White Sodalite Meaning and Properties

Sodalite belongs to the feldspathoid group of minerals and can be seen in a crystal form. Sodalite can also be found with the calcium carbonate mineral, White Calcite. Its color is primarily blue but can also be seen as red, pink, green, yellow, and white.

The color of Sodalite varies based on its impurities, sunlight exposure, and origin. Sodalite crystals from Greenland and Canada often show hues of pink and violet. After some exposure to UV rays, it becomes grey to pure white.

White Sodalite (Hackmanite) changes color from pink to white after exposure to sunlight. This stone was discovered by L.H. Borgstroem in Greenland in the 1900s and got its name from the famous geologist, Victor Hackman.

Deposits of this rare crystal are often found in Myanmar, Canada, Afghanistan, Russia, and Norway.

White Sodalite Meaning

White Sodalite is a powerful gemstone that can give you excellent brain power. It can give you an extra edge in critical thinking and problem-solving. We all know how difficult it is when solving complex problems in life. White Sodalite will give you clarity and brain power like never before. Your perceptive abilities will also improve making you lose your fears and move ahead in life.

Whatever may be preventing you from moving forward, this gemstone will guide you toward your goals and aims in life. The astral attachments or emotional bonds from people can be detached once you start using this healing gemstone. People who want to peacefully meditate will be amazed by this crystal. These are potent gemstones that let you relate and connect with the Heavens reliably. Balance and tranquillity await you when you use this gemstone. They are lovely tranquillity gemstones that can be used for other ailments as well including substance abuse.

White Sodalite Healing Properties

There are many beneficial healing properties of White Sodalite crystals. They are used for crystal healing and can aid your physical body in good health. It can help you stop those carvings or over-indulgence in substances. White Sodalite also boosts your immune system letting your body handle viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants in your everyday life.

People with anxiety will be able to use the stone’s calming and relaxing properties. Panic attacks are solved through the use of this magical gemstone. Let this healing gemstone clear your mind and thoughts and let go of any negative thinking.

Meditation with White Sodalite

If you’re planning to have a productive meditation, then White Sodalite is a perfect choice! Considered the “Crystal of Perpetual Connection”, this gemstone guarantees the user that there is time for everything. This gemstone assures that all living beings have a sense of unity. All anger, uncertainty, and anxiety can be cured when the gemstone is used.

White Sodalite is also great for any unscheduled or emergency events. This is an excellent talisman for you to adjust your body’s natural rhythm. It helps your body through balancing its composition when you move to different locations. It is a polymorphic gemstone and can make you have a productive and profound meditation experience. You can increase your perception of souls and relatives giving you a memorable and beautiful experience every time you use this lovely crystal.

White Sodalite and Chakras

White Sodalite is a magical gemstone that can give you enhanced intellectual abilities. It is known to give you access to other people’s Crown Chakra.

The gemstone also provides you with the ability to approach divine nature and unmatched wisdom. If you’re having difficulty expressing your emotions, this gemstone is excellent for you. White Sodalite can let you freely express your emotions creatively.

White Sodalite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Anyone who is born with the zodiac sign Sagittarius will be pleased to use this awesome gemstone. Sagittarians are innovative and energetic thinkers that are always up for a challenge. They are always busy changing their lives for the best. They tend to discover and find themselves in complicated situations and need extra help for their daily sacrifices. White Sodalite is the perfect choice for these situations because it makes the user calm and collected instantly.

The calming properties of White Sodalite are unmatched and powerful. Those who are experiencing turmoil in their life will be surprised at how White Sodalite is effective in calming the mind and soul. White Sodalite can aid and help Sagittarians when they deliver truthful facts. The gemstone can help them be more subtle when they say the truth. Being truthful may not be welcomed especially if it is delivered bluntly. The crystal can ensure that facts and truth are accepted on all occasions without offending anyone.

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