Red Jade Meaning and Properties

Over a long time, some people believed that gemstones and crystals have powerful energies essential for emotional and physical healing. Different crystals are believed to have and harness a person’s energies, offering unique benefits. People invest in these crystals for various personal reasons, like their beauty. There is more than their beautiful nature. In this article, we consider Red Jade, what it is, and its meanings.

Jade Meaning & History

Jade is a collective word that encompasses various gemstones. Nephrite and Jadeite are the only pure forms of Jade. The history of this gem dates back several centuries when it was used to make weapons and tools because of its toughness. The Aztecs and Mayans had high regard for Jade.

Red Jade Meaning and Properties 1

The term “Jade” is believed to have originated from “Piedra de Tejada”, a Spanish phrase meaning “a stone for the pain inside”. Natives of Central America used to hold Jade beside them, making the Spanish explorers coin the term. The Natives believed that Jade would eliminate ills. In China, it is called “Yu”, meaning “imperial” or “heavenly” and was found where the Shang Kings were buried. It means that the Chinese consider it an imperial gemstone in their culture.

The gem is also involved in New Zealand’s history. Maoris have treasured Jade for many decades and call it “Pounamu”, “New Zealand Jade” or “greenstone”. It is used in Maori tools like fishing hooks, weapons like short clubs, ornaments, and chisels. The New Zealand Jade is commonly Nephrite.

Red Jade Meaning and Properties 2

In Russia, they call it the Russian Jade. It has a spinach-green color and is found around Lake Baikal. Jadeite is rarer compared to Nephrite, making it more precious. The most valuable variety of this stone is even and striking emerald green Jadeite called Imperial Jade.

Geological Properties

As seen above, Jade has only two varieties in its purest form, Jadeite, and Nephrite. Red Jade is a Jadeite. It is a lustrous and hard gem made of sodium aluminum silicate that is usually expensive. Red Jade can have various colors, including leafy green, pink, lavender, greenish-black, white-gray, green, blue-green, emerald green, black, blue, brown or red. Although both have varying compositions, crystal structures, and densities, they are hard, with a similar appearance. They also have identical metaphysical properties.

Red Jade Healing Properties & Benefits


Being a tonic gem, Red Jade Invigorates all the body systems. It also has a potent cleansing power that enhances the elimination and filtration organs of the body. Red Jade is good at treating the spleen, supra-adrenal glands, and kidneys, balancing the fluids and acid-alkaline/water-salt ratios, and removing the toxins in the body.

The crystal has therapeutic properties that allow rebinding of skeletal and cellular systems. It also helps remove the pain associated with self-healing of the body. Red Jade ensures that stitches heal and bind properly. It has been used in diminishing cramps.


Red Jade is a stimulating crystal. We associate the Red Jade with love and being passionate. It lets a person access their inner anger and releases the tension constructively. Red Jade is a dream stone, letting go of the irritability and negative thoughts while soothing the mind.

It helps stabilize the personality, bringing the mind and body in sync to make activities easier to act on and stimulate ideas. It brings insightful dreams when put on the forehead. Jade helps you remember your dreams and eliminates all the suppressed emotions through the process of dreaming.

The Gemstone helps relinquish self-imposed limitations and helps individuals cherish their desires and ideals. Red Jade helps facilitate ambitions and bring your thoughts into reality. It provides self-assurance and confidence, self-sufficiency, and self-assuredness.


Red Jade helps one take decisive action when facing their demons. It gives the user courage necessary to change the aspects, not in tandem with their true spiritual nature and overcome adversity.

In all its forms, Jade represents the nobility of ideals and rank. Wearing it protects you from deceitful or harmful entities and creates magic for the highest good in spiritual work.

Red Jade and Chakra

The crystal stimulates Earthstar and Base Chakras, bringing the Earth element’s energy and the fire element’s aspects together. The root or base chakra is found at the base of the spine. It controls the energy for movement and kinesthetic feeling. The base chakra is the foundation of spiritual and physical energy in the body. When an individual is out of balance physically, the signs manifest as low enthusiasm, reduced activity levels, a need for regular stimulation, and lethargy.

When your spiritual energy is imbalanced, you become distant, disconnected from reality, and feel flighty. If you have a balanced base Chakra, the body gets its stamina and strength back. Your spiritual energy becomes rekindled in the sense and security of your power. Balanced Chakra often results in spontaneous leadership and independence.

