The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types

Are you having a problem choosing the perfect necklace chain to purchase? We know it can a daunting task as there are plenty of choices to select from. Narrowing down to two or one option can be the most challenging task, but it should be easy if you already know what you are looking for. You should determine why you want to purchase the necklace and how you would want it to appear aesthetically.

Understand that some chains are pendant chains while others are perfect on their own. Some necklaces are ideal for women, while others are made for men. Here is a listing of the most common and quality chains with more information about them.


Anchor / Gucci / Mariner chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 1

It is a unique chain inspired fancied by many. The necklace is known as the anchor chain due to the similarity with the anchor chains. This is a splendid choice of necklace for sea lovers. If you are also looking for a strong necklace chain, this sturdy chain will serve you well. The chain bears interlocking ovals and a bar across the middle of every oval piece, giving the necklace a distinct appearance.

The necklace can be found in diverse widths, with the thicker necklaces being popular in men. Women fancy delicate and smaller widths chains.


Ball / bead/ pelline chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 2

This chain comes with tiny beads linked together to make a colorful necklace. These balls can be closely packed together or leave some small spaces to allow for movement. Bead chains are mainly used with dog tags and appear glamorous as you wind down the street. As a stand-alone accessory, ball chains will not bring out all the elegance; instead, they are perfect when used with pendants.


Box / Square Link / Briolette / Venetian Link chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 3

The chain contains square links connected to create a smooth chain. Box chains are pretty famous and are rocked by both women and men. These chains come in different widths, with the wider ones being more common in men. The necklace chains are pretty strong. They come in different lengths so you can choose which suits your outfit best.


Cable Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 4

Cable chains are basic necklaces and resemble the typical iron chains. These chains have been used for various functions, such as creating delicate and alluring jewelry and anchoring ships. The chain consists of identical oval links interconnected to build an impressive piece of jewelry. The delicate cable necklaces are not appealing, but they look stunning when complemented by an alluring pendant.

You can quickly fix a misshapen link since these chains are not that complex.


Curb / Cuban Link / Gourmette Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 5

The Gourmette chain is a timeless design necklace that consists of uniform interconnected links to form a phenomenal piece of jewelry. The links will lay flat, with one end seemingly laid on top of the following link. Cuban link chains are a top priority for most men as they have the masculine touch due to the heavy and chunky aspect. However, smaller and thinner pieces augur well with women and can quickly go well with pendants.


Figaro Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 6

This necklace chain appears simple but fancier than other chains like cable chains. The necklace chains originate in Italy and bear an alternating pattern of flat links appearing in diverse sizes. Its design involves a long link followed closely by three or two shorter links. Figaro chain is gender-neutral and is made of thick wire. The chain can easily be fixed when a link is broken.


Rope Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 7

This is one of the stunning chain types you will ever come across. The rope chain contains several meta segments and a twisting pattern that resembles an actual rope. This necklace chain is fancied by many all around the world. Rope chains are one of the heaviest, most durable, and most textural chains and go well with pendants. However, the larger chains can be rocked without a pendant as they are statement chains on their own.


Singapore Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 8

It is a durable and robust design consisting of interlinked segments. When stretched out, the piece appears sensational and moves smoothly like liquid touch. These chains are perfect for pendants as they are pretty strong. The sleek and classic necklace can be worn every day with an exciting choice of pendants.


Snake / Brazilian / Round Maille / Hexagon / Star Weave Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 9

You can already guess where this chain acquired its name. The necklace resembles a snake’s body and also moves flexibly, just like a snake. It consists of a connected series of small plates, rings, or bands tightly compacted to produce a magnificent and smooth chain. The rings are not easily visible as they are knit together very closely.

These necklaces are stunning though delicate. They are easily cleaned and maintained. Snake chains can complement your everyday looks.


Spiga / Palm / Wheat Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 10

These necklaces consist of twisted oval links plaited together to face one direction. This creates a spectacular and symmetrical chain. The necklace looks like metallic fibers bumping into each other, curating an alluring textural appearance. The chain appears like the wheat stalks tips, which is where it acquired its name. It is also very sturdy and durable, bearing a timeless and classic look.


