Purple Sodalite ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

The Sodalite name comes from its sodium content. It also typically has a deep blue color but it can also be yellow, orange, or purple. Sodalite was discovered way back in the 1800’s and larger deposits were found in Ontario. Sodalite can also be called “blue stone”, “alomite”, or “ditroite”. There is also a purple version of sodalite called “hackmanite”. Hackmanite displays unique gemstone features wherein it changes color when the stone is exposed to sunlight.

How Does Sodalite Become Purple?

Sodalite isn’t naturally purple. It can be purple under certain circumstances because of its capability of tenebrescence. This gemstone property is a reversible process that when shined with UV light, turns into different colors.

Purple Sodalite ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 1

Hackmanite can turn its color from purple to a variety of colors like pink, grey, and black.


Hackmanite is a rare and unique sulfur-rich variety of Sodalite. When it is first mined, it appears pale to deep violet. When it is exposed to UV light, it turns to a greenish-white. However, when placed back in a dark place, it slowly changes back to its original color of violet. The change of color is just a short time spanning over just a few seconds. The tenebrescence or change in color effect can be repeated but heat can destroy this phenomenon. This color-changing effect is only seen in rare gemstones.

Identifying Hackmanite

Hackmanite is a member of the feldspathoid group of minerals which also belongs to the group of tectosilicates which resembles feldspars. Hackmanite has a hardness rating of 5.50 to 6.00 on the Mohs scale. Hackmanite is one of the least dense gemstones because of its specific gravity rating of 2.14 to 2.40. Hackmanite which is related to “Sodalite” is easily identifiable by its color change characteristics and sulfur content.

Hackmanite Healing Properties and Benefits

Hackmanite is not only a beautiful gemstone to look at but it also has healing properties and benefits, It has high vibration crystals which connect you to your spirit and makes you feel more alert. This fantastic gemstone helps you have an excellent crystal healing experience. Hackmanite has health benefits that no other gemstone can’t provide. It can help you bring good health even if you’re feeling sick.

The vibration of this unique crystal aids those who have an addiction to any substances. Any person who has an addiction will be cleansed of the urge to indulge. Hackmanite also has fantastic healing energy that boosts the immune system helping you prevent having serious diseases.

The high vibration crystal also aids the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for fighting off bacteria and viruses you encounter every day. People who have high blood pressure will also be amazed at how this stone lowers blood pressure. It can also make you sleep better at night. Ever have throat or voice problems? Then this stone will be a big help as it assists any issues with the vocal cords and larynx.

If you’ve recently had a broken bone, you can use hackmanite as it aids the healing of broken bones. Muscle strains can also be healed through this stone as it aids in the regeneration and healing of muscles.

Hackmanite and Chakra

These stones can be used for meditation as they bring calm and peaceful feelings which aid you to have fruitful meditations. It is very useful for spiritual growth. Hackmanites resonates greatly with third eye chakras. They have strong spiritual properties as they are popular in energizing and rejuvenating the pineal gland which greatly boosts psychic abilities.

You’ll have excellent mental clarity with the use of hackmanite. Enhance your spiritual healing and mental clarity by activating the crown chakra. Those who want to explore and activate their crown chakra will be happy to use this stone.


Tugtupite is an extremely rare and valuable specimen. It is made with aluminum beryllium sodium chlorine silicate mineral and is a member of the feldspathoid family. It is found in large masses of albite and these can also occur together making it a rare find for any gemstone hunter. The color of this rare crystal ranges from dark crimson to light red. It can also brighten its appearance when exposed to light.

Tugtupite Healing Properties and Benefits

Heal your entire soul with the help of Tugtupite. Hold back all the negativity in your life and experience the fullest of joy when you have Tugtupite. Overcoming your fears can be hard and difficult to do. This healing crystal fills your heart and mind with the confidence that will help you be strong and confident no matter what problem or obstacle you may face.

Focusing on what you want in life is hard. If you’re confused about what to do next with your life, this healing stone will help you see things clearly. Connect with the divine realm through this great stone and see your goals come to life. Tugtupite can also absorbs negative energy and spirits around you. With this benefit, you can heal past traumas allowing you to have the time to refresh and have peace of mind.

If there is someone who wronged you or made your life difficult, Tugtupite is an excellent gemstone for relieving and easing emotional pain. Tugtupite will help you recover from the mistakes of the past and reflect on them. It also creates free-flowing channels of wisdom and love from the metaphysical world through your body, mind, and spirit.

Tugtupite and Chakra

Tugtupite is a wonderful stone of unconditional love. It is a strong chakra stone for both the thymus and heart chakra. Using this stone will open up both chakras and enable you to have greater feelings of love. Intense feelings of emotions and love await you when you use this rare crystal. Enhance your fertility, romance, and passion with the use of Tugtupite.

The vibration of Tugtupite excites the heart chakra which in turn aids and helps you feel the fullness of love. Any sorrow of the past will be cleansed through the use of this stone. You’ll be able to achieve spiritual growth that you’ve never reached before.

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