Vogel Wand and Star Vogel

Vogel wands were the vision of Marcel Joseph Vogel and are shaped according to the Tree of Life of the Kabbala and have specific energetic vibrations or frequency.

The shape and angles of the Vogel wands are precise in their purpose. The wider end is the female point and the narrow end is the male point. The energy emitted through a Vogel wand is very fast and precise due to the spiraling effect caused by the cut shape of the two fine, multi-faceted points, and multi-faceted sides.

Vogels can be used to project energy into an energy system by rotating clockwise or to draw negative energy out of an energetic system by rotating anti-clockwise. They can be programmed for energy work and attuned to the user’s energy frequency by holding it in your dominant hand with the male point facing away from you and the female point in the palm of your hand. Spin the Vogel wand until it “sticks”, the energy of the wand is then resonating with your energy.

A Star Vogel is a cut and polished crystal tool that can be used when working with Platonic solids.

The Star Vogel is held in the hand with the flat side of the Vogel facing away from the hand. The Platonic solid shape is then held against the Vogel Star’s flat face so that the energy moves through the Vogel Star into the Platonic solid. This allows the energy of the Platonic solid to then be projected into the area of the physical body that is being worked upon.

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