Byzantine / Birdcage / King’s Braid / Idiot’s Delight Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 11

Byzantine boasts of intriguing designs in the necklace’s world. The links used to make these chains intermingle to form an intricate pattern. Its texture resembles the rope-style chains. The byzantine necklace is quite flexible and makes a beautiful compliment to your dressing code.


Belcher / Rolo Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 12

Belcher chain is a hot cake among jewelers. The necklace chain is made using various alloys and sizes. The chain consists of wide D-shaped links interlinked to produce stunning jewelry pieces.


Diamond Cut Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 13

The diamond-cut chain style resembles the rope chain. It looks expensive due to the shiny glare produced by the sharply cut edges of the chain.


Herringbone Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 14

This necklace chain is best worn alone with no pendants. That is because it is a statement chain on its own. It bears intertwined thin flat links. These links are then slightly bent to give the chain a herringbone look. However, the chains are very fragile as they can easily kink.


Round Link Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 15

This chain is made of soldered round links connected to each other to create appealing jewelry pieces.


Flat Link Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 16

It is a basic link chain loved by women. It can also be worn by men and contains soldered flat round links.


Twisted Curb Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 17

These necklace chains are among the most elegant pieces of jewelry. They are made up of twisted gourmet links.


Infinity / Figure of Eight Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 18

This chain contains flat oval links interconnected to 8-shaped or infinity-shaped links to produce a perfect necklace.


Foxtail Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 19

This chain contains a loop link chain that has two rows of oval links. In the middle of the necklace are flat interconnected rings that connect these links together. Each row is at 45-degrees from the other, and they are directly opposite each other. They create a woven effect and appear like the hair found on a fox’s tail.


Saturn / Satellite Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 20

This necklace chain has round links that are interspersed with beads. Usually, this necklace will be used for rosary necklaces and bracelets.


Cardano / Boston Link Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 21

This stunning chain looks simple but bears an elegant finish. It is a brazed link chain with rectangular decorative links that give it a breathtaking appearance.


Franco Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 22

Franco necklaces are pretty popular because of their sturdy, flexible and resilient design. The chain is a variant of the Wheat/Spiga/Palm chain and has V-shaped links that are intertwined. It originated in Italy and comes in various widths. Franco chain can support pendants, and it is fancied by rap music artists.


Bamboo Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 23

This link chain has cylindrical links that are interconnected in a row with round beads in between them.


Cobra Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 24

An impressive necklace chain cut or hammered flat into a necklace bearing flat triangular links.


Figarucci Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 25

Figarucci chain falls among the anchor chain members but has twisted oval links that are flattened. Each link has a vertical bar found in the middle like the anchor chain.


Trace Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 26

Trace chain is among the impeccable necklaces you will come across. It is a delicate and refined link chain containing tiny links of around 2.5 mm.


Parallel / Double Link Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 27

This parallel chain contains a basic link chain that bears double links. The double links are responsible for the alluring appearance of this necklace.


Enlongated Link Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 28

This necklace chain contains enlongated links rather than round links, but it is a standard round link necklace. It makes the necklace piece have an open and light effect.


Nugget / Twisted Serpentine / Tinsel Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 29

Being a serpentine chain, this necklace bears hammered and soldered links that seem to have collapsing-shaped links resembling. These links are also twisted to make a gold nugget appearance.


Prince of Wales Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 30

This necklace consists of tiny round links which are interconnected with the other four links. The result appears like a rope and bears a sturdy feel due to the massive interlinking.


San Marco Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 31

This necklace has rounded and quite long links that resemble macaroni. The links stay side by side at an acute angle of 45 degrees.


Omega Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 32

It is a wide chain with small round plates seemingly placed next to one another. Omega is fancied by many since it is pretty strong and has a reflective effect like a mirror. The necklace is not entirely round but like a hemisphere round and bears an underlying mesh to keep the plates intact.


Coreana / Popcorn Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 33

The popcorn chain originated in Italy and acquired its name from popcorn since it is soft, light, and delicate. The chain is very comfortable to rock because of its physical properties. The chain bears concave-shaped links distributed evenly on every row.


Cascade Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 34

It is an impressive chain with two round wires or ropes intertwined to create a masterpiece of jewelry.


Serpentine Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 35

It is a unique necklace chain with hammered ‘s’ shaped links. These links seem to overlap one another horizontally.


