Mango Quartz

  • Mango Quartz, otherwise known as Corona Quartz, is a spectacular variant of quartz, characterized by its striking yellow-tipped crystals.
  • Its rarity and recent discovery in the Boyaca region of Colombia, amidst an Emerald mine, adds to its intrigue.
  • Mango Quartz’s unique coloration is attributed to the inclusion of Halloysite, an aluminosilicate clay mineral, giving it its golden crown.

Imagine basking in the glow of the morning sun as it paints the world in hues of gold. Now, picture this warmth captured within the brilliant crystals of Mango Quartz, or Corona Quartz, bearing a golden crown at the tips. Currently, we primarily source Points and Clusters, taking the opportunity to hand-tumble any damaged pieces into unique tumble stones.

The Colombian Connection

The Boyaca region of Colombia boasts the unique honor of being the only known source of Mango Quartz. Its crystals bloom into the typical quartz structures; needle-like, prismatic, double terminated, and even forming under the unique Japan Law twinning. Inside the crystal points, a natural orangish-yellow pigment flares, akin to holding a ray of sunshine within your palm.

Halloysite: The Secret Ingredient

The burning question, “What gives Mango Quartz its golden allure?” has sparked animated debates among the geological circles worldwide. The most plausible answer is Halloysite, an aluminosilicate clay mineral, known for its golden-yellow hues.

Understanding Halloysite

Halloysite, with the empirical formula Al2Si2O5(OH)4, is an aluminosilicate clay mineral. Its main constituents are oxygen (55%), silicon (22%), aluminium (21%), and hydrogen (2%). As part of the kaolinite group, halloysite typically forms through the hydrothermal alteration of alumino-silicate minerals.

Halloysite can occur intermixed with dickite, kaolinite, montmorillonite, and other clay minerals. Positive identification typically requires X-ray diffraction studies. First described in 1826, halloysite was named after its discoverer, the Belgian geologist Omalius d’Halloy.

A Journey Through Time

Tracing the formation of these crystals, we find ourselves in a limestone bed aged approximately 66-100.5 million years. The formation process of Mango Quartz mirrors the grand timescales of geology, taking an estimated 33 million years, a testament to nature’s patient artistry.

The Emerald Czar and the Discovery of Mango Quartz

The history of Mango Quartz is intrinsically tied to the life of Don Victor Carranza, fondly known as the “Emerald Czar”. As the owner of numerous emerald mines in Colombia – a country that caters to almost 90% of the world’s emerald demand – his love for the gemstones is legendary.

During a road construction project in the late 1980s, Carranza’s crew stumbled upon white and yellow-tipped quartz points. Ignoring the white crystals, Carranza was captivated by the allure of the Mango Quartz, hoarding these golden-tipped treasures. Despite discovering veins of multicolored Red Quartz, Carranza decided to abandon the mine, sealing its entrance with concrete.

A Forgotten Mine, Reclaimed

With the turn of the century, Carranza faced legal battles, and the world’s focus shifted towards the War on Drugs. Amidst these tumultuous times, the Mango Quartz mine was forgotten, its treasures slowly reclaimed by the Colombian jungle.

However, nature had its own plans. In 2017, the mine’s concealed entrance was discovered by the grandchildren of a local farmer. The lost legacy of the Mango Quartz was finally unearthed once again.

A Gem Worth Cherishing

The story of Mango Quartz is one of hidden beauty and rediscovery. Its golden crown-like tips, reminiscent of a ripe mango sorbet, are a marvel to behold. Now that we’ve discovered it, let’s continue to explore and cherish this sunlit gem. After all, how often do you get to hold a piece of ancient sunlight in your hand?

Mango Quartz Meaning and Symbolism

An Emblem of Sunlit Positivity

Bearing its golden crown, the Mango Quartz stands as a symbol of sunlit positivity. Each crystal is like a miniature sun, radiating a light that’s ever bright, ever warm, ever hopeful. It’s a little burst of summer that you can carry with you, a splash of mango sorbet in a sea of grey.

Power of Resilience

The Mango Quartz’s journey from the depths of the Colombian earth to the palm of your hand is a testament to its resilience. It serves as a reminder that we, too, can weather life’s storms, emerging not just intact but transformed, gleaming with newfound strength.

The Spark of Discovery

The story of the Mango Quartz is also a tale of discovery and of treasures hiding in plain sight. This sunny crystal invites us to look at the world with fresh eyes, to uncover the golden opportunities that might be tucked away in the corners of our lives, waiting to be found.

The Crown of Achievement

Dubbed the “Corona Quartz”, this radiant gem also symbolizes achievement, the gold at the end of the rainbow. It encourages us to strive for our dreams, to reach for our goals, reminding us that every effort, every step taken, is a point on our personal crown of success.

