Quartz Metaphysical Crystals

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Quartz metaphysical crystals come in many shaped guises and are detailed below with representative photographs to help with identification.

The great crystalline teachers that are helping humanity to raise its consciousness to the higher dimensions are referred to as the Master Crystals which we have written about separately.


Barnacle crystals are recognized by the main crystal being covered, or partially covered, in smaller crystals. They can look like the crystal is covered in sugar.

The large main crystal is the “old soul” which attracts the smaller younger crystals for the knowledge and wisdom it can bring forth. Barnacle crystals can aid family or community situations where there is a need to bring together those who can form a group to work for the greater good of all.


A bridge crystal can be recognized by a second smaller crystal that crosses and penetrates in and out of the main crystal termination.

It acts as a bridge between two extremes. A bridge can aid the conscious mind to discover more about the inner self or soul.

Bridge crystals can help to “get across” one’s ideas and knowledge to others and therefore are helpful for communication and teaching skills

Extraterrestrial (ET’s)

Extraterrestrial or ET crystals are recognized by the crystal being single-terminated at one end and multi-terminated at the other.

Extra Terrestrials can aid in raising one’s consciousness from that of the self to that of the group and thus connect to the higher dimensions. Extra Terrestrials can aid in communicating with the Angelic Realm to include Guardian Angels and higher Beings.


Faden crystals are recognized by the fibrous-looking “thread” that is visible within the main tabular crystal. Faden is German for fibre.

Fadens are excellent crystals to aid in the healing of broken bones, torn muscles, and other such repairs to the physical body. They are also used to help repair the etheric body allowing for any tears, breaks, holes or leaks to be mended by reconnecting or “sewing together” the affected area. Fadens allows for a strong connection to be made between the physical personality-self and the higher self or soul and for the connection between individuals on higher energetic levels.


Generator crystals can be recognized by the six faces and sides of the termination being equal in size and joining sharply at the apex of the termination. They can be clear and/or cloudy and contain rainbows, phantoms, or mineral inclusions. They are often Clear Quartz but they can also be Amethyst, Natural Citrine, and Smokey Quartz.

Generators channel and ground healing energy. Literally “generating” Universal Life Force Energy. Generators are individuals and can give one lesson on how to focus and magnify one’s healing energies.

Generators can be used to energize areas within energy fields and the chakras.

Generators can be used by groups to connect the energy between the individuals within the group for the benefit of all.


Grounding crystals are recognized by an eight-sided face on the termination.

It helps to “ground” thoughts and patterns of everyday life so that issues can be dealt with practically.

Growth Interference

Growth Interference or GI crystals are recognized by a “cut” within the crystal’s main body that looks as if they have been made with a chain-saw! These “cuts” were caused by a shared growth of the Quartz with Calcite crystals.

GI’s can be used to aid the healing of cuts or other such damage to the physical body. Although often no longer present the resonance of the Calcite is retained within the Quartz, thus adding powerful healing energy to the crystal.


Key crystals can be recognized by a three or six-sided indentation found on a crystal point, which narrows as it goes into the crystal as if it is stepping inside the crystal itself.

Keys are used to “unlock” the doors that allow one to enter into areas of one’s consciousness to discover answers to questions and to allow for healing to take place.


Laser crystals are recognized by the way the point narrows from the wide base to a fine thin apex with small faces.

Lasers as the name imply focus a beam of energy allowing for precise healing work to be carried out. Lasers are powerful tools and should be respected at all times. They can be thought of as an extension of the user’s intention and energy.

Lasers are excellent for breaking up stagnant energy within an energy field or for more precise work with energetic cords or energetic ties that are built between individuals.


Lemurian crystals are recognized by the horizontal stepped lines on the often opaque sides and clear interior of the crystal termination. They have gentle, feminine energy holding the conscious vibrations of the Lemurian race, those being emotional and spiritual patterning.

Lemurian crystals help to raise one’s vibrations to feel the connection to the higher dimensions and the Beings who dwell there (including one’s soul) and to receive their guidance.


