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The symbolism of the Tree of Life is common across a wide variety of cultures that span the globe. Despite this, it’s most typically depicted using a large tree with its branches and roots reaching high and low spreading out to form a circle. The symbol itself has a wide variety of religious meanings that are interpreted. However, the tree of Life has some universal representations regardless of the form we find it in and what part of the world depicts it.

Meaning of the Tree Of Life Symbol


The primary symbolism of the Tree of Life is the show of how everything is interconnected. It’s telling us we are all dependent on the world and we cannot exist in a vacuum. The circular nature of the symbol represents the earth and everything on it.


Trees have traditionally been symbols of stability when symbolizing a tree with their roots and branches showing strength as the roots are reaching into the ground, stabilizing such a large tree. The country also shows they need patience for you to grow from a vulnerable young family into a mature tree.


The trees are also the traditional sign of strength so when using the symbol of the Tree of Life it shows us that despite the most harrowing circumstances we can encounter in our lives we are still strong the ability to survive is found within ourselves. Another time that shows us we need to remain strong for everyone around us and use this little symbol and give us the strength we need at the most negative times of our lives. Tree of Life can help keep you focused and anchored in the present.


By wearing a tree of life symbol you can show that you’re proud of your personal growth and development that you are an individual and that your uniqueness is important to you. Because every branch on every roof in the tree is different as it grows stronger or you learn more about yourself became wisdom, knowledge, and strength to your experiences.


Every part of a tree is unique from its leaves to the tip of its roots they all have their own different characteristics and if you study them although they may look alike on the surface no two trees are no two parts of a tree are exactly alike. As trees grow older like humans, they become more weathered they also gain character and beauty making them more individual.


The tree of life is also a symbol of uniqueness showing each branch pointing in completely different directions. It shows you that no matter what path you take in life and can lead to personal growth and that your experiences will shape you into who you are today.


In many cultures, trees are a representation of the afterlife they show our connection between heaven and the earth. This is true in Celtic culture, where their druids communicated with trees as they believe they created direct links that are ancestors. Trees for the gateway to the Celtic afterlife and to this day the tree of Life runs sacred in Celtic culture.


Although many trees lose their leaves annually and for all intents and purposes look dead in the right conditions, beautiful leaves can sprout again and the tree returns to life. These trees are symbols of rebirth and how are used to help people turn over a new leaf, get a fresh start and survive even the hardest times.

Fertility and Family

As you mentioned previously, trees have common symbols of connection, especially to our ancestors and our family. The family tree is used to symbolize the different links between people and the generations of their families. The tree of life is also a symbol of fertility showing how a seed can grow into something and eventually a lush tree, all of which are the signs of Vitality and fertility.

Peace and relaxation

For anyone who’s ever spent some time sitting in the shade of a large tree, its strength helps you relax and feel a piece. It’s a sense that you rare to get from any other living thing the tree of Life is calm and rarely gets flustered, remaining peaceful while continuing to nourish and give.

History of the Tree Of Life Symbol

Christian references

One of the earliest references to the tree of Life is in the Bible, in the garden of Eden Adam and Eve are forbidden to eat the fruit of a specific tree. We know this tree as the tree of eternal life(The tree of life). This famous story is central to the Tree of Life symbol representing wisdom and god’s love. That it appears in the closing and opening chapters of the Bible helps show the importance of the Tree of Life, meaning it appears in genesis and in revelation, linking the tree of Life symbol to both the knowledge of evil and of good. It symbolizes all the god of Christianity has a life-giving presence, and how to tree of Life symbol stands eternal for those of the Christian faith.

Celtic Culture

As we mentioned previously, the tree of Life symbol held huge significance in ancient Celtic culture as it symbolized the different forces of nature that when they come together in perfect harmony are vital to maintaining balance in the universe. Trees were always Central to culture as they believed they were the reincarnation of their ancestors. They believed the tree of life and other culture and mythology to possess special powers.

