Crystal Energy Grids

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Crystal energy grids can be used in a range of healing processes, for activating and working with other crystals or for helping to change the 

Crystal energy grids can comprise natural or polished, single or double terminated points, raw/natural crystal pieces, or tumble stones. Grids are often put together using the same type of crystal formation and type, but one is free to just follow one’s intuition, what one is guided to use, or what “feels” right in any situation.

Examples of Crystal Energy Grids

Crystal grids can be placed around other crystals to re-energize and activate them.

Crystals can be placed in a room in the form of a grid to energize and raise the vibrations within the room’s environment. An example is placing the crystal energy grid within a healing room to set the right atmosphere for the healing session and to aid and maintain the flow of energy during the healing session.

Crystal grids can be placed in a room or around certain objects to remove negativity such as the electromagnetic emanations from electronic equipment and computers.

During a crystal energy healing single terminated Quartz points can be placed in the hands and around the physical body during the healing session to allow the energy to flow and to aid the integration of the crystal energies into the chakras and subtle bodies.

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