Penetrator crystals are similar to bridge crystals and can be recognized by a smaller crystal termination penetrating the body of the main crystal.

Penetrators aid one in “going within” oneself. Penetrators can be used to become familiar with one’s true self and connect to one’s soul.

Penetrators help discover any blocks that need to be cleared and issues that need to be healed which will then help one to move forward with one’s spiritual growth.


Phantom crystals are recognized by the appearance of “phantoms” or outlines of a smaller partial or complete version of the main terminated crystal that can appear white or colored depending on the included mineral.

Phantoms can take one back through one’s past lives and also connect to the Akashic Records to bring forth information that will help one in this lifetime. Phantoms can aid in connecting to one’s soul to bring into one’s consciousness one’s soul’s purpose and the lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

Phantoms can help release patterns held within one’s cellular memory that is no longer serving one and allow one to move forward.


Rainbow crystals are recognized by the appearance of “Rainbows” formed by the internal fractures within the crystalline matrix. The rainbow effect is produced when “white” light is refracted by the internal fracture.

Rainbows increase the vibration of the crystal allowing the full visible spectrum of light to be brought forth as the white light is broken down into its individual rays.

Rainbows symbolize unity and can be used on any chakra as they will help to integrate and unify the energies to balance the chakra system.

Rainbow crystals are “gifts” from the crystal devas bringing love and joy into one’s life.


Sceptre crystals can be recognized by a central “rod” around one end of which another crystal has formed.

Sceptres are linked to the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations, being symbols of the high priests and priestesses. They can be thought of as symbols of one’s power which will allow one to take full responsibility for one’s actions and thus make changes to one’s life in an empowered manner.

Sceptres aid one in getting to the “heart” or “inner core” of an issue and bring a deep, penetrating healing energy which will facilitate the release of trapped stagnant energy being held in an energy field.

Sceptres help to stimulate the emotional body to release deeply buried or trapped negative energies such as anger, fear, and resentment.

Single Terminated

Natural single terminated crystal points can be recognized as having a rough base with straight-ish sides leading to the single multi-faced termination.

Single terminated points are found in many of the Master crystals and other Quartz crystal formations listed in this article. Single terminated points move the energy through the crystal in one direction and thus are perfect for crystal energy work.

Double Terminated

Double terminated crystal points can be recognized as having a multi-faced termination at either end of the point.

Double terminated points move energy in two directions, radiating and absorbing, transmitting and receiving energy at both terminations. Double terminated points can be used during crystal energy healings to allow the energy to move in two directions at once acting as a bridge and are thus perfect tools when used to help remove blocked energy held within energy fields or when sealing etheric tears.

Double terminated points can be placed between chakras during a crystal energy healing to allow the energy within each chakra to integrate and harmonize with that of the chakra next to it allowing them to become balanced.

Double terminated points include Herkimer diamonds, Black Tibetan Quartz, and Elestial Light Keepers.


Self-healed crystals are recognized by a series of very small terminations or faces at one end of a crystal where a break or fracture has occurred (although not necessarily obvious) and a complete termination at the other. The original “broken” end has “healed” itself by forming new growth.

Self-healed crystals can be used to aid healing on all levels of one’s being by bringing the feeling of wholeness. Self-healed crystals help the physical body to resonate with the vibration of self-healing thus they can help to heal the physical body wounds caused by trauma or surgery or help to heal broken bones.

Self-healed crystals can aid in recognizing the “gift” in life’s traumas and experiences and integrating that knowledge to move forward and grow.

Tabby or Tabular

Tabby or tabular crystals are recognized by the broad flat growth pattern where two opposing sides of the six-sided crystal are much wider than the other four that adjoin them. Most are double terminated.

Tabbies act as a bridge allowing energy to move across breaks or blockages in an energy field thus allowing the flow of energy to be restored. Tabular crystals can connect or link two energy centers (such as chakras) which allow for energy exchange and thus integration to occur.

Tabular crystals can help set up a link between one’s personality self and one’s soul. This allows integration between the 3rd dimension and the higher dimensions increasing intuition and communicating the knowledge needed to move forward.

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