Spinel is a magnesium aluminum oxide. The color range is red, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black, or colorless. The color changes according to the different included minerals.

Spinel was usually associated with Rubies, due to the fact that large red Spinel was found in the same mines that Rubies were mined at. Since they had the same characteristics and practically looked the same to the naked eye, they were often believed to be Rubies. Many Spinels were worn by kings and queens throughout history and even are included on many priceless royal artifacts such as the Black Prince’s Ruby, the 170-carat red Spinel that is set in the Imperial State Crown of England and a Spinel is also part of some of the British Crown Jewels. Henry V even wore Spinel as part of a battle helmet.

Besides red, Spinel comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors including greens, blues, purples, orange, pink, and a very prized hot pink. Spinel is associated with many other gemstones including tourmaline and garnets. 

Today, you can find Spinel which is synthetic and usually created from synthetic Corundum. However, natural Spinel is definitely worth the price due to its natural beauty, rarity, and wonderful attributes.

Spinel: Meanings, Benefits and Properties

The frequency of Spinel connects to all of the chakras, depending on the color resonance. It stimulates the chakras and energizes one’s energy fields, allowing for the revitalization of depleted or stagnant energy on all levels.

The energy of this crystal is supportive and aids one to overcome a feeling of stress by helping one to relax and “let go” of worry so that one becomes calm and centered. It helps one to keep focused and to reach life’s goals.

The following properties are more specific to the various colors:

  • Colorless Spinel helps to re-energize one’s energetic fields and the whole chakra system.
  • Blue Spinel stimulates the third eye chakra so that one can be mentally focused and helps with one’s psychic abilities.
  • Green Spinel connects to the heart chakra and helps with Emotional Issues allowing one to feel compassion, love, and forgiveness for oneself and others.
  • Yellow Spinel connects to the solar plexus chakra helping one remain mentally focused and aiding in manifesting abundance on all levels.
  • Orange Spinel connects to the sacral chakra stimulating creative and sexual energies.
  • Red Spinel stimulates the base chakra so that one has strength and vitality.
  • Brown Spinel connects to the Earth Star and allows one to be grounded and protected. It helps to dispel negative energies, attachments, or entities from one’s Etheric body. It reflects any negative energy from its original source.
  • Black Spinel connects to the base and Earth Star chakras grounding high vibrational energy into one’s physical vehicle and to the magnetic core of the Earth. It helps one to acknowledge and release deeply held emotional patterns such as grief and anger.

Associated Chakras

  • All The Chakras

Physical Ailment

  • Cleansing – Energetic

Emotional Issue

  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Stress

Spiritual Connection

  • Psychic Ability

How and where is Spinel formed and found?

Spinel is generally considered to be a very rare gemstone. While you might find it at every jewelry counter in America, most Spinel that is sold commercially is usually a synthetic mineral, mostly Corundum.

Spinel is similar to a few other minerals in composition, specifically Garnets, and Tourmaline. All these minerals are usually made with magnesium, iron, chromium, and other trace elements. Spinel is usually found in non-silica rock in alluvial or eluvia deposits. Most Spinel is formed due to intense heat from volcanic activity or hydrothermal underwater streams.

Spinel can be found in Burma, now Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and part of the former Soviet Union Tadzhikistan. Usually, red Spinel comes from specifically Myanmar, which is also one of the most popular mining locations for Rubies.

Spinel is extremely hard with a score of 8 on Moh’s hardness scale and will stand up to normal wear and tear. 

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