Yellow Danburite Meaning and Properties

Yellow Danburite also known as Agni-Gold Danburite is a rarer, bright yellow/gold form of Danburite, a calcium borosilicate mineral and is from the southern region of Africa.

The frequency of yellow Danburite connects to the solar plexus and crown chakras, activating them so that one is open to higher dimensional information.

Yellow Danburite Meaning and Properties 2

Yellow Danburite helps with increasing one’s insight into the correct use of one’s personal power and to act in accordance with one’s “higher purpose”.

The energy of yellow Danburite allows one to have clarity of thought and a positive approach to life’s experiences and lessons.

It lifts one emotionally bringing a feeling of joy into one’s life.

Associated Chakras

  • Solar Plexus
  • Crown

Physical Ailment

  • Digestive Issues
  • Metabolism

Emotional Issue

  • Joy – Emotional
  • Personal Power – Emotional

Spiritual Connection

  • Inner Sight
  • Personal Power – Spiritual

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