Sieber Agate Meaning and Properties

Sieber Agate is not a natural form of Agate but a vitreous by-product of copper smelting. It is characterized by swirls of pale grey-green/blue within a deeper blue/grey base, which is reminiscent of the swirling patterns found in natural Agates. It is believed to date from a time about 600 years ago and is found in an area of Germany close to the river Sieber. These details have been combined to give the name Sieber Agate.

The frequency of Sieber Agate connects to the base and third eye chakras, it helps one to ‘go within’ to seek a greater understanding of oneself and for clarity of deeper issues.

It allows one to have a feeling of greater security within one’s life and to help make sense of any issues one is having in one’s life at a given time. This in turn can help with one’s ‘self-mastery’ as a deeper understanding of oneself will aid in any decision-making one needs to do for one’s growth.

Associated Chakras

  • Base Root
  • Third Eye

Emotional Issue

  • Self – Understanding

Spiritual Connection

  • Self Mastery

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