Mango Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Sunny Embodiment of Vital Energy

Let’s journey into the metaphysical realm of the vibrant Mango Quartz. Its radiant golden hues hint at the sunlit energy encapsulated within, capturing the very essence of vitality and life-force. This golden gem is like a miniature sun you can hold, a beacon of life-affirming energy that could be a glowing addition to your gemstone collection.

A Guiding Light of Wisdom

One fascinating aspect of Mango Quartz is its purported ability to guide us toward deeper wisdom. It’s like having a sunlit path laid out before you, leading you towards insights that were once hidden in the shadows. Some believe that this radiant gemstone can aid in illuminating the hidden truths of the universe and our place within it, helping us understand the deeper meanings of life.

Amplifying Intentions with its Golden Glow

Mango Quartz is also celebrated as a potent amplifier of intentions. Whether you’re aiming to foster more positivity, cultivate resilience, or ignite self-discovery, this gemstone is said to help magnify those intentions, enhancing the energy you put forth towards achieving your goals.

Crowning the Chakras

Another intriguing attribute of Mango Quartz is its affinity with the Crown Chakra, one of the seven energy points of the body. It’s often associated with spiritual connectivity and enlightenment. Aligning with the golden light of Mango Quartz, you might find yourself feeling more connected to your higher consciousness and the vast universe.

Astrological Ally

From an astrological standpoint, Mango Quartz, with its sunny disposition, is often associated with the fiery, vibrant energy of Leo. This luminous gem could serve as a constant companion to those born under this sign, magnifying their inherent warmth, creativity, and passion.

Mango Quartz Healing Properties

Emotional Benefits of Mango Quartz

Mango Quartz: Your Pocketful of Sunshine

Feel the warmth seeping into your heart as you cradle a piece of Mango Quartz in your hand. This radiant gem, kissed by the sun, sparkles with a vibrant hue that’s pure joy to behold, and it has a knack for brightening moods to match.

A Beacon of Positivity

This gem, bursting with vitality, is like a little sunbeam you can carry around. Its golden glow is a reminder of summer’s warmth, a burst of positivity that can help ward off the chill of negativity and fill your heart with a comforting warmth. It’s the perfect companion to lift your spirits and instill a sense of happiness in your day-to-day life.

Resilience in the Palm of Your Hand

Mango Quartz, with its journey from the depths of the Colombian earth, is a symbol of resilience. Cradling this gemstone, you’re holding a piece of the Earth that has weathered storms, symbolizing the strength within you to overcome challenges. Its presence is a gentle, comforting reminder that, like it, you too possess the resilience to shine through the tough times.

Spiritual Benefits of Mango Quartz

A Sunlit Path to Discovery

There’s something about the Mango Quartz that ignites the spirit of adventure within us. Each golden-hued crystal invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to look within and uncover the radiant truths hidden in the corners of our spirit, just waiting to gleam in the light of awareness.

The Crown of Achievement

Also known as Corona Quartz or the ‘Crown Quartz’, Mango Quartz inspires us to strive towards our spiritual goals. It encourages us to grow, to ascend, and to claim our rightful place in the universe. Every effort, every step we take on our spiritual journey, is acknowledged and celebrated by this gleaming talisman of progress.

A Celestial Connection

In the grand cosmos, Mango Quartz serves as a tangible link to the celestial realm. This sun-kissed crystal, with its vibrant energy, connects us to the golden life-force energy of the universe. As you meditate with Mango Quartz, you may find yourself bathed in divine light, feeling more connected to the cosmos and all its radiant beauty.

Bringing Radiance Closer with Mango Quartz Pendants

Imagine the essence of a golden sunrise, with soft sunbeams gently warming up the world, captured in a jewel you can wear close to your heart. That’s the magic of Mango Quartz pendants!

The special quality of Mango Quartz, with its vibrant golden tips, is showcased stunningly in a pendant. Suspended from a simple silver or gold chain, the crystal takes center stage, drawing the eye with its unique blend of soft quartz backdrop and rich golden hues.

Pendants, by their very nature, rest close to the heart. The energetic qualities of Mango Quartz are thought to inspire wisdom and amplify intentions, making it an ideal choice to wear as a pendant. Imagine each heartbeat imbuing the stone with your personal energy, creating a dynamic feedback loop between you and your chosen crystal.

Wearing a Mango Quartz pendant isn’t just about embracing the metaphysical properties of the stone, it’s about making a style statement. The distinctive golden tones of this stone play beautifully against a variety of skin tones and pair harmoniously with a range of colors. Worn with a simple black dress, a Mango Quartz pendant adds a pop of color and intrigue. Paired with a floral sundress, it brings out the warmth of summer. Even a cozy winter sweater can benefit from the radiant touch of Mango Quartz.

