Septarian Meaning and Properties

Septarian is the name given to a concretion stone composed of sedimentary rock and Calcite and is usually found as ovoid or spherical nodules. “Concretion” is derived from two Latin words “con” meaning together and “crescere” meaning to grow, and this can be used to describe the formation and characteristic markings of this unusual stone.

The sedimentary rock, such as clay/ironstone and Calcite have “grown together” to produce grey, brown and yellow colors most often found in Septarian nodules. The black form of this stone has grey, black and white markings.

The interior of the nodules has distinctive, irregular markings and patterns produced when angular “cracks” have been filled by the precipitation of an aqueous phase mineral. The angular cracks are referred to as “septaria” derived from the Latin word septum, meaning partition, and thus gives Septarian its name.

The frequency of Septarian connects to the base and solar plexus chakras. The yellow Calcite within the Septarian cleanses the solar plexus chakra so that one is able to be positive with one’s thoughts and actions and to follow through with one’s ideas. Whilst the clay/ironstone “rock” portion allows for the grounding of ideas into the third dimension.

This concretion stone supports one through the “cycles” and changes that occur within one’s life and helps one to be understood and also understand the thoughts and ideas of others. It helps the “bringing together” of ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Septarian, especially the black form, has protective energy and helps one to feel supported and protected from external influences.

Associated Chakras

  • Base Root
  • Solar Plexus

Emotional Issue

  • Positive Action

Spiritual Connection

  • Grounding
  • Protection – Negativity

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