Red Goldstone Meaning and Properties

Red goldstone is a variation of the man-made goldstone that traces its origin in Italy. Regardless of the name and its implication, red goldstone, or generally “goldstone”, does not have any gold traces in them. Red goldstone is an aesthetically pleasing crystal tied to healing benefits for the mind, body, heart, and spirit. Find out more about the red goldstone below.

History and Meaning

Like other common goldstone varieties, red goldstone was invented by the Miotti family from Venice in the 17th Century. It also shares an origin myth with the other goldstone about how it was accidentally discovered by unknown Italian monks. It is for this reason that it is also known as the “Monk’s Stone”.

Red Goldstone Meaning and Properties 1

Its meaning is attached to the multiple healing properties and benefits it carries. Healers use the red goldstone to heal and introduce the stone’s positive energies into the body. It is historically referred to as aventurine glass, a derivation of avventurina meaning accidental.

Geological Properties

Red goldstone is an artificial glass that is made from quartz sand and copper flecks. The copper particles are responsible for giving the gem its signature shimmery appearance.

Red Goldstone Meaning and Properties 2

Despite its attractive appearance, red goldstone is very common and not as valuable. The red goldstone has an amorphous crystal system and measures 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

Healing Properties and Benefits

Since red goldstone is made from fine glass made from Quartz, it is heavily associated with healing. Like any other goldstone color variety, red goldstone provides healing energies that help your body, mind, and heart. Here is how you can benefit from the healing properties of red goldstone.

Physical Healing

Its copper inclusions make it beneficial for your joints and alleviate stomach issues resulting from anxiety.

Red goldstone promotes a healthy reproductive system. It provides healing properties and benefits that support you if you suffer from fertility challenges or painful symptoms relating to your reproductive organs.

Red goldstone also relieves stress and tension that your body carries from time to time. The stone’s healing energies come in handy when experiencing stomach or abdomen issues stemming from nerves, anxiety, and stress. Moreover, red goldstone helps relieve all forms of pressure and strain.

In addition, red goldstone helps to promote physical energy. If you are feeling drained physically or mentally, red goldstone’s energies balance your energy appropriately. Also, if you are an active sportsperson, red goldstone favors your joints and bones, allowing for smoother functioning.

Red goldstone also helps in detoxification. It is a stone of revitalization, meaning it cleanses toxins from your body that affect you physically. Moreover, it helps in circulation that boosts your nervous and circulatory systems. It balances your metabolism and relieves any skin irritation resulting from food allergies.

Emotional Healing

Red goldstone alleviates negative emotions relating to fear and stress. The stone is beneficial for alleviating shyness. It helps you identify and chase your deepest desires while helping you understand the difference between your needs and wants.

Also, red goldstone helps you break through negative barriers and locate the inner switch that sparks happiness. The stone invites balance and harmony into your life, which is beneficial in times of chaos. You can use the stone to replace negativity with positivity, perseverance, and determination.

Mental Healing

Red goldstone guides you into fresh perspectives and leads you far from self-deprecating thoughts. It helps you promote a positive self-outlook. Are you in need of motivation? Red goldstone helps motivate you mentally to go beyond your limitations and accomplish your goals. It keeps your mind active and aware of every unnecessary thought that keeps you tied down.

Red Goldstone Metaphysical Properties

Red goldstone is a spiritual stone. It is regarded in the spiritual realm as a protection crystal. The stone has healing properties that keep you safe from harmful attacks. It shields you from the negative energy and reflects it back to the source. As a spiritual protector, red goldstone allows you to evaluate and think more deeply when dealing with risks of potential danger.

Besides charging other crystals, red goldstone also charges your aura. Unfortunately, if your aura is low, you tend to have low self-esteem and intrusive thoughts. Additionally, you tend to impact everyone around you. Using red goldstone provides your aura with a healthy dose of vitality.

In addition, red goldstone provides you with a deep connection to the earth. Its healing properties are beneficial when on an adventure or a trip. It provides safety and links you closer to nature, allowing you to use your time outdoors to promote spiritual awakenings.

Red Goldstone and Chakra

Red goldstone is linked to the root and sacral chakra, helping to promote healthy communication, wisdom, and resilience. Unstable root and sacral chakra make you feel less comfortable and speechless. Red goldstone aligns these chakras, allowing you to communicate effectively and be comfortable.

Red Goldstone and Zodiac

Red goldstone is connected to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. In addition, it vibrates to the number 3. However, red goldstone provides the same healing properties and benefits to everyone regardless of their zodiac sign. It can be considered a secondary birthstone for November-born individuals.

Proper Care of Red Goldstone

As a glass crystal, red goldstone requires the utmost level of care to avoid damage. When cleaning off any dirt, use a clean cotton ball to wipe off the dirt gently from the stone’s surface. For a deeper cleaning, rinse red goldstone using clean lukewarm water with no detergents. You can also deep clean the stone using a damp cotton cloth. After cleaning, dry the crystal using clean paper towels or soft tissues. Avoid cleaning red goldstone using chemicals or bleach. As an artificial crystal, it is also susceptible to damage through strong chemicals.

Bottom Line

Red goldstone is one of the color varieties of the man-made goldstone originating from Italy. It is a glass crystal that gets its color from the copper inclusions. Though visually appealing, red goldstone is highly common and, as such, not very valuable. Generally, red goldstone makes a perfect addition to your jewelry. However, you can also use it for its amazing health properties and benefits.

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