Pisces birthstones

BirthstonesAmethyst (Main, Hindu), Aquamarine (Alternate, Planetary), Rock Crystal (Alternate), Topaz (Planetary), Ruby (Talismanic)
Keywords“I believe”
Lucky Number2

Pisces, the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, brings us the dreamers, artists, and intuitives.

Pisceans, ruled by Neptune, is thought to be the old souls of the world. They’ve usually incarnated many times and are therefore quite empathic. They feel other’s pain so deeply that they are also known as the most self-destructive sign. While Aries (their polar opposites) plow through life not caring at all for anyone but themselves, Pisceans care for everyone but themselves.

Therefore, they tend to draw emotionally unstable persons to themselves in a genuine need to help. They really can feel the other’s pain (even though that person may be hurting them). Therefore, Pisces are often victims and must work to save some of their kindnesses for themselves!

Creative, imaginative, spiritual, often psychic, Pisces have no fear of death. They’re considered very close to the spiritual essence (God) and on some deep level, wish to return to that bliss. They are known as great escapers and often must contend with alcohol and drug problems.

Pisces are generally well-liked. They tend not to thrive in the cut-throat hustle and bustle of the business world. They’re happy to work, for the sake of creating things of beauty.
There’s always something a little ethereal about a Pisces.

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