Ruby Fuchsite Meaning and Properties

Ruby Fuchsite is a combination stone from southern India. It comprises Ruby (red corundum, an aluminum oxide) and green Fuchsite (a form of mica, chromium oxide mineral). Blue Kyanite is sometimes also present within this combination stone.

The frequency of Ruby Fuchsite connects to the base and heart chakras. It allows one to feel safe and secure physically and emotionally, awakening one’s heart chakra and emotions so that one has the courage to follow “one’s heart’s desires”.

Ruby in Fuchsite helps one to acknowledge and release deeply held emotions concerning issues of safety and security within one’s life and how one connects to the outside world, helping one have the courage to do what one needs to do.

The energy of Ruby Fuchsite supports and aids one’s physical well-being and helps to nurture one’s emotions so that one feels emotionally balanced and supported.

Associated Chakras

  • Base Root
  • Heart

Physical Ailment

  • Physical Wellbeing

Emotional Issue

  • Courage
  • Emotional Balance
  • Security
  • Support

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