Scorpio birthstones

BirthstonesAquamarine (Main), Beryl (Alternate), Obsidian(Alternate), Apache tear(Alternate), Hematite(Hindu), Garnet (Planetary), Ruby (Planetary), Jasper (Planetary), Amethyst (Talismanic)
Keywords“I desire”
Color(s)Black, Red
Lucky Number2 and 4

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the Zodiac, brings us the demons and doves of the world.

Scorpio’s mantra is I desire. This is often the most feared sign of the Zodiac and has the greatest potential for evil (or good).

Scorpio’s not only “desire”, but desire control above all else. This can lead to obsession and jealousy. Scorpio’s are the most intense sign in the zodiac. When they want something, nothing! I mean nothing stops them. If it happens to be a person, they are perfectly capable of stalking that person, being insanely jealous and vengeful.

Scorpio is also an intensely sexual sign, but not in the manner of Sagitarrius. Scorpio desires to bond with one person and therefore, while they may occasionally stray physically, their hearts do not. This sign is said to be the sign who can best deal with celibacy. If they can’t have who they want, they won’t have anyone.

Scorpio’s make great investigators. They just keep coming, keep peeling away the layers until they get to the truth and heart of the matter. While they are interested in what makes others tick, they are the most secretive of all the signs. No one ever really knows what goes on in their minds.

Scary? Yeah. But Scorpios can turn that intensity and obsession toward doing great good as well. These Scorpios are known as “doves”. Scorpio is a water sign, therefore very emotional (still waters run deep). Therefore, they can make brilliant doctors and leaders of the masses, turning that intensity to making the world a better place.

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