Violet Flame Opal Meaning and Properties

Violet Flame Opal is the name given to a newly discovered variety of Opal from Mexico. It is a combination of White Opal and Purple Opal, whose color range is from pale lilac to a deep,-rich violet purple. It is very similar in appearance and properties to Violet Opal.

The frequency of Violet Flame Opal connects to the heart, third eye, and crown chakras.

The energy of Violet Flame Opal cleanses and purifies one’s third eye and crown chakras so that one is open to higher dimensional energies and those of one’s guardian angel, making one “spiritually aware”.

Via the heart chakra, this beautiful purple and white Opal helps to soothe one’s emotional body allowing for negative emotional patterns to be acknowledged and released. Thus helping to transform negative energies such as anger or fear into positive energies of courage and love.

As the name implies this crystal resonates with the energies of the Violet Flame, those of purification and transformation. One is able to bring forth the energy of the Violet Flame into one’s being and thus into all of one’s energy fields, right down to the cellular level, dissolving and transmuting negative energies and bringing harmony to the whole of one’s being.

All Violet Flame Opal crystals and pendants sold by us are genuine. The raw crystals will be accompanied by a valid certificate of authenticity and the wire wrap pendants by their information card.

Associated Chakras

  • Heart
  • Third Eye
  • Crown

Emotional Issue

  • Anger
  • Fear

Spiritual Connection

  • Purification – Energetic
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Transformation of Negativity

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