Shiva Lingam Meaning and Properties

Shiva Lingam is composed of a silicon dioxide mineral, cryptocrystalline Quartz with impurities. They originate at the holy site of the Narmada river at Onkar Mandhata in western India. They are characterized by their elongated “egg-shaped” polished (by hand in the river) appearance and are grey/tan colored with reddish/brown markings that can be spots, stripes, rings, or swirls.

The shape of Shiva Lingam is thought to represent the male aspect of creation, and the markings the female aspect of creation. Together representing the “whole” and unification. These stones can be thought of as “Spiritual Talismen”.

The frequency of Shiva Lingam connects to all of the physical and transpersonal chakras.

These tactile stones can activate and energize the whole chakra system and can activate the Kundalini energies, thus increasing vitality and one’s “Pranic” energy and aiding one in connecting to the “group consciousness” of the Universe.

Associated Chakras

  • All The Chakras

Physical Ailment

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical Vitality

Emotional Issue

  • Separation of One Being

Spiritual Connection

  • Group Consciousness
  • Unification
  • Wholeness

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