people associate this gemstone with love and romance. Pink jade has a significant impact on how the wearer interacts with other people and enhances their emotional well-being. It does not mean that you are egotistical or self-centered, but you need to know your worth. Individuals with low self-esteem always find it a problem with their relationships. These people feel they are unworthy of receiving or finding love.

Pink jade removes this dark energy that surrounds your inner thoughts, helping you see the light and fins self-assurance and self-love. Some people believe that pink jade also brings about bravery. You require strength when building relationships and finding love, which is something pink jade can help you in.

Physical Properties

Pink jade is more than just an extraordinary gemstone. Some practitioners believe that it also possesses physical healing properties. The specific physical benefit is improved detoxification. Your body comes across habitual and environmental toxins every day, which could be harmful after some time. The body has natural processes that take care of these toxins, but all may not go well.

Pink jade assists in this process, filtering internal organs such as the kidney and liver to enhance their functionality. Other healers believe pink jade enhances the nervous system. It boosts your adrenal gland, which controls your immune system and metabolism.

This gemstone is also primarily used for beauty-focused effects. It is widely used in beauty salons and spas to give users a youthful glow.

Spiritual Properties

Pink jade helps the wearer find themselves spiritually. Self-love is essential as you can never be true, real, and compassionate to other people if you are not with yourself. Pink jade properties encourage you to take the self-exploration path where you will find the incredible things you can offer. That will enhance your life positively as you will have meaning and purpose in your life.

Pink Jade and Chakra

Pink jade activates the solar plexus and heart chakras. In ancient Sanskrit, the heart chakra is known as “Anahata” and is the energy point that associates with empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and love feelings.

The third primary chakra, also known as “Manipura,” takes care of your confidence and self-esteem. It is the solar plexus chakra. Pink jade helps a lot with this chakra since it assists the wearer work on their relationships. The gemstone will silence any dark clouds in you and remind you what you are worth.

How to use it

Pink jade is used in various forms due to its stunning beauty. Most artisans will use it to create jewelry and carve sculptures, among other things.

The most common way to use this precious gemstone is by rocking it as jewelry. You will still receive its healing powers whether you rock it as a pendant or pink jade beads. When used as jewelry, the stone stays in the auric field and promotes peace within you.

Other people prefer carrying the gemstone as simple rocks in their pockets or purses. Taking it with you will give you confidence and remind you of who you are. Some people use this pink jade for meditation and absorb its energies via skin contact.

Zodiac Connection

Pink jade is not exclusively used by a given birth month. However, healers believe that the stone may have a closer relationship with several zodiacs. The zodiac signs could be Aries, Gemini, Taurus, and Libra.

People born in these months will fully infuse its healing properties. Every sign here has unique weaknesses and strengths. For example, Gemini are adaptable and outgoing while Aries are self-assured and optimistic.

Despite their disparities, these four zodiac signs have issues creating strong bonds with other people. In case things fail to go their way, these people can easily develop self-sabotage. They will lose confidence and start developing negative thoughts about themselves.

During these moments, pink jade can help save them and dissolve all the negative energy. It gives them light and strength to carry on with their lives and bring something good out of it.

Pink Jade vs. Rose Quartz

Pink jade may occur in two forms, either nephrite or jadeite. As both are jades, they have different mineral compositions. Jadeite silicate is pyroxene, while nephrite silicate is amphibole. Jadeite has a vitreous to sugary luster, while the nephrite may have a silky, waxy, or greasy luster. Both jades have a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5.

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Pink jade technically works on the solar plexus and heart chakras. Connection to the heart is vital as it associates with feelings of empathy, love, and forgiveness. The solar plexus chakra governs the wearer’s confidence and self-esteem. Pink jade resonates with this chakra and helps you better your relationships.

The color of rose quartz ranges from light pink to imperceptible pink. It can be cut into beads, cabochons, and faceted stones. Some gemstone specimens come with a network of fine inclusions that go in tandem with the crystal structure. Precious rose quartz has a symmetrical, distinct, and well-centered star with a robust pink color.

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Rose quartz resonates perfectly with love in all its dimensions. However, most people will look at sexual relationship love when using rose quartz. While this is true, rose quartz can impact human life in a more remarkable way. It resonates perfectly with the heart chakra encouraging expressions of warmth, compassion, respect, understanding, happiness, and emotional health. With this gemstone, you will love yourself more and the people around you.

Pink Jade vs. Green Jade

Pink Jade is a gemstone that activates the solar plexus and heart chakra. Heart chakra allows one to have feelings of compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and love. The solar plexus chakra works on your confidence and self-esteem. It ensures the bearer works on their relationship with other people and understands their self-worth.

Green Jade has several metaphysical properties, which may differ depending on the color of the crystal. Green jade is quite common and is believed to calm down the mind and bring tranquility. Darker shades of green jade bring about feelings of security and confidence. The lighter shades allow us to connect with Higher realms. These are shades such as white, yellow, and lavender.

Take Away

Pink jade has outstanding healing properties when used with the right intentions in mind. Wear it as jewelry or carry it like a stone in your pocket to infuse its energy.

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