Que Sera Meaning and Properties

Que Sera is the name given to a clastic rock formation comprising inclusions of Quartz, Potassium Feldspar, Iron Oxides, Magnetite, and other trace minerals formed into a conglomerate. It is characterized by a mixture of blue-toned, opalescent areas of Quartz, pink feldspar, and sometimes green chlorite including rock fragments, all within a deep grey/brown or brick/brown colored matrix. The grey matrix type is from Brazil and the brown matrix type is from Texas, the United States of America, this is sometimes known as Llanite Granite or Vulcanite.

The combination of minerals works in synergy, thus creating a unique mineralogical formation whose energetic properties are held throughout the crystalline matrix.

The frequency of Que Sera connects to all the chakras, opening, cleansing, and stimulating the whole of one’s chakric column so that one’s energy constantly flows unhindered throughout one’s being, increasing one’s physical well-being and enhancing one’s energetic fields.

The energy of Que Sera allows one to be open to higher vibrational energies, increasing one’s awareness of the higher dimensions and the abundance and perfection of the Universe.

This combination of the stone helps one to become “group” aware and to view all situations from a higher perspective so that one may be of “service” to the greater good of humanity.

It soothes one’s emotions and emotional body so that one is able to overcome low, negative energies which can trigger depression and anxiety, helping one have a positive outlook on all areas of one’s life.

Associated Chakras

  • Earth Star
  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Crown

Physical Ailment

  • Physical Wellbeing

Emotional Issue

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Negativity – Overcoming

Spiritual Connection

  • Group Consciousness
  • Higher Dimensional Awareness

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