The rarity of Mango Quartz also adds a sense of exclusivity to these pendants. You’re not just wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, you’re wearing a piece of the earth’s magic, a gemstone that speaks of ancient geological processes, the energy of the sun, and a human story that spans continents and generations.

Heart of Gold: Mango Quartz Hearts

Imagine the soft, warm light of sunrise pouring itself into the shape of a heart – that’s what you get when you hold a Mango Quartz heart. These adorable and symbolic shapes have been carved with meticulous precision from high-quality Mango Quartz, maintaining the distinctive golden tips that give this gemstone its uniqueness.

Like the gentle caress of morning light, Mango Quartz hearts radiate with positivity. The heart shape, long symbolic of love and compassion, beautifully complements the soft, nurturing energy traditionally associated with this quartz. It’s like a constant reminder of the love that the universe has for us – a cosmic hug you can hold in your hand.

Display a Mango Quartz heart on your desk or bedside table, and let its warm, sunny energy brighten your day. Or carry one in your pocket as a charm of compassion and a token of inner strength.

Aiming High: Mango Quartz Crystal Points

There’s a reason why the term “pointed” is used to denote clarity and focus – it speaks to the natural strength and direction of Crystal Points. And when it comes to Mango Quartz Crystal Points, they’re as clear and focused as a sunbeam breaking through a morning mist.

These captivating specimens retain their needle-like, prismatic, and double-terminated structures, showcasing the raw, untouched beauty of Mango Quartz. The golden tips of these points seem to be a beacon of concentrated energy, drawing the eye and engaging the mind.

Mango Quartz Crystal Points are wonderful to use in meditation practices or as a centerpiece for crystal grids. The points act as energy directors, amplifying and focusing the Mango Quartz’s nurturing vibrations. Whether you’re harnessing their energy for personal growth or simply appreciating their natural beauty, these points are a brilliant way to connect with the power and beauty of Mango Quartz.

Mango Quartz vs Golden Healer Quartz

When you first lay your eyes on Mango Quartz and Golden Healer Quartz, you’re drawn into their dance of sunshine. They’re both vibrant, filled with the promise of the morning sun and the tranquility of a sun setting over calm waters.

Golden Healer Quartz gets its glow from the presence of iron oxide trapped within its structure. It’s most commonly found in Arkansas, USA, while Mango Quartz is a Colombian specialty. This geographic distinction leads to a notable difference in price, with Mango Quartz fetching around $60-$100 per piece, given its rarity, while Golden Healer Quartz is more affordable, around $20-$50 per piece.

Both gemstones share a similar color spectrum, from a soft yellow to a deep, glowing gold. However, Mango Quartz has a distinctive golden tip, reminiscent of the ripe mango fruit, while the color in Golden Healer Quartz permeates throughout the crystal.

In the realm of crystal healing, Golden Healer Quartz is often used for its alleged ability to clear blockages and enhance the flow of energy, while Mango Quartz is thought to inspire wisdom and amplify intentions.

Mango Quartz vs Citrine

Moving on to the next duel, we have Citrine – a popular quartz variety known for its warm, lemony hues. Often mistaken for each other due to their similar color, these two gemstones have unique characteristics that set them apart.

Citrine, abundant in Brazil and Madagascar, forms under intense heat, transforming from its original Amethyst or Smoky Quartz state into its yellow glory. Its price can vary from $10 for smaller, tumbled stones, up to hundreds of dollars for larger, high-quality pieces.

Mango Quartz, on the other hand, gets its color from Halloysite inclusions and is only found in Colombia. Its rarity contributes to its higher price tag, usually ranging from $60-$100 per piece.

Citrine is often associated with wealth and abundance in crystal lore, making it popular in feng shui and jewelry. Mango Quartz, while less known, is equally captivating, believed to embody vitality and wisdom.

Mango Quartz vs Yellow Calcite

Finally, let’s talk about Yellow Calcite. It’s a carbonate mineral, different from the silicon dioxide composition of Mango Quartz. Its sunny yellow color can rival Mango Quartz’s golden hue, but they’re different in other aspects.

Yellow Calcite is found in multiple locations, including the USA, Mexico, and Brazil, making it more accessible and less expensive, typically ranging from $5-$20 per piece.

Mango Quartz’s unique formation process and limited geographical location elevate its value, pricing it between $60-$100.

Yellow Calcite is said to foster self-confidence and hope, while Mango Quartz is believed to offer wisdom and enhance intentions. Both share an affinity with the sunny energy they encapsulate, offering a ray of light in their own unique ways.

