Aries birthstones

BirthstonesBloodstone (Main), Diamond (Alternate), Red Jasper (Hindu), Jasper (Planetary), Topaz (Talismanic)
Keywords“I am”
Lucky Number1 and 9

Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac gives us the natural warriors and athletes.

Aries are known for wanting to be first, sometimes by fair means or foul. To them it rarely matters and at times, they cannot understand why anyone would take offense. They love to start things, but grow easily bored where detail or plodding is required.

They are known for their courage and recklessness. They make perfect leaders as they jump right in, make decisions quickly and easily and show tremendous courage under fire.

However, Arians are often self-centered and believe the world revolves around them and their needs. Their perception of the world is seen as how it would affect them. Aries energy is right out there. They are not plotting or manipulative like some signs, rather they are child-like, impulsive, act first and think later. And like a small child who doesn’t get his way – they are capable of angry tantrums.

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