Women’s Love Affair With Diamonds

Admit it. Each woman has her own fantasy and that would definitely include getting that “ring” and being asked that ultimate question. All the while she will be dreaming about how she will be asked the “will you marry me?” question. Will her boyfriend be on his knees or will he take her high up the mountains where he prepared a huge surprise for her as a part of his proposal?

Although the popping of the question would surely bring her to tears the ultimate moment would by the time he opens that tiny black box revealing a ring with a huge diamond on it. And by the time she puts the ring on her finger more tears will stream down her face.

What’s with diamonds and women? Well that has been the question that has plagued the human kind for as long as one can remember. In fact there is one cliché that goes “diamonds are a woman’s best friend” and indeed they are. Giving her a diamond ring will surely bring her to tears not because she is sad or disappointed but because she is happy.

A woman knows how hard it is to find the perfect diamond. She knows that her man will have to move heaven and earth in order to find that perfect gem that will surely look majestic when placed on her finger. Other than that she knows that there are a lot of things to consider before buying the diamond like the cut, the carat, the size, the clarity and even the colour.

Diamonds may look weak and fragile and for those who didn’t know they may think that diamonds are like women, so easy to break. However, scientifically that is not the case since diamonds are known to cut glass and other hard surfaces. The requirements for a natural diamond to form are constant high pressure and a comparatively low temperature. Taking into consideration how these diamonds are created it is then safe to say that it will take more than a simple beating to break even the smallest diamond.

We have heard of men comparing women to diamonds. Each woman is unique and beautiful in her own way just like a diamond and the sharpness of a woman’s intellect is comparable to the capacity of a diamond to cut even the hardest of surfaces. The diamond on her finger will then be the statement of her own character.

Why tears and diamonds? As previously mentioned diamonds are forever and despite constant beating these gemstones emerged to be the most sought after gem on earth. Women are romantics and they will surely associate almost everything with love. Diamonds are great symbols of love, eternal and true and that is probably why when a man pops a question along with a diamond ring it never fails to bring tears to a woman’s eyes. The diamond ring on her finger will be a constant reminder of his undying love for her, day in and day out and every time she begins to doubt his feelings for her that diamond ring will surely reassure her.

So when planning to pop the question, it would be best to pick a diamond for an engagement ring. Not only will it last forever but it would also be a great heirloom for the younger generations.

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