Pink Sodalite ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

If you’ve ever heard of sodalite, you probably know it is a rare blue crystal used as a gem. But, did you know about pink sodalite? Yes, there is pink sodalite, and maybe you should take some minutes to learn all about this scarce gem. It has unique and wonderful properties that make it a great addition to your crystal collection.

How Does Sodalite Become Pink?

Sodalite doesn’t become pink. Instead, a sodalite variety called Hackmanite may be pink under certain circumstances. Hackmanite becomes pink because of a feature called tenebrescence (reversible photochromism). This is the ability of certain specific minerals, including Hackmanite, to change their color whenever exposed to sunlight. This is a reversible process when the mineral is exposed to ultraviolet light. So, for example, the color of Hackmanite can change from purple to pink to a greyish pale and later to black again.

What is Hackmanite?

This crystal is a rare variation of sodalite that undergoes tenebrescence and is very rich in sulfur. The gemstone was discovered for the first time in 1896 in Greenland by Boergstroem. However, the stone was later named by Victor Axel Hackman. Although it was found towards the end of the 19th century, the first gem-quality Hackmanite deposit wasn’t discovered until 1991 in Quebec, Canada.

When first mined, the crystal has a pale to deep violet color, but on exposure to sunlight, the color quickly changes to greenish or grayish-white. When exposed to UV light or placed back in a dark place, the crystal slowly turns purple or violet. The forward tenebrescence on exposure to light happens quickly, but it might take even a week for its color to revert on exposure to UV light or darkness. You can repeatedly observe the tenebrescence effect, but you ruin the process upon exposing the crystal to heat.

The tenebrescence effect in this crystal is the rarest of the all-optical phenomenon in gemstones. It is often confused with color change phenomena where various crystals change color on exposure to different light sources. For example, the tenebrescent color for any hackmanite stone might appear light pink to deep blue.

Identifying Hackmanite

Pink sodalite belongs to the feldspathoid mineral group. These are a category of tectosilicates that bear a close resemblance to feldspars but have a lower silica composition and exhibit a slight structural difference.

The crystal is a chloric sodium aluminum sulfur-rich silicate with a hardness of between 5.50 – 6.00 on the Mohs Hardness scale. The crystal has a low specific gravity of between 2.14 – 2.40, making Hackmanite one of the gemstones with the lowest densities. Most pink sodalite crystals are opaque, but some high-quality specimens have varying degrees of transparency. You can quickly identify and differentiate Hackmanite from “sodalite,” its parent stone, by its tenebrescence and the presence of sulfur.

Hackmanite Healing Properties and Benefits

This stone has a magnificent vibration. It remains connected to the Earth. It helps you combine mind/logic with higher intuition. Whenever you want to have a good sleep or are in a meditative state, hackmanite is an excellent crystal that can help. The stone facilitates happiness, freedom, and joy.

Hackmanite helps you embrace yourself, enhancing feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. Use the crystal whenever dealing with trust issues, be it trusting others or self. The stone is also an excellent support crystal. It can help you remain true to yourself and support what you believe in without the fear of criticism, guilt, or judgment. Hackmanite encourages complete and free expression.

Mentally, the stone can help you release or lose your bonds of a rigid mindset of the past and create an infusion of mind in its place, allowing you to get several exciting and new possibilities to fill that space. In addition, the stone can work at any place to clear and clean electromagnetic smog/ pollution. Finally, the stone is a great healing tool. It can help support metabolism, aid imbalance, ease insomnia, and strengthen the immune system.

It helps you enter into a consciousness state to bring stillness, inner peace, and inner calm to your being, helping you soothe stress and emotional issues. In addition, Hackmanite energizes and protects your etheric body, unmasking and aiding with the release of attachments from others and energetic chords, meaning it can change the energies between various people to get more balanced.

Hackmanite and Chakra

Hackmanite might activate your crown chakra. It is beneficial when used in meditation because it helps you have peaceful feelings that help you meditate more easily. The stone’s energy might also help you attain the state of Nirvana.

Its frequency connects to the crown and third eye chakra, activating the, to allow you to follow your intuitive prompts to ensure you know and see a situation’s rightness. This also helps you access the higher mind while keeping you connected to the surface of the Earth.

