Roble Wood Jewelry and Fashion

The roble tree scientifically known as (Tabebuia rosea) is a neotropical, perennial tree. The Spanish name Roble de Sabana meaning “savannah oak” is widely used in Costa Rica, probably because it often remains in heavily deforested areas where people prize its intense flowering periods, and because of the resemblance of its wood with the oak wood. It is also known as the golden shower tree, Mayflower, Apamate, Rosy Trumpet Tree and Pink poui.

The roble is a fast growing, deciduous, tropical shade trees species. It is one of the most beautiful, and colorful fast-growing flowering trees worldwide. For the first two years its leaves are pinkish-red, the leaves turn green, and pink flowers begin to form in cascading bunches. When blooming, the tree sheds all its leaves. The roble tree produces intense clusters of large, beautiful purple, pink, lilac and nearly white funnel-shaped flowers in winter and spring. These trees are very popular as ornaments in gardens, parks and streets.

The timber of the roble tree is excellent and it is used for furniture, boats, jewelry beads, etc. These trees are quite resistant to drought, pests and diseases. Inner bark and leaves of the roble tree have medical benefits: tea (called lapacho or taheebo) is used to reduce fever, also for decongestant and antibacterial purposes.

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