Purple Jasper ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

Introduction to the Meaning and Uses of Purple Jasper

Jasper as a gemstone is a precious wonder that naturally occurs on the surface of the Earth. It may appear in unique forms such as a nighttime sky, golden sunshine, desert sands, red rock canyons, undulating ocean, or sweeping mountains. Every jasper comes as a masterpiece with harmonious energy that impacts human life and is bold and primitive.

Purple Jasper has a constant and slow frequency since it is an Earth stone. It aligns with the electromagnetic energies of our world and enables you to be conscious of your surroundings and nature. The gemstone urges you to celebrate the moments you are alone, absorb and connect with its energies from the Earth.


Purple Jasper is widely known for its stability and grounding effects, which is also known as “Supreme Nurturer.” The stone gives the wearer security and comfort, healing, and strength, among other impressive properties. It balances your aura, giving you peace and a sense of wholeness.

Jasper can be traced to ancient civilizations and people. Kings, priests, and shamans wore it. Back then, jasper was considered a powerful and sacred protection stone in the spiritual realm and physical world. The Egyptians carved jasper amulets with inscriptions and symbols with inspirations from the Book of the Dead. Jasper was used in many cultures to engrave signet rings, cylinder seals, and special talismans that showcased religious and astrological images.

Purple Jasper ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 1

Jasper is a microcrystalline, opaque, and dense Quartz variety. The grainy and fibrous Quartz are known as Chalcedony after being grouped. However, the microcrystals for jasper are large and sugar-like grains, unlike the fibrous layers found in Agate or Chalcedony. Jasper’s microcrystals occur as fillings or nodules in several places worldwide in diverse colors.

The stone is famous for the earthy tones of yellow, red, brown, and green due to iron oxides. Sometimes it may occur in purple or blue shades, making it appear majestic due to inclusions and circular patterns. Purple jasper may have different varieties of stones, as seen below.

Purple Jasper Types

Purple Mookaite Jasper

It is also called Mookaite jasper and contains fossils or be a silicified porcellanite mineral. It naturally occurs in Windalia Radiolarite found in Western Australia. It is believed that the mineral formed around 145 – 66 million years ago. That was during the Cretaceous Period. The area where this mineral is found is full of nanoplankton fossils, including Foraminifera and Radiolaria, which are responsible for creating mookaite jasper.

The stone has stunning colors with alluring reds and yellows you will ever encounter in minerals. You may come across mookaites in distinctive colors such as purple, grey, brown, and beige.

Purple Royal Plume Jasper

Also known as plum wood jasper, this stone is a methodical healer. It contains impeccable solutions that will lead you to the world of spirits. The stone bears grounding energies that offer protection to the user. Royal plume jasper activates your Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra. It has a powerful stabilizing effect that will bring you back to balance if you lose it.

Plum jasper will also help you lead the celestial and spiritual journey. The stone is known to cure some physical ailments and help with re-birth. This gemstone cleanses any dysfunctional energies and stabilizes your aura. It also gets rid of the negative emotions from your emotional self.

The stone is also known to treat any Central Nervous System ailments. It is also believed to alleviate epilepsy and rheumatism among individuals. The plum may occur in yellow and brown hues. Greek culture used this stone as a jewel pebble. Some people use it to infuse vitality and courage into their lives.

Purple Imperial Jasper

It is believed to be the ideal jewel boulder that will bring you closer to God. The stone has an astounding beauty and lots of spiritualism. People believe the stone can stop your agony in the present life and elevate you to a soulful life. The imperial jasper infuses the divine spirit properties to your spiritual and emotional torso.

Many believe the stone can enhance the shapeliness feeling and act as a shelter for any insecurities that may arise. Imperial jasper is one of the finest jaspers you will ever come across.

The stone will help you find your true self and understand your life more. It will personify your journey help you achieve more in spiritual being. With the help of this stone, you will not fight with your inner self, but it will help you cherish life from your soul.

Purple Dalmatian Jasper

Also, going by the name dalmatian stone, this gemstone is a decorative stone that bears a unique appearance. The stone comes with a Dalmatian dog breed spotted coloration, making it very beautiful. Research has it that this is a peralkaline stone with uncertain provenance.

Purple dalmatian jasper consists of epidote, hematite, Quartz, amphiboles, alkali and feldspars. It also bears some black spots in its mass known as arfvedsonite.

Purple Ocean Jasper

This jasper variety has several names: Atlantis stone, ocean orbicular jasper, and cellular jasper. Even though it has several names, the gemstone has outstanding healing properties and benefits unique to this stone alone. The stone has a unique origin, so it is no surprise the benefits it offers. Even though this gemstone was discovered in the 1920s, its traces were lost for more than 75 years. It was rediscovered in 1997 on the Madagascan coast by the intrepid Paul Obenich. Since then, many people have been looking for this stone as it is highly valued.

The stone also falls in the quartz family and contains high mineral silica content. Even though the stone is more common in green, brown, and white, it may also occur in blue, red, black, purple, yellow, gray, and pink. Ocean jasper is also unique due to the alluring intricate patterning on its surface. These could include strips of color and orb-like shapes, which is why it was named orbicular ocean jasper.

Purple Brecciated Jasper

This jasper variety contains hematite, and it also goes by the name Poppy jasper. Purple brecciated jasper is characterized by brecciated red and gray colors. It comes with an opaque or vitreous luster. However, the red-brecciated jasper is more valuable and loved by most collectors.