Mango Quartz vs Honey Calcite

In the world of golden gemstones, both Mango Quartz and Honey Calcite evoke a sense of sweet warmth, like a ray of afternoon sunshine or the gentle glow of a candle.

Honey Calcite is primarily found in Mexico and is a carbonate mineral, making it a touch softer than the silicon dioxide-based Mango Quartz. You can pick up a piece of Honey Calcite for around $10-$30, depending on size and quality, while Mango Quartz fetches a higher price, usually between $60-$100 due to its rarity.

Color-wise, Honey Calcite presents a spectrum of shades from pale yellow to deep amber, giving it a warm, comforting glow. In contrast, Mango Quartz’s color is more focused towards its distinctive golden tips.

Crystal enthusiasts often turn to Honey Calcite for its purported ability to enhance willpower and self-confidence, while Mango Quartz is revered for its supposed ability to inspire wisdom and amplify intentions.

Mango Quartz vs Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite, with its bright, sunny disposition, can compete with Mango Quartz in terms of vibrant energy. Despite sharing a similar color palette, their chemical compositions are entirely different: Yellow Apatite is a phosphate mineral, while Mango Quartz is a form of silicon dioxide.

Yellow Apatite can be sourced from various locations, including Mexico, Brazil, and Russia. Typically, its price ranges from $20-$50 per piece. In contrast, Mango Quartz is exclusive to Colombia, and its scarcity nudges its price up, usually between $60-$100 per piece.

In the realm of metaphysical properties, Yellow Apatite is believed to inspire positivity and personal growth, while Mango Quartz is thought to enhance wisdom and amplify intentions.

Mango Quartz vs Heliodor (Yellow Beryl)

Finally, let’s move to Heliodor, also known as Yellow Beryl. This gemstone’s color varies from pale yellow to a deep golden hue, somewhat similar to the golden tips of Mango Quartz.

Unlike Mango Quartz, which is a quartz variety, Heliodor belongs to the beryl family of minerals, which also includes Emerald and Aquamarine. It’s primarily found in Madagascar, Brazil, and Namibia.

Heliodor, being a precious gemstone, can fetch a higher price than Mango Quartz, with pieces typically ranging from $100-$500, depending on size, quality, and clarity.

In terms of folklore and crystal healing, Heliodor is often associated with strength and vitality, while Mango Quartz is believed to foster wisdom and amplify intentions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mango Quartz

What is Mango Quartz?

Mango Quartz, also known as Corona Quartz or Golden Crown, is a unique type of Quartz that features yellow-hued tips. Its characteristic color is due to inclusions of the mineral Halloysite.

Where does Mango Quartz come from?

Mango Quartz is found in the Boyaca region of Colombia. It was discovered while miners were searching for emeralds in the late 1980s.

What gives Mango Quartz its unique color?

The distinct yellow color of Mango Quartz is believed to be due to inclusions of Halloysite, an aluminosilicate clay mineral.

How rare is Mango Quartz?

Mango Quartz is a very rare variety of Quartz. Its unique color and scarcity add to its desirability among gemstone enthusiasts.

How is Mango Quartz formed?

Mango Quartz is formed in beds of Limestone, a process that took an estimated 33 million years.

Why is Mango Quartz also called Corona Quartz?

The name Corona Quartz, translating to Crown Quartz, is due to the yellow tips on this quartz variant that resemble a crown’s points.

What makes Mango Quartz different from other Quartz varieties?

The defining feature of Mango Quartz is its beautiful and unique yellow-hued tips, which are due to the inclusion of Halloysite. Its vibrant color and rarity set it apart from other Quartz varieties.

Mango Quartz Physical Properties
Crystal StructureTrigonal
Mineral ClassSilicate
Specific Gravity2.65
FormulaSiO2 + Al2Si2O5(OH)4 (Halloysite)
Hardness7 on the Mohs scale
TransparencyTransparent to Translucent
Chemical CompositionSilicon Dioxide with Halloysite
LocationsBoyaca, Columbia
RarityVery rare
Can Be Submerged in WaterYes, but not for extended periods
Sun Safe CrystalYes
Special Care InstructionsAvoid high heat and harsh chemicals
Price/CaratApproximately $20-$50 (subject to change based on market conditions and quality of the specimen)
Mango Quartz Metaphysical Properties
ChakrasSacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Zodiac SignsLeo, Virgo
Numerical Vibration3
SymbolismPositivity, Confidence, Creativity
BirthstonesNot traditionally associated with a birth month
Affirmations“I embrace my inner strength and creativity”
Emotional ConditionsAnxiety, Low Confidence, Lack of Creativity
Spiritual PurposesManifestation, Meditation, Energy Clearing
Crystal CombinationsCitrine, Yellow Calcite, Golden Healer Quartz


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