Whenever the ancient comes from the new settlement they planted a tree in the middle of it symbolizing the tree of Life. They held all important ceremonies under the street they provided food and shelter and were even home to wildlife. Without tree life would be extremely difficult. Outside it, a connection to grand sisters and the spirit world they even believed that they formed gateways to other worlds in the vast majority of circumstances the tree of life was an oak tree, and in the culture Oak was known as a “Daur” believe to be the gateway to the fairy world or a door.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian texts refer to the tree of Life as the plant that comes from God and you and that he provided the seed and the mound that the tree of Life grew from its branches grew to support the planet and the stars of the sky where its roots provided access to the watery abyss and to another world. Ancient Egyptian culture was unduly linked to the tree of Life symbol. it also links the tree of life to another important story in the Egyptian universe. It’s a connection to The God Hu and something inextricably linked to the tree of life to Resurrection and life, it’s also represented as the fleur-de-lis and life that shows they linked its connection to The God Hu through sacred lotus lilies. The tree they also linked it to the God Ra, it believed that the fruit from the street could provide you with eternal life.

African Culture

The tree of Life’s meaning is also an icon trust the African continent, and it’s best symbolized by what’s known as The baobab tree, which is Central to many traditional African folklore stories and remedies. They teach the baobab tree predates the spitting of the continents and even humanity going back over 200 million years. Most commonly found on the African Savanna native to its dry climate, it symbolizes life and candy shows that even in the harshest of landscapes where nothing else appears to thrive, the tree of Life can.

The baobab is the tree of Life is adaptable even in the worst environments it can store water and its large trunk enables it to produce even in the driest seasons of fruit that is dense and nutrients when everything around us is barrenly leaving us to its link to the tree of Life symbol. This tree of life meaning is famous across over 30 countries in Africa the tree itself has a huge 50m circumference and grows up to 30m in height the oldest living Baba trees have been dated to 5,000 years old its symbolism and disability provide for humans and animals a source of water and food and shelter is the major reason is so famous.


They use the tree of Life symbol of the Buddhist religion, literature, and art showing humanity’s interconnectedness with the universe. The tree of Life is meant to symbolize how we are connected to everything that surrounds us and to let people know that is extra quickly intertwined with the health and happiness of all living things and every protect this we ensure our own happiness and health. In Buddhism, they symbolize the tree of life through its three defining features:

Leaves on the tree of life symbolize our uniqueness and how every creature on earth is different we’re all different textures, colors, and shapes but the tree of life is there as a reminder that we need to coexist peacefully

The meaning of the Tree of Life and its branches reaching outwards and upwards is a representation of only outlets that we as humans have, including our spirituality, science, and the arts. In this way, the tree of Life symbol or shows its potential to expand our horizons and improve The Human condition through action and compassion.

The trunk and roots of the tree symbolize the fact that our survival as a race is angered by the health of our environment. Our strength depends on the earth and we should never forget that without our roots and where we come from we can never find our path in life.

Turkish Culture

The tree of Life’s meaning and symbol has long been Central to both middle Eastern and Turkish mythology. It symbolizes development growth and rebirth for all turkey people. They can also find the tree of life meaning in Turkish shamanism. The tree itself acts as a ladder, allowing shamans to both descend and ascend from the underworld to the spirit world. The sacred tree’s wood has long been used to form these Shaman’s drums and as a result, is sacred as it’s used in both sacred and ritual rights. The most likely tree that is at the root of the tree of Life meaning is the beach tree as it has been Central to the culture and has long been worshiped right in recent times. As recent as the 17th-century books written by a famous Ottoman travel writer talk about people in the northern Caucasus regions still believing in the tree’s strength of Life. Honest travels he noted that at least once a year people of the area would like candles and gather around the tree to perform rituals. We believe the tree to have sprouted from a tuba branch God presented Alexander by sending him the angel Gabriel. The tribe in question where the Nagay tribe and although they are devout Muslims, they still continued these fascinating customs.

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