Titanium Aura Danburite Meaning and Properties

Titanium Aura Danburite is as the name suggests Danburite that has been specially treated with vaporized Titanium and other trace metals that produce the colorful Titanium Aura effects with stunning magenta, turquoise, teal green, and gold colored hues.

The frequency of Titanium Aura Danburite connects to the third eye, crown, and upper transpersonal chakras stimulating and energizing them and thus raising one’s energetic vibrations to a higher level. This in turn opens one’s consciousness to higher vibrational impulses so that one can feel the pleasure of living one’s life with an enlightened awareness bringing joyfulness into one’s life’s experiences and seeing the wonder in the world.

The synergistic effects of this crystal offer one a high and pure energy that aids one in achieving one’s goals to be more open, loving accepting, and helpful to others and to only resonate with positivity.

The combined energies of this crystal can offer the uplifting and energizing effects of the Titanium Aura along with the tranquility that comes from the angelic realm through the Danburite. These may seem like opposites however they seem to blend perfectly making this a crystal that is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside with its stunning colorful hues and internal radiance.

Associated Chakras

  • Third Eye
  • Crown
  • Casual Vortex
  • Soul Star
  • Stellar Gateway

Emotional Issue

  • Joy – Emotional

Spiritual Connection

  • Connection to Angelic Realm
  • Joyfulness

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