Milano Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 36

Milano chain is among the perplexing necklaces you will come across. The chain has flat-rolled rings that create a stylish and posh pattern.


Book Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 37

It is an elegant chain design that is quite famous as Victorian jewelry. The necklace acquired the name because of the bindings that resemble the pages of a book.


Link and Bar / Bar Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 38

It is a stunning necklace consisting of bars or rods interconnected with tiny rings. These are smooth bars and are separated by elongated, curving, shaped, hollow, decorative, and twisted links. The design is also referred to as link and bar chain.


Railroad Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 39

This necklace bears two lines that have crossbars. This necklace chain appearance looks like a train track, which is why the jewelry piece is regarded as a railroad chain.


Mesh Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 40

This necklace consists of a fine thread woven in a tubular chain. Mesh chains are wider than other common necklaces.


Heart Link Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 41

The heart link chain is a fabulous necklace made of connected heart-shaped links. They are soldered together to form a perfect and alluring-looking necklace.


Dragon Link Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 42

It is a thicker necklace and bears some double V-shaped intertwined links. This gives a woven effect that presents the chain with the appearance of a dragon’s body. At the end of this necklace is a dragon head to make it even fancier.


Bike Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 43

As the name suggests, this necklace chain will have links inspired by a motor vehicle or bicycle chain. Bicycle lovers go well with this chain as it denotes where they invest their passion.


Tennis Bracelet / Cup Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 44

The tennis bracelet has a series of zircon stones or glass crystals squares. Flat bars are used to interlink these squares to each other to make the necklace move freely. The chain can be rocked as a bracelet, necklace, or other jewelry.


Bismark Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 45

Bismark chain has two link chains. Its sides are soldered together to create a parallel link chain on the side. That means the necklace appears to have two similar chains adjacent to each other, making it appear stunning.


Ladder Chain / Hook Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 46

It is a simple necklace with a rather unique design. The chain bears a round link and two folded-back ends. These back ends will connect with the next link in line. The end results appear like a ladder hence the name ladder chain.


Marquise Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 47

The marquise chain got its name from a gemstone known as Marquis cut. Marquis takes the shape of an elongated oval that has pointed ends. People believe that the design was named after Louis XIV’s mistress known as Marquise de Pompadour. This necklace consists of Marquis-shaped links interconnected with some small, simple rings.


PantHer Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 48

It is a flat necklace with a unique design resembling three rectangular paving bricks. These bricks are interlinked, using a pin in between, giving off a rather startling appearance. The tiny bricks used in this necklace could be shaped like a rhombus which is also the diamond in a card deck. The chain can be used to grace any occasion and could also go well with pendants.


Ring and Connector Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 49

This necklace is just like the common link chain. It has elongated links that are joined together using other rings. Ring and connector chains can make a good necklace if you are a link chains enthusiast.


Peanut Chain / Crinkle Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 50

You can tell from the name already now what the necklace looks like. The peanut chain encompasses peanut-shaped links interlinked together using bars. If you are a peanut lover, then this is your necklace.


Scroll Links Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 51

Scroll link chains are among the astonishing jewelry pieces you will cross paths with. The necklace has twisted wire that creates a double winding formation making the piece look aesthetically pleasing.


Tile Rhombus Links Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 52

It is a fancy necklace that looks splendid and beautiful. It contains diamond/tile-shaped links connected together using bars. The tile rhombus link chain is a sleek necklace that can grace any occasion.


Criss-Cross Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 53

These are alluring necklaces that bear simmers with every movement made. Some tiny flat links make up this necklace by crisscrossing each other to create a sensational piece of jewelry. Some of these necklaces are adjustable and can be worn on several occasions.


Barleycorn Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 54

This chain is formed by the interconnection of long thin teardrop links. These teardrop-shaped links face in the same direction. What joins them together is a small hinge. With such a design, this necklace is not that flexible, and with the thin links, it might be challenging to put it back once damaged. It is regarded as barleycorn because of the resemblance with the barleycorn.


Crimpable Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 55

Crimpable chain has a delicate tubular link chain that fits through the standard bead holes. The necklace can also come as a fine chain that resembles a snake chain. This ‘snake chain’ is also referred to as a crimpable chain.


