Variscite is a hydrous aluminum phosphate. It is sometimes confused with turquoise; however, variscite is usually greener in color. The green color results from the presence of small amounts of chromium.

Variscite: Meanings, Benefits and Properties

The frequency of Variscite connects to the heart chakra. It opens and activates the heart chakra so that one is able to have compassion and radiate love. It allows one to be accepting and non-judgmental of oneself and others, and to just “be”.

The energy of Variscite supports, strengthens, and stabilizes one’s emotions so that one is able to acknowledge and release deeply held emotional patterns no longer serving one. Thus allowing for healing to take place on an emotional level, which in turn brings a sense of inner peace and harmony to one’s being.

The frequency of the purple variety of Variscite connects to the crown chakra allowing one to consciously align with one’s soul, opening the channel to bring the frequency of Universal love to the whole of one’s energy fields.

Associated Chakras

  • Heart

Emotional Issue

  • Emotional Stability
  • Emotions – Healing
  • Stress

Spiritual Connection

  • Compassion
  • Inner Peace
  • Love
  • Universal Love

Variscite Geological Properties

Variscite is a secondary mineral formed by direct deposition from phosphate-bearing water that has reacted with aluminum-rich rocks in a near-surface environment. It occurs as fine-grained masses in nodules, cavity fillings, and crusts. Variscite often contains white veins of the calcium aluminum phosphate mineral crandallite.

Variscite History

It was first described in 1837 and named for the locality of Variscia, the historical name of the Vogtland, in Germany. At one time, variscite was called Utahlite. At times, materials that may be turquoise or maybe variscite have been marketed as “variquoise”. Appreciation of the color ranges typically found in variscite have made it a popular gem in recent years.

Variscite Sources

Variscite from Nevada typically contains black spiderwebbing in the matrix and is often confused with green turquoise. Most of the Nevada variscite recovered in recent decades has come from mines located in Lander County.

Notable localities are Lucin, Snowville, and Fairfield in Utah, United States. Most recently found in Wyoming as well. It is also found in Germany, Australia, Poland, Spain, and Brazil.

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