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Did you know that Jasper is one of the oldest gemstones found on the surface of the earth? It is a versatile and unique stone that occurs in various colors. The gemstone also appears in a plethora of infinite combinations and patterns.

Pink Jasper stone belongs to the quartz family and contains silica compositional properties. These properties give the gemstone an opaque appearance. Due to the intense colors and vibrant patterns, jewelers love making polished cabochons from this stone to showcase their uniqueness.

Pink Jaspers resonate perfectly with Virgos. Virgos are known for their industrial and practical personalities, which means this stone offers them grounding and protective benefits.

Pink Jasper History

Jasper was practical in ancient civilizations, where it was used to manifest harvests and rains. The stone symbolizes apostle Peter who was critical in the Bible. The Breastplate of Judgement by the High Priest featured Jasper among other precious stones. Other precious gemstones included beryl, ruby, emerald, onyx, sapphire, jacinth, amethyst, turquoise, agate, and carbuncle.

Due to the Biblical significance, Jasper has been a powerful stone to Christians. Other people see Jasper as a strength, courage, and wisdom symbol. That is because of its association with the guardian of voyagers and pilgrims, angel Raphael.

The earliest records of jasper date back to about 50 million years. Jasper as an organism date back around 6 billion years with ancient fossilized algae. Technically, Jasper is older than the majestic dinosaurs. As civilization came by around 7,000 years ago, the green and red jaspers became favorites to the people of early Mesopotamia.

Native Americans named red Jasper the “blood of Mother Earth” and credited it to rebirth and good health. It is worth noting that jasper gemstones as used as talismans and spiritual conduits in today’s world. People also purchase stones for spiritual and décor purposes. Some rock it as stunning jewelry pieces.

Pink Jasper Stone Meaning

The name jasper was coined from the French word “jasper” that comes from the Latin name “iaspidem,” and the two means “speckled or spotted” stone. The other jasper stone meaning you might have come across is “supreme nurturer.” This name suits the gemstone best since it is a precious healing stone with several spiritual and emotional benefits. Since Jasper comes in various varieties, every type has a meaning.

Identifying Characteristics of Pink Jasper

In the Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers – A New Theory by Marco Campos Venuti, an Italian author and volcanologist talk about the fascinating properties of Agates and Jasper.

He argues that the formation of silica like Jaspers, Agates, and Chalcedonies originate from weather influence. The dry, wet, hot seasons bring about these stones, and even meteoric impact on the environment could lead to their formation.

While jaspers may be different in color and appearance, they have uniting features like quartz and chalcedony composition. All jaspers bear unique patterns but vary significantly in color and appearance.

Pink Jasper Types

Pink Mookaite Jasper

Pink Mookaite Jasper occurs in Windalia Radiolarite found in Western Australia as the only place you can find it. The stone is a silicified porcellanite mineral and may contain fossils within it. Many believe the rock was formed in the Cretaceous Period, which is 145-66 million years ago. This unique region where the gemstone is found contains tiny nanoplankton fossils like Foraminifera and Radiolaria.

These fossils are responsible for the formation of Mookaite Jasper. This gemstone has attractive colors that make it ideal for décor or even jewelry. Apart from the standard jasper colors you know, you may also come across unique colors like purple, grey, or brown.

When mining Mookaite, you must go past the decomposed Radiolarian clay, usually a small creek floor bedding. This makes it quite tricky to extract mookaite from its natural environment. The mineral is unique and diverse, with every piece having its amazing chemical makeup.

Mookaite contains great energies that enrich your love and trust for Mother Earth. The stone will help you love nature and everything on Mother Earth. With the help of this stone, you will be more aware of life and nature around you all the time. You will develop deeper connections with animals, both domestic and wild. Mookaite grounds your heart, mind, and soul and helps you cherish every moment you are alive.

Pink Imperial Jasper

Pink Imperial Jasper is easily among the premier jewel boulder to personify your heavenly journey. The stone has an alluring beauty that showcases its spiritualism. Many believe the stone can end your agony in your present life and lead you to a soulful life. People also believe that the stone can promote a shapeliness feeling as it gets rid of your insecurities.

Imperial jaspers also occur in diverse colors other than pink. These could be emerald, bottle green, or brown. Where this pink imperial Jasper is mined, you can expect to meet dense vegetation and some steep slopes.

Imperial Jasper is among the twelve sacred stones used in imperial Israelite tribes. The stone is known to reduce insecurities in oneself and offer stability to your entire being. You will be happy with your looks and shape. The stone will help you achieve self-confidence and understand yourself better. It will assist you to stop fighting with your inner self and help you in the divine path. Imperial Jasper will help stabilize any upsetting emotions and allow you to attain spiritualism easily.

Pink Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper has several names, including Ocean Orbicular Jasper, Cellular Jasper, Atlantis Stone, etc. The stone has outstanding healing properties and benefits, thanks to its unique origins. Just like many jaspers, ocean jasper is also a quartz family member. It contains high mineral silica, which gives it the specks of shimmering druzy. Even though most deposits will be white, brown, and green, you may come across other colors such as pink, black, red, blue, gray, orange, or yellow.

