Ametrine is a rare gemstone made from quartz. Ametrine is a mix of two distinct minerals, the first being Amethyst and the second being Citrine.

Amethyst is the rarest form of quartz and has the distinction of giving off a beautiful violet or purple color. Citrine gives off a yellow orange color and is the same substance as Amethyst, but it has been superheated in the earth’s core. Both of these mineral properties are found in Ametrine.

Ametrine is sometimes referred to Trystine. Ametrine also has a commercial name called Bolivianite. Bolivianite was chosen because Ametrine is found mainly in specific mines in Bolivia. It should be noted that Ametrine has only been sold commercially since 1980.

Ametrine comes in three major colors and usually has all three colors present. It usually has purple, yellow and orange. Ametrine is crystal in structure, usually hexagonal in shape. It is either a glassy translucent or transparent. It is important to note that it is a very hard substance, measuring a 7 on Mohs hardness scale. Ametrine’s hardness makes it perfect for being cut into shapes for ornamental jewelry. In fact, Ametrine doesn’t really have any industrial uses; it is sold mainly for its beauty.

Ametrine is rare and only found in a few places, so the size of the stones is usually at most a few carats. Ametrine is normally cut and made into high quality pieces of jewelry in many shapes such and forms, such as earrings, charms, bracelets and especially rings.
The majority of Ametrine comes from one specific mine, the Anahi Mine in Bolivia, however, Ametrine can be found in very small quantities in other places such as India and Brazil.

Since Ametrine is extremely rare, it doesn’t have as an extensive history and origin as other popular gemstones; however, Ametrine was said to be first introduced in Europe by Conquistadors that found Ametrine in South America. It is said that Ametrine was given to the Spanish Queen as a gift for a dowry.

Because there is little history about this precious and beautiful stone, most people usually look towards the two minerals present in Ametrine – Amethyst and Citrine. This means that Ametrine can relieve stress and make one feel calm. It can also make one enhance their thought process and mental capabilities.

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