Red Opal Meaning and Properties

Opals have been known for their outstanding ability to reflect various pastel colors. However, red Opals are unique because they exude warm colors that range from red to gold. Also called Mexican Opals, red fire opals are unique and have a special color. The red Opal crystals are sought out for various reasons, including healing properties and jewelry, among other uses. This article seeks to answer any questions you may have had regarding Red Opal.


Red Opal was admired as a symbol of genuine love during the ancient Persian kingdom, India, the Amerindians, and the people of Central America. There was a widespread belief that gemstones that bubbled over with vivacity, like Red Fire Opal, were created in the waters of paradise. The Aztecs and Mayans loved this crystal and used it for mosaics and other ceremonial purposes.

Red Opal Meaning and Properties 1

People called the crustal “quetzalitzlipyollitli,” translated as the stone of the bird of paradise. However, the crystal knowledge of the Mexicans passed down from one generation to the next sunk into oblivion, and for a long time.

At around 1835, natives remembered the fiery treasures lying in the Mexican Highlands. The work to systematically mine the crystal from the laces gradually began and progressed until they were found. Today, Fire Opal is a national gem of Mexico.

How Is Red Opal Formed?

Remaining true to its naming, Fire opal gems are borne from fire. It is said that these crystals form within the depths of ancient volcanoes.

Red Opal Meaning and Properties 2

The gemstone is created when the water seeps into or through Silica enriched lava and fills the hollow areas and seams. Water is trapped within the lava under high temperatures and pressure or the volcano. Eventually, Red Fire Opal, a sun-bright orange-red stone, manifests.

Where Is Red Opal Found?

In a considerable part, Red Fire Opals are unique because they are only mined or are only found in some parts of Mexico and South America. Hence, they are also called Mexican Opals. The gemstones are mined in Guerrero, Michoacán, Chihuahua, San Luis Potosi, Querétaro, and Hidalgo states of Mexico. The mines in Querétaro have the highest significance. They’ve also been active or around since 1835. To date, you could still find some Mexican Opal Pebbles in flowing lava that’s rich in Silica.

Red Opal Meaning

Red Opal has many different positive meanings and attributes to those who wear it. However, its most significant meaning and has become popular is the representation of joy within a heart. Think of the crystal as an ever-lasting flame of happiness and charm. A gem of Red Opal symbolizes love and passion for the different elements in life, such as hobbies and careers, and other people. It is the passion burning within you. The crystal is also a representative of success and good fortune. It is believed that you can attract more customers by placing Red Opal in your business.

Even when dealing with hardships and surrounded by a dark energy cloud, the Red Opal’s healing properties can pull you back from these depths. It transmutes and transforms that darkness, ensuring you find some light from within. Regardless of how challenging things might appear, there’s a spark inside you at the center of Mexican Opal. The tricky part of your life is remembering the warm feeling deep inside you. The aim is to look past the pain and make the grips of darkness lose to ensure you can access it. According to healers, Mexican Opal’s multi-colored properties and beauty may help you do exactly that.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Physical Healing

The Red Opal benefits the skin and eyes with the natural energy that balances the physical torso’s water content. It’s safe for the kidneys and purifies blood while regulating insulin production in the wearer’s torso and reducing fever. In addition, the energies from the mother goddess can help its female wearer overcome menstrual-related problems and with the concerned hormones effectively.

It also encourages the formation of new blood cells within the wearer’s bone marrow and helps absorb calcium. Red Opal is also proved to be an easing jewel crystal for childbirth. It also deals with nails, teeth, hair, and bone problems. The gem’s wearer can also keep up a good body figure. Since it connects with the heart chakra, Red Opal is also believed to deal with heart attacks and after-surgery effects effectively.

The stone further preserves the excellent health of the carrier and is also helpful in treating stomach disorders and circulating soothing energy within their intestinal tract. It is also believed to cure flu, cancers, mental illnesses, and colds. In addition, it is a vital crystal used for nursing back the disturbances of the carrier’s brain waves to health. The crystal also makes the hormone production return to normal while plummeting impotence and infertility.

You can also witness some improvements in your immunity when using Red Opal. Some healers believe in its powerful ability to boost a person’s immunity and fight off the illness. Even people suffering from chronic pain might see relief with this crystal. Most use the stone to relieve pressure on their spine and reduce lower back pain.

The potential physical healing of Red Opal is many. The crystal does not prioritize any feat or a single biological function. Instead, it is believed that its healing properties impact a person’s entire body, helping them have overall better health.

Emotional Healing

Red Opal is a supportive, powerful stone. It’s bestowed to heal and fortify your emotional torso, more so for those that want to peer honesty into their true self. The Crystal’s high internal energy carries feelings and thoughts to the airfoil. The energies can further reveal your emotional land, which might have settled because of a painful past or earlier lifetime. The crystal teaches you to take accountability for your feelings over time. It also focuses on the past wounds and cleans them.

Additionally, Red Opal mends resentments and fears in your life. It helps its carrier to be in control and relaxed. Soothing your emotional torso and releasing the negative energies and thoughts, Red Opal enables you to be creative, loving, spontaneous, and positive. The crystal promotes the changes for good and aids you in understanding your inherently unlimited potential. It further allows you to accept the prevailing situation and helps you believe the powers of a cleric.

Are you struggling with the old emotions? Red Opal’s healing properties can also help you in such a case. In most instances, it is the past holding you back. For example, you might be harboring some old pain that still plagues you to date. These wounds heal by wearing or using Red Opal, allowing you to enter into the light and move on. However, make no mistake. This crystal does not force you to forget the memories in any form or shape. Though painful, the memories are also part of who you are. They’ve shaped your very existence, and you shouldn’t ever want to remove them from your mind altogether.