Most Ocean Jaspers have an intricate patterning that includes orb-like shapes and other patterns, which is why they are known as orbicular Ocean Jasper.

Pink Brecciated Jasper

This is a jasper stone with Hematite. Some refer to it as Poppy Jasper due to the orbicular poppies pattern found on the rock in black, brown, white, or yellow speckled shades. This gemstone is characterized by brecciated red and gray colors. It comes with an opaque and vitreous luster.

Collectors and gemstone enthusiasts love the red brecciated stones more. Brecciated Jasper will help you a lot during moments when you feel overwhelmed by personal or work issues. Having the stone with you at these times will bring you relaxation and calmness. Using the brecciated stone will make your head and heart lighter.

The stone also bears uplifting energy that promotes your focus and mental health. Using this stone means anything causing you mental anguish will varnish.

Pink Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jaspers are ideal gemstones that mimic nature. Typically, they are opaque black and white striped jaspers that resemble a zebra’s pattern hence the name Zebra Jasper. The stones are capable of balancing your emotions and also encourage sympathy.

Due to the striking contrasting patterns on this gemstone, it is believed to give confidence, happiness, and conviction. This stone is known to nurture relationships and bolster stamina, thereby boosting your physical power. Pink Zebra Jasper will also align your spine. Its healing properties encourage strength, action, and conviction to achieve your goals.

Pink Zebra Jasper is also a source of willpower and bravery to help you go through life’s hardships as you head to success.

Pink Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper)

This stone is also called Desert Jasper and was discovered in Madagascar in 2008 while looking for Ocean Jasper. Since 2008, two deposits have been found on the island. However, all material is hand-dug because of the conditions and terrain on the island.

These shades come about from the iron inclusions in the stone. Crafters, carvers, and sculptors love the rock in its raw form since it is pretty beautiful.

Pink Jasper Uses and Purposes

Carry or wear Pink Jasper to induce tranquility and alleviate stress levels. The stone is superb in cleansing all the negative energies and stabilizing your aura. Pink Jasper will easily boost your focus and soothe your nerves to get rid of harmful thoughts.

If you have any emotional or physical injury, the stone can help heal these wounds. It will also help in enduring the painful experiences in life. Pink Jasper is a fantastic talisman for quitting or cutting down your smoking habits. With its help, you can also reduce over-indulging in alcohol.

Pink Jasper also ensures you travel safely on your astral path when you place it over the Navel and Heart chakras. That means the stone is highly grounding and protective.

Pink Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Pink Jasper Physical Healing Energy

Many people regard Jasper as a vital stone for tissue deterioration. It is vital in treating the bladder, kidney, stomach, liver, and spleen disorders. The stone also helps in balancing regulating mineral content such as zinc, iron, sulfur, and manganese in your body.

Pink Jasper water soothes the digestive system, and many people love it because it does not bring overstimulation. You can put the stone in water overnight to get the Pink Jasper water. The stone is also beneficial for blood flow and reduces hemorrhoids.

Pink Jasper Emotional Healing Properties

Pink Jasper strengthens your emotional being giving you some form of stability and easing stress. The stone invites patience, compassion, generosity, and humility feelings. Jasper is widely known as a stone of courage. It will impart tenacity and determination in everything you do. Pink Jasper encourages the bearer to be honest with themselves and confronts their issues.

It will help you overcome your insecurities, guilt, and fears. With this stone, you will move forward assertively and not aggressively.

Spiritual Properties of Pink Jasper

Pink Jasper will easily connect you to the sacredness of life and spiritual wisdom found in nature. It allows you to cherish the beautiful moments in life and nature all around you. Using this gemstone will enable you to live in harmony with others and nature. The stone connects you with Mother Earth via dreamwork and meditation.

Pink Jasper Value

Pink Jaspers are widely available, which means their price will not be as high as the rare gemstones like opals and diamonds. However, they gain value due to their stunning color combinations and unique patterns. You might come across some Pink Jaspers that fetch less than one dollar, but the standard price per carat is $2 to $5.

The Pink Imperial Jasper could fetch higher prices because they are pretty rare. If a jasper exhibits a landscape pattern or striking picture, this increases its price to a premium gemstone. Large deposits of such stones could fetch up to $200 for the specimen.

Pink Jasper and Chakra

Pink Jasper is associated with the Heart Chakra, which is responsible for coloring your life with love, beauty, and companion. Essentially, the Heart chakra acts as a bridge between spiritual and earthy aspirations.

This chakra dictates how people relate with others and handle relationships. The Heart Chakra offers compassion and empathy and is involved in transformations and changes.

Zodiac Connection

Pink Jasper has no specific zodiac sign, but it seems to resonate perfectly with Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio. A shy Cancer individual will easily open up with the help of this stone. Jasper helps Virgos trust other people and be more open about their emotions. Scorpios can also infuse the great energies of this stone and bring joy to their life.

Take Away

This guide covers the history and healing properties of Pink Jasper. There are several ways you can infuse its energies. That could be by rocking it as jewelry, carrying it as a precious stone, or even using it as décor at home or in the office.

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