Super Seven Crystal

Super Seven is a combination crystal that is composed of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrosite, Quartz (clear), Smokey Quartz, and Rutile. The energies of the “7” synergize and are present throughout the crystalline matrix formations. The color range includes purple, gold, brown, and clear with “flecks” of the included minerals.

The frequency of Super Seven connects to all of the chakras. It opens, cleanses, activates, and balances the chakras and balances and aligns one’s energy fields thus allowing high vibrational energy to flow unhindered through one’s being.

The energy of Super Seven helps one to raise one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions so that one connects to the “group consciousness” and to the “Universal consciousness”. It enhances one’s psychic abilities, opening an “energetic channel” so that one may receive help and guidance from higher dimensional beings to aid one with one’s own life’s path and that of Mother Earth.

The following individual crystal energies synergize making Super Seven unique:

  • Amethyst energy connects one to the Divine. It allows one to connect to the higher dimensions to bring forth knowledge and wisdom so that one can move forward on one’s path. It helps to enhance one’s psychic abilities.
  • Cacoxenite energy allows for the alignment of one’s personal will with Divine will. This allows one to consciously connect to the higher dimensions for help and guidance.
  • Goethite energy allows one to be open to receive information on one’s past and that of Mother Earth. It helps one to feel the connection with the Universe and to ground that energy in the third dimension.
  • Lepidocrosite energy helps to balance one’s emotions. It allows one to connect to the energy of Divine Love.
  • Quartz energy helps to enhance and amplify the energies of the other crystals. Its energy helps to clear, cleanse, balance, and activate all of one’s energy fields, allowing for healing on all levels of one’s being.
  • Rutile energy helps to accelerate and amplify the energies of the other crystals present within Super Seven. It helps to expand one’s consciousness and with grounding high vibrational energy into one’s energy fields and Mother Earth.
  • Smokey Quartz energy grounds higher vibrational energy into the third dimension and Mother Earth. It helps to purify and protect one’s energy fields from negativity.

Associated Chakras

  • All The Chakras

Physical Ailment

  • Balance and Stability
  • Health and Wellbeing

Emotional Issue

  • Emotional Support

Spiritual Connection

  • Connection to the Divine
  • Earth Healing
  • Intuition
  • Psychic Ability

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