Spiritual Healing

The crystal is the epitome of positivity. Its properties and meanings shine optimism and joy around your life. Red Opal brings up the spiritual light into your surrounding aura. It also supplements the cosmic realization and is believed to awaken the mystical, psychic, and mystical qualities. The crystal is an excellent shamanic guide that helps you achieve the highest state of meditation. As a crystal that bears energy of the natural colors, it helps in increasing communications with the high powers.

Furthermore, the crystal opens your heart to absorb the love from your surroundings and offers peace of mind by awakening your overall energies. It provides you with the freedom to stay original and helps you learn that life’s true gift is love and openness.

Red Opal can help you if you’ve lost touch with spirituality recently.

Questioning things is perfectly normal.

Whenever life beats you, you can quickly close off or become cynical. Such emotions are natural, and you shouldn’t fear feeling them. However, Red Opal rekindles the spark, ensuring you can renew the spark that ensures you reach the pinnacles of your journey.

Metaphysical Properties

Have you seen Red Opal in the crystal collection of a long-time metaphysical healer? You shouldn’t be surprised. This crystal is among the many that might trigger your body’s energy points in influencing your body’s metaphysical plane. The gem has a lot of sway over two of the main chakras.

It is commonly used as a crystal for your Sacral chakra, the second of your body’s seven fundamental chakras. As per some ancient practices, the Sacral chakra is the center of your feelings and emotions. To be specific, the Sacral chakra governs your body’s pleasure feelings. It bears a strong connection with your sexual organs and has a massive influence.

Fear is the greatest enemy to the Sacral chakra. The fear of death, poverty, life, and other things slowly will block the Sacral chakra. This eventually blocks the flow of Lifeforce energy, which might have some life-changing impacts within the real world. You may become emotionally unbalanced. Some say they become manic, switching quickly from being depressed and anxious within no time. However, the lack of purpose and joy might be the most troubling effect.

The energy radiating from this crystal triggers joy while helping you become happy again. It is like a light ray that blasts through the darkness that wells up from the entire block. As a result, you’ll feel more balanced and might even become open to creating an entirely new life.

Though Sacral chakra is the crystal’s most significant priority, it also operates as the Root chakra stone. The Root chakra is the first of the seven main chakras. It is the point where the Lifeforce enters your body, hence a vital element of your metaphysical healing. If blocked, you might feel lost and unstable. Furthermore, it impacts a person’s sense of purpose and might result in a feeling of complacency. Fortunately, the crystal’s passionate energy could help you rediscover your purpose.

Ways To Use It

The crystal’s beauty makes it useful in various creative applications. Though it is rare, finding jewelry made from the gem isn’t tricky. Most jewelers love the crystal, meaning you’re likely to see it on most things, from natural-looking rings to cabochon necklaces. It doesn’t matter the king of Red Opal Jewel you purchase. You’ll be keeping it near the metaphysical plane and your auric field whenever you wear it. Hence, its healing properties can benefit you persistently throughout the day.

Do you prefer another more straightforward approach? Purchase the crystal as a polished stone or a loose rock. You’ll get more flexibility. You can use the polished or loose stone for guided meditation, a reminder of the inspiring meaning, or natural chakral healing. You can also find the crystal in sculptures, meticulously crafted home decors, or figurines. Try placing the crystal in a creative space or your living room. This stone’s properties and passionate energy will fill your room and heal your heart. Since the Red Opal connects with the fire element, it can be used as part of Feng Shui for your home’s strategic healing.


Just like other crystals, Red Opal needs occasional cleansing. However, cleansing prioritizes cosmetic finishes and other aesthetics with crystal healing. Crystal cleansing is about maintaining the stone’s healing properties and recharging it. Soaking the crystal inside a clean water bowl for several hours is probably the best way of cleansing this crystal. You can then use gentle soap and soft microfiber to remove the grime and dirt. However, ensure that you don’t use any abrasive objects or harsh or chemical cleaners as they might damage the crystal’s finish.

Red Opal is a unique crystal because it is about 20% water. When the mineral dries up over time, it experiences crazing (some tiny cracks start developing on the mineral’s surface when it is dehydrated. Soaking the crystal cleanses the energy and ensures you avoid problems like crazing. Cleanse your Red Opal after several weeks to keep it in good shape and continue benefiting from its meanings and properties.

Zodiac Connection

This is an all-inclusive crystal that could benefit almost anybody. However, Red Opal is well known as a strong Gemini stone. Though not an official birthstone, its properties help the Geminis address their weaknesses. Geminis are known for having dual personalities. Although most of them learn how to manage their two sides, the duality causes some problems and might make them super decisive. Regardless of their decision, there’s a compromise or a sacrifice that might result in dark energy and regular spiraling. The crystal ensures the spark of life is always lit. Regardless of how hard life gets for the Geminis, the crystal is always there to make sure they remain level-headed positive, and ready to take on the world.

Red Opal Value

Because they are rare compared to other opals, Red Opals are highly valuable. Red-colored Red Opal is the rarest and the most valuable. Yellow and Orange stones are commonly found because they are cheaper. However, the higher the intensity of the hue, the more the value of the stone, whichever the color. Based on the Red Opal’s quality, the per-carat price of the crystal ranges between US $50-$10000.


Red Opal’s meaning is all about finding joy and optimism. Although it might seem simple, introducing this crystal into your life can bring several benefits. Have you found the above information helpful? Then, why not try Red Opal? You’ll experience profound benefits that might leave you wondering, why didn’t I start this earlier?

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