Filigree Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 56

It is a gorgeous necklace styled like a curb chain or cable chain. However, the necklace bears long links with stunning decorations that seemingly form a Florentine pattern. This gives the piece of jewelry a filigree or lace-like finish. The necklace is colorful and created using some delicate pieces. It was developed back in the 15th century and is still loved by many.


French Rope Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 57

This necklace comes from flattened machine wire where every wire link is woven onto the next link. It is a fabulous necklace chain for anyone who wants to put on some necklace statement piece of jewelry. It has a smooth feel and exquisite touch. The necklace can also come in a wide range of colors, with the golden ones appearing more impressive.


Twisted Rope Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 58

The twisted rope chain is a sleek necklace loved by many for its glamorous appearance. The chain is made of rope chains twisted to form one twisted chain and seems to gleam from different angles. The twisted rope chain appears lucrative for hangouts with friends and unofficial parties.


Twisted Helix Chain

The Big Guide to Necklace Chain Types 59

It is among the most straightforward necklace chains you will come across. The twisted helix chain has a uniform repeating pattern of twisted chains. It is an incredible and marvelous piece of jewelry if you love your necklaces simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the necklace chains made of?

Most jewelry chains are made from metals and mainly precious metals such as silver and gold. Other metals may also be used to make necklaces, such as steel and palladium. These metals are used to make necklace chains because they are reactive. They will not readily react with your body. They also have intricate strength and shape. Most of these metals do not require much to maintain their glamor.

Can I wear a chain every day?

Yes, you can. Chains are manufactured to be worn daily. However, you need to assess the type of chain you have. Is it made of durable material? Is it easily reactive with, say, water or even your body? You have to check on these things before you decide to put them on the chain every day. Some chains will get damaged easily from daily wear; some will even start fading their shine. Otherwise, if you have the durable ones, you can put them on virtually everywhere, even as you sleep or head to the shower.

Which necklace chain is the strongest?

Getting the strongest necklace chain in the market is every jeweler’s dream. You want to grab long-lasting necklaces. Understand that the strongest necklace types are the chains that have interlocking links. These chains should also provide flexibility to the user. Such necklaces will not easily kink and are easily fixed at any time they are broken.

Which chain type is the best for a pendant?

Every jeweler wishes for a necklace chain that can hold pendants without damaging the chain. You also want to look for a chain that appears stunning yet straightforward with no numerous designs. That will make the chain not look too busy complimenting the pendant. Such a chain could be a rope, cable bead, or curb-style necklace chain.

How much does a chain cost?

There is no one-fit answer to this question. The most appropriate response is one you probably don’t want to hear; it depends. Several factors go into the price of a chain. They include the length of the chain, type of metal used, the style of the chain, and even its thickness. Chains made of platinum metal are the most expensive necklaces, followed by gold and silver necklaces. As for thickness, thicker necklaces are more costly than thin chains. Silver chains could fetch from $100 to hundreds of dollars in the market. The gold chain will sell as several hundreds of dollars and probably thousands.

What is the popular necklace length?

Necklace chains are made in different lengths. They could range from around 16 inches to about 36 inches. You will be shocked; some are even way longer than that. A typical size in a majority of necklaces is 18 inches. Most chains will be around here in length. With this necklace length, everyone can see it as it rests above your chest and below the collarbone.

What is the best thickness for a necklace?

Necklace chains are made with varying thicknesses. The best thickness of the chain is entirely up to you. Everyone has their unique preference and style when it comes to necklaces. However, if you are a pendants lover, you will probably look for a thicker necklace chain. This will support the pendants without appearing to strain. Some necklaces look glamorous as thinner pieces, while others will appear beautiful as thicker pieces. It will depend on what makes your heart happy.

What is the most secure necklace clasp?

There is a plethora of clasps for necklace chains. Many people have different preferences on the clasps they would prefer for their necklaces. The most secure clasps are the spring ring clasp and the lobster and the hook. These clasps will hold the chain intact until it is time to take it off.

What karat gold is best for chains?

If you want the most durable karat gold, look for gold purity levels that are low such as 12k or 10k gold. These karats have less gold, but you will be shocked by how long they last. They are strong, meaning they last for an extended period. You could also choose 14k as it is colorful with the yellow gold color and exceptionally durable. Avoid the 18k gold since it is expensive but not as durable as the rest. The gold karat is easily damaged.

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