Soma Chakra Crystals

The Soma Chakra is an essential energy center in the spiritual body, often less known but incredibly significant. Its name originates from the Sanskrit word “Amria Chakra,” translating to the Crescent Moon’s nectar. This chakra acts as a bridge, connecting the physical and spiritual realms, symbolizing the union between body and soul.

Location and Significance

Positioned at the mid-hairline or upper forehead, the Soma Chakra is linked to our spiritual identity and conscious activation. It connects us to the divine essence, fostering a profound spiritual connection with the universe. This chakra symbolizes our spiritual bond with the cosmos and is associated with the colors blue, lavender, white, and ultraviolet. It harnesses the water element, emphasizing fluidity and connection.

Dualities and Energies

Within the Soma Chakra reside both masculine and feminine energies. This chakra embodies the union of dualities present within each individual, serving as a meeting point for the etheric body, the subtle energy body, and the light bodies attached to the physical form. This union is crucial for achieving a balanced and harmonious spiritual state.

The Silver Cord Connection

One of the most vital aspects of the Soma Chakra is its connection via the silver cord. This cord links the subtle energy bodies to the physical body, enabling spiritual journeying and out-of-body experiences. It facilitates the exploration of other dimensions and realms, allowing us to delve deeper into our spiritual existence.

Enhancing Spiritual Awareness

The Soma Chakra plays a significant role in enhancing higher spiritual awareness and visionary abilities. It acts as a gateway to the angelic and spirit realms, fostering connections to these ethereal dimensions. By activating and working with the Soma Chakra, individuals can achieve greater spiritual insights and a more profound connection to the universe.

Best Crystals to Balance Your Soma Chakra

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