Spider Web Obsidian Meaning and Properties

Spider Web Obsidian is the name given to a type of Obsidian, an amorphous volcanic rock, from Mexico. This unusually marked form of Obsidian is dark blue/grey in color with intricate characteristic “spider web” type patterns and markings in a lighter grey/green/blue color.

The frequency of Spider Web Obsidian connects to the third eye chakra, stimulating this chakra and aiding one’s insight and inner vision. It helps one to “see the bigger picture” and gently holds and supports one energetically so that one may have clarity and a knowing as to that which is in one’s highest good.

The protective and supportive energy of Spider Web Obsidian helps one to “see” and understand the rights and wrongs concerning issues within one’s life, supporting one to “go within” to receive guidance from one’s soul. It allows one to face deeply held emotions and to gently release those that are not serving one.

This unusual form of Obsidian supports one energetically so that one can have confidence in oneself and understand what one needs to do in one’s life, and helps to ground this energy in the third dimension so that one is able to move forward.

Associated Chakras

  • Third Eye

Emotional Issue

  • Emotional Release

Spiritual Connection

  • Inner Vision
  • Insight
  • Souls Guidance

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