Earth Chakra is found slightly below and between your feet. Earth Chakra creates a solid connection with the earth and holds your soul into a carnation. It allows the out-of-balance and excess energy to flow from your body.

How to Use Red Jade for the Best Results?

Red Jade amulets are remarkably powerful and should be worn for protection. It helps a person focus on their energies. When you wear Red Jade as Jewelry, it helps protect your beliefs against doubts while reinforcing your character strength.

Keeping it close to your body gives you courage and strength in challenging times. Red Jade promotes a calm acceptance in a person’s life situation. It gives your relationship harmony and peace. To enhance energy at your office or home, put a piece of the crystal there. It will deliver the energy from the sun, awakening and uplifting its energies. Red Jade is a good crystal for inner peace and meditation. Meditate with it, and you will listen to other people’s communications and get inner peace. When you feel restless, holding the crystal calms your thoughts and emotions. It also increases your understanding of your feelings and determines your thoughts on a particular issue. During meditation using Red Jade, listen to what it tries to convey to you by holding it in your hands.

Zodiac Connection

For people born in spring under the Taurus sign, Jade is their traditional zodiac mineral. Taurus is portrayed as a bull for its powerful but quiet traits and is ruled by planet Venus. Taureans are down to earth, realists and doers. They are very stubborn but affectionate.

It is also the traditional stone for people born in the middle of harvest between 23rd September and 22nd October under the Libra sign. Libra is the only inanimate of all the Zodiac signs, a balance beam. In this month, the length of day and night is equal, and the Sun and Earth are balanced. Librans are artistic, sensitive, respectful, and strong-willed. They have a good relationship with others because they are understanding.

Red Jade vs. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a microcrystalline variety of quartz with big and grainy crystals, while Red Jade is a sodium aluminum silicate and Jadeite variety. You can find Red Jasper worldwide, but we find Red Jade in specific zones. Both are red and have a hardness of about 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale. Red Jasper crystals are opaque and pigmented due to the iron oxide process. Red Jade is usually transparent.

Red Jade is the rarest, meaning it has a higher value than Red Jasper. Both crystals are associated with root/base chakra stimulation. While Red Jade has a Monoclinic crystal structure, Red Jasper crystals have a hexagonal structure.

Red Jade vs. Ruby

Ruby gemstones usually have a blood red to deep pink color. Ruby is a variety of aluminum oxide or corundum. It has traces of chromium in its composition that give it the colors above. Red Jade is deep red. Ruby has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, while Red Jade has a hardness of 6.5-7 on the same scale, making Ruby harder.

Although both are transparent, Ruby may sometimes be translucent. Ruby Gems are brittle in comparison to Red Jade. Red Jade has a monoclinic crystal structure while that of Ruby is trigonal. Both gems stimulate the base chakra.

Red Jade vs. Carnelian

Red Jade is a Jadeite, while Carnelian is a Chalcedony variety. Red Jade’s color is deep red, while the Carnelian is brownish-red. On the Mohs scale, both stones have the same hardness levels of about 6.5-7. While Carnelian is translucent, Red Jade appears transparent. They have different crystal structures, with that of Red Jade being Monoclinic and Carnelian being Trigonal. Although both can stimulate the base chakra, Carnelian also stimulates the Sacral Chakra.

The chemical compositions of the two are different. Red Jade has sodium aluminum silicate, while Carnelian has silicon dioxide. Carnelian is common, unlike Red Jade, that is found in specific places.

Red Jade Value

The properties of this crystal are the ones that influence its value. Because of its rarity, Red Jade may be expensive. The value also depends on the stone’s hue and clarity levels. When searching or purchasing a Red Jade piece, it’s challenging to determine whether it is genuine. Even professionals face this challenge sometimes.

To ensure the quoted price is reasonable, you can send the piece to a legit laboratory for certified details of its mineral and chemical composition. Finer varieties within the market are costlier. The Red Jade’s glossy finish making it transparent can increase its value, especially if it is carved into intricate designs.


Gemstones have long been believed to contain emotional, spiritual, and physical healing powers. Ancient societies used them in their various rituals, like in burials. Red Jade is one such stone. It has different healing powers and can stimulate both the root and earth chakras.

However, you need to understand how Red Jade differs from other gems like Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Ruby. Use Red Jade during meditation and get inner peace. Do you want more energy at your home or in your office, place a Crystal of Red Jade in there.

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