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How does sodalite become red?

It is prudent to understand that sodalite does not turn red, but it is hackmanite that turns red in various circumstances. Hackmanite is a sodalite variation and turns red due to its unique tenebrescence trait. Tenebrescence is a special ability characterized by several minerals that change their color upon exposure to sunlight.

This process is reversible if the mineral is exposed to UV light. Looking at hackmanite, the stone can turn from purple or red to greyish pale.

What is hackmanite?

It is a rare type of sodalite that exhibits tenebrescence and is rich in sulfur, unlike the typical sodalite. Hackmanite was discovered in 1896 in Greenland by Boergstroem, even though its name was coined from Victor Axel Hackman. Despite the discovery back in 1896, about 100 years later is when a gem-quality stone was found in Canada.

In its natural environment, hackmanite is pale purple/red but changes to grayish color upon exposure to sunlight. Its natural red color returns when placed in darkness or exposed to ultraviolet light. The process seems fast initially, but it will take weeks for the hackmanite to regain the original color. Tenebrescence can happen over and over, but when heat is introduced, the process is never possible again.

The tenebrescence color of a hackmanite stone could be deep purple or light red. Even though most hackmanite deposits are opaque, there are high-quality forms that exhibit some degree of transparency.

Identifying Hackmanite

Hackmanite falls in the group of feldspathoid minerals. They are a group of unique tectosilicates that resemble feldspars. Feldspathoids, however, consist of a lower silica composition and a different structure from feldspars. Hackmanite has a hardness of 6 Mohs with a low density. Its density makes it among the least dense gems you will ever encounter.

Most deposits are opaque, but the high-quality deposits could be translucent and some transparent. Hackmanite can be easily distinguished from sodalite by the color change effect and presence of sulfur.

Hackmanite Healing Properties and Benefits

Hackmanite is ideal for its healing properties. It contains several beneficial healing properties that could heal your physical body and give you better health. Its vibration helps people with addictions to stuff such as substances, and you will not feel like overdoing the substance anymore.

Hackmanite healing energy boosts your immune system and works on your lymphatic system. It also works on your blood pressure and helps individuals sleep better. Hackmanite also assists with health conditions in the throat chakra in the vocal cords and larynx. The stone is purported to assist in panic attacks and healing itching muscles.

Hackmanite could help enhance your self-esteem whenever you experience negative emotions. It will help you when you feel rejected or neglected by other people.

Hackmanite: Care and Cleaning

Hackmanite is softer than most gemstones meaning you need to handle it with care. Clean the stone using mild detergent or soap and warm water. Rinse the rock perfectly and avoid leaving any soapy residue on it. Avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals on the gemstone or exposing it to extreme heat.

Heating the stone could lead to loss of the tenebrescence. Remove the hackmanite jewelry anytime you are participating in a tedious and vigorous physical activity such as exercising, doing strenuous household chores, or playing sports. Store hackmanite away from other jewelry and gems. In fact, consider wrapping it in a soft cloth or storing it in a jewelry box.


Sodalite is a member of the sodalite group with hauyne, nosean, lazurite, and tugtupite.

Discovered back in 1957, Tugtupite was named after the place it first appeared in Greenland in Tugtup agtakorfia. Initially, it was called beryllium sodalite because of its resemblance to sodalite. The stone is scarce since it occurs in only three places worldwide. Only Greenland produces it in significant amounts of these three places where you can find tugtupite. The other places where you can see this stone are Canada and Russia.

Tugtupite also bears tenebrescence, and its color could vary from pale red to white to rare light blue to saturated red. Today tugtupite is majorly used as gemstone because of its rarity. The highest quality tugtupite stones remain dark red for several weeks but then fade to light red.

How to use tugtupite for the best results

The stone helps relieve stress in your mind and keep you focused. Tugtupite also treats depression and other mental issues and soothes your nerves. The stone will also help fill your heart with joy and love. Like other stones, tugtupite is ideal for meditation in a silent environment.

The stone could easily be the bridge between your metaphysical world and you. It will help you attract energies of wisdom and love to help you grow as an individual. Keep the stone near your heart, like in your breast pocket, to infuse its energies. It allows the stone to have a direct influence on your heart. You could even have it as a pendant to close down the distance to your heart.

Tugtupite and Chakra

Also regarded as a stone of love, tugtupite is known to resonate with the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra. Using this natural crystal opens up both chakras. It intensifies and heightens your love feelings and romance, passion, and fertility. This stone brings love to the beholder in all the love variations you know.

Some people find it a little unpleasant since it will encompass both negative and positive feelings connected with the love emotion. Strong sentiments of sorrow and grief from the past could open up your heart. The emotions can be released with time, and you will make impressive spiritual growth.

Caring for Tugtupite Gemstones

Tugtupite is a precious stone that needs lots of care in terms of storage. Consider keeping it separate from other hard stones such as topaz or quartz, as this could result in scratches. When cleaning, ensure you use mild detergent, a soft brush, and warm water. Do not clean the stone mechanically as this could damage it or even wear down its healing properties and benefits. If you are unsure how you can clean and store this gemstone, you can always consult experts for recommendations.

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