Why is tungsten used in jewelry?

Tungsten is becoming much more popular in jewellery making. Its density, similar to that of gold, allows tungsten to be used in jewelry as an alternative to gold or platinum.

Unlike rings made of traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, tungsten is extremely hard and scratch resistance, which are making them popular as wedding rings. People with allergies to gold can wear tungsten jewelry. Tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands will not show flaws, and are the most wear-resistant rings you can buy.

Can tungsten rings break?

A tungsten ring can break or crack when is dropped on a hard surface. Tungsten rings are made from the hardest metal on the earth and instead of bending like a gold, platinum or silver ring, a tungsten ring will break.

Can tungsten rings be resized?

No, you can’t resize a tungsten ring. The simple reason is that, tungsten is too hard to cut with any conventional jeweler’s tool. Tungsten rings run approximately half size larger than traditional metals.

How do you remove a tungsten ring in case of emergency?

Extremely hard materials like tungsten carbide rings will need to be cracked-off, rather than cut off. They can be safely removed in case of an emergency, using a pair of vice grips. Clamp vise grip pliers loosely on the ring and tighten slowly until you hear a crack.

What is tungsten carbide made from?

Tungsten is a kind of metal that gets integrated with other synthetic materials to make an alloy; called tungsten carbide. By mixing the metals, this allows the material to become harder as well as more rust resistant than just having tungsten alone. The alloying process is very similar to the process in which was turned into steel. The Tungsten carbide has been used previously in mechanical as well as industrial applications for a long time. In recent years, it has got new life for the longest and lasting jewelry piece material that is known to man. The manufacturing process of the tungsten ring is described below.

Tungsten Rings is mixed into other metals like niobium, titanium, chromium and nickel. In fact the tungsten itself ever melts and combines with such other metals. When tungsten gets such a very high melting temperature, this can only then be heated highly enough for “sintering”, and adhere or bond it, to another metals. When the nickel gets within this mixture then it is referred as a “binder”, so it helps within its bonding process. Then the mechanical as well as industrial applications and almost the binders for the tungsten mixed carbide is the cobalt, when this is almost used only by reputing jewelry manufacturers so it causes the oxidation. In this reason the tungsten mixed with carbide has also been sintered for a ring gap, after that the cutting as well as shaping begins.

The Tungsten carbide has a great hardness of the material being worked likely for all other ways of metals that is used in every jewelry industry as well as cannot always be welded or soldered and bent. The main way to give the shape to a ring means to start from a rough-cut part of it, as well as begins using the heavy industrial based machining, like lathe work as well as hand polishing or creating these very pieces of tungsten jewelry. It means that every interior of this ring get made from round shape, instead of flatting traditionally the interior. Another kind of jewelry is made from flat interiors allowing the stretching and the swaging to the ring while making a new shape more easily.

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