How to Tell White Gold From Platinum?

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White gold is the new platinum around the town. While platinum is heavier and more durable than white gold, it can be fabricated much better than gold in jewelry making. There are a couple of differences between the two metals.

Platinum always has an upper hand in comparison with white gold as the coating of rhodium only gives the gold its sheen. Platinum is almost grayish-white and does not necessarily demand rhodium polishing.

Buying an engagement ring in platinum or white ring is always a contemplating question. It is the matter of choice – price, look, sensitivity and durability.


It is true that platinum engagement rings are priced high over white engagement rings. Platinum rings with diamonds or other precious gemstones are always a welcome amongst most. If you do not want to spend more on it, you can always go in for rings made of white gold. They almost resemble the platinum ones, but cannot duplicate them. They are much affordable and are available in a plethora of choices.

Look & Style

Finding an engagement ring is no longer a tough task. With the best online jewelry stores available across the globe, you can do as much filtration and comparison as possible with regard to price, style, weight, gemstone etc. Whether it is white or platinum jewelry, imitating deigns in other metal is a possible option.


It is interesting to know the fact that the nickel in gold is sensitive to a lot of people. Also, the chemicals used in everyday house hold items like chlorine can destroy the white gold by eating up the alloy in it. Platinum is hypoallergenic and does not pose any reactive instances. In fact it is the only metal that can be used in the purest form.


White gold is soft and pliable metal. The softness of gold is based on its purity. The purer the gold, the softer it is. When gold is scratched, part of the alloy is scrapped off, but for platinum there is no loss in metal. Any scratching does not result in the thinning of the ring band, but it does happen with gold rings.

Ultimately the choice to choose between white and platinum comes down to a personal preference. Some may prefer the white luster of plated gold jewelry and some may prefer the natural look of platinum jewelry. The price can vary considerably between platinum and white gold jewelry. Choose as per your budget or style. It’s your choice.

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