Taurus birthstones

BirthstonesSapphire(Main), Amber & Rose quartz (Alternate), Rose quartz (Hindu), Aventurine & Emerald (Planetary), Garnet (Talismanic)
Keywords“I have”
Color(s)White (Hindu), Mauve/Pink (Western)
Lucky Number6

Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, is the money sign.

Taureans, ruled by fair Venus, love all things beautiful. They are sensuous creatures and love to own things of beauty, taste delicious things, feel soft things. They often become collectors. Taureans usually have a nice singing voice and good artistic sense.

Sometimes people see Taureans as lazy. Think of the Bull. The gentle bull in the field masks enormous energy and rage when provoked.

Taureans are usually successful, too. Why? Perseverance, dependability, and tenacity. They won’t be pushed and they don’t give up. (Plus they love money).

Taureans can be stubborn, stingy beyond belief, envious, and jealous. Taureans must avoid violent situations where love/money is involved. Even-tempered, sensible, emotional, successful, practical, sensuous, home-lover, and devoted to their loved ones. Sounds like the perfect mate? Generally, they are (just don’t take their money!)

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