Brecciated jasper is a fantastic stone that offers grounding effects to help the wearer remain strong and stable. With the help of this stone, your feelings of tranquility and wholeness are enhanced. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, use this stone to remain in balance. It will give you feelings of relaxation and calmness.

The stone has an uplifting energy that promotes your focus and mental clarity. It will help get rid of anything that is causing mental anguish and confusion in your life. Brecciated jasper helps the wearer have an organized life and helps unlock their imagination. Using this gemstone also develops your creativity.

Brecciated jasper will also give the wearer deep feelings of joy and happiness. The stone will also promote contentment in the wearer’s life.

Purple Zebra Jasper

Zebra jasper is another powerful stone that will bring positivity and balance to your life. Even though it is not as popular as other gemstones, it has unique healing abilities and benefits. The beautiful stone has contrasting stripes that make it a sought-after rock due to its distinctive appearance.

This purple jasper formed more than 600 million years ago and has a hardness of 7.0 Mohs. The metamorphic rock is made of Silicon Dioxide and Calcium Carbonate. Zebra jasper has other names such as Zebra Marble, Zebra Rock, and Zebra Agate. The stone occurs in Russia, Africa, and India.

Zebra jasper is a stone that brings balance and harmony to your daily life. It will keep you grounded in case of chaos in your life. Zebra jasper is also believed to have the power to overcome procrastination and push the wearer towards achieving their goals.

Purple Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper)

It is a unique colored jasper occurring in Madagascar. Polychrome jasper exhibits an eye-shaped, circular and figurative pattern. Some people call it Desert Jasper. It was discovered recently and is distinctive because of its stunning earthy colors.

Polychrome jasper connects with the Fire element and embodies exuberance, vitality, creativity, passion and action. The stone has bewildering grounding benefits and stabilizes your energy. It connects the wearer to Mother Earth, which also helps get rid of toxins in their body. Polychrome Jasper will also help you gain more action, emotion, and passion in different aspects of life. The stone has an energy that revitalizes your life and rejuvenates your soul.

Purple Jasper Uses and Purposes

Carry or wear this jasper to induce tranquility and alleviate stress. The stone’s cleansing effect will eliminate all the negative energy and stabilize your aura. It is an ideal rubbing stone for soothing your nerves and increasing your focus. The stone banishes harmful thoughts and nightmares.

When hospitalized during prolonged illness or injury, purple jasper sustains and heals your emotional and physical body. The stone’s energy brings renewed vitality and gradual strength to your body. It also helps you understand the painful and frustrating experiences in life.

Jasper is helpful in self-discipline, lending emotional support, and boosting your energy levels physically. The stone has steady and slow vibration that helps one avoid extremes.

It is a valuable talisman if you want to quit or cut down on smoking. Purple jasper will also help in reducing the over-consumption of alcohol. The stone will help get rid of toxins in your body. Jasper will align with your chakras and help you travel the heavenly realm safely. Jasper is a sperm regenerator and increases fertility among the users.

Purple Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Purple Jasper Physical Healing Energy

Purple Jasper is a vital stone for tissue deterioration. It will help treat your spleen, liver, stomach, kidneys, and bladder disorders. The stone also balances mineral content in your body by regulating sulfur, zinc, iron, and manganese. The gemstone helps enhance your blood flow and reduces hemorrhoids in your body.

Purple Jasper Emotional Healing Energy

Purple Jasper gives your emotional body the strength to ease stress and give you calm stability. The stone will give you a pleasant sensation that irradiates your body. Jasper will give you feelings of patience, humility, compassion, and generosity.

The stone impacts tenacity and determination in everything you pursue. It will help you remain honest with yourself and overcome your insecurities. With the help of this stone, you will move forward assertively, not aggressively.

Purple Jasper Spiritual Energy

This fascinating stone enhances your connection to Mother Earth and your spiritual wisdom. The stone will encourage you to acknowledge the beauty of life and find harmony within yourself and other people.

Purple Jasper and Crown Chakra

Purple jasper is associated with the Crown chakra. Crown chakra is found at the top of the chakra ladder. The chakra connects individuals to the universe and the divine creation source. This chakra offers several gifts, such as unselfish realization and the experience of unity. With the help of this chakra, you will experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything.

To achieve the benefits of this chakra, you ought to go beyond your ego and pride. The crown chakra gives meaning to gratitude for life attitude.

Zodiac Connection

Purple jasper does not have one specific zodiac sign that can only infuse its healing powers. However, many think it resonates perfectly with Capricorn and Cancer signs. It gives these signs patience and compassion. Scorpio and Aries also benefit a lot from the different varieties of jasper.

Purple Jasper Value

Purple Jasper is reasonably priced, and you will find the stone readily available. The exceptional examples will fetch a higher price, like with any other gemstone. Brighter-colored stones have a higher value than dull-colored deposits. Pieces with interesting patterns will also fetch higher prices than the other stones.

The stone is affordable, and this makes it a precious gemstone in the eyes of hobby jewelers and artisans. Its properties, such as its large size unique appearance, make this rock perfect for jewelry projects. It can be used as pendants, necklaces, and even rings.

Is purple Jasper real?

Yes, Purple Jasper is only enhanced via the usual polishing and cutting. Some gemstone enthusiasts have dyed the stone to enhance its color and possibly emphasize its pattern, but it does not fetch higher prices.

Imitations are not common with this gemstone but check out some glass or plastic versions from unprofessional dealers.

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