Hackmanite: Care and Cleaning

Hackmanite is relatively soft compared to other gemstones, meaning it might require some special care. You can clean with warm water and mild detergent or soap if needed. However, ensure your rinse the crystal well to eliminate any remaining soapy residue. Don’t use any harsh cleaners or chemicals and also extreme heat. Heating it might result in the permanent loss of the crystal’s tenebrescent effect.

Avoid using the stone whenever participating in strenuous physical activity like doing household chores, exercising, or playing sports. When storing the stone, ensure you always keep it separately from other jewelry and gems. If possible, wrap hackmanite with a soft cloth or keep it in a fabric-lined jewelry box.

What is Tugtupite?

Tugtupite is an incredibly rare aluminum beryllium sodium chlorinate silicate crystal. It also belongs to the feldspathoid group of minerals. It is generally found on significantly large masses of Albite having inclusions and near hydrothermal sodalite veins. The minerals might occasionally be found together, creating a precious specimen. It can have a light red or a dark crimson color that might brighten and alter its appearance whenever exposed to light in a process called reverse photochromism or tenebrescent.

The stone was first discovered in Tugtup agtakôrfia, Greenland, in 1957, hence the name. It was initially called beryllium sodalite because of its similarity to sodalite. Tugtupite is rarer than hackmanite because it is only found in three locations worldwide, with Greenland being the only place having significant amounts. The other two places are Canada and Russia.

The stone has a hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. In addition, it exhibits various optical properties, including fluorescence and phosphorescence. It is also reverse photochromic, with its colors varying from pale pink to saturated red and a scarce light blue. Nowadays, the stone is typically used as a gem because of its rarity.

The highest quality crystals remain dark for several weeks before fading to a light red color.

Tugtupite Healing Properties and Benefits


Tugtupite is an excellent stone to use when you want to reboot your whole soul to experience life in/to its fullest with no negativity to hold you back. This stone will help connect you with the divine realm and the plans it has for you to ensure you’ll not get confused about what your goal in life is. It soaks up all the negative energies and evils around you, enabling your soul to recover from past traumatic experiences by allowing it peace and time.

If you’ve made past mistakes engraved inside your soul and cannot seem to forget them, this stone is excellent in relieving a person’s emotional pain. The crystal helps your soul recover from past mistakes, allowing you to become more peaceful. It links the metaphysical world with a person’s higher heart chakra, creating a channel having free-flowing energies of wisdom and love flowing through you from the metaphysical world.

Tugtupite also ensures that your divine realms and your visions on the world remain clear to ensure you can always know your purpose in life. When a person links their soul with Metaphysical Plane, the stone ensures their soul never suffers alone and gets enough nourishment to keep it strong and healthy. You can only become strong from the outside if you have inner strength.


Tugtupite helps a person gain emotional independence from their friends and family. Thus, they can stop worrying about other people and start thinking about their own lives because that matters the most. The stone helps you push away the evil and negative energies, enabling you to be more composed and peaceful in your life.

By using the crystal, you’ll focus on the important things because they are the ones that’ll genuinely help you achieve greatness as a person. This stone filters the hate and anger feelings through your liver, ensuring you find the soft corners for others you would otherwise have unpleasant feelings against. Therefore, you will achieve happiness and true greatness by filling your soul and heart with feelings of under and joy.

Tugtupite and Chakra

Tugtupite is a strong chakra stone for higher heart chakra or thymus and heart chakra. You’ll open both these chakras by using this crystal. Tugtupite intensifies and heightens the feelings of love because it can enhance fertility, romance, and passion. Its vibrations excite both thymus chakra and heart chakra and help you feel the usefulness and totality of love with all its magnificence.

Though this might sound wonderful, be aware that the stone is about all variations of love. Most people find that using the crystal is quite unpleasant since it includes both negative and positive feelings connected to the emotions of love. In most cases, intense sorrow and grief sentiments might accompany the opening of their hearts. Though this might not be agreeable, these emotions may then be released, and you might find that you can make impressive spiritual growth.

Caring for Tugtupite Gemstones

  • Keep these crystals separate from your other hard stones like topaz or quartz to prevent contact scratches. Use a mild detergent, soft brush, and warm water to clean the stone.
  • Ensure you avoid any mechanical cleaning to this gemstone.


Do you need compassion and love in life? Then pink sodalite is your companion. Both Hackmanite and Tugtupite have the power of genuinely transforming your feelings, spiritually and emotionally. Leverage the physical healing power of Tugtupite and get happiness and joy by using this crystal. Use the stated methods to care for your crystals so that you can continue leveraging their many benefits.

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