Stonehenge Bluestone Meaning and Properties

Stonehenge Bluestone is a mixture of both spotted and blue Dolerite, a form of Feldspar, Rhyolite, and volcanic ash. It is from the Preseli hills in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is also known as Preseli Bluestone and the stones that form the ancient structure of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, are of this stone.

The frequency of Stonehenge Bluestone connects to the Earth Star chakra. It helps one to connect to the energy frequencies of Mother Earth.

Preseli Bluestone resonates with ley lines, the Earth’s energy grid, so that one may become aligned to, and be in harmony with them. It can aid one in all forms of geomancy.

Stonehenge Bluestone can aid one with Shamanic practices and journeys. Its energy helps one in meditation so that one may “view” the past and thus gain ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Associated Chakras

  • Earth Star

Spiritual Connection

  • Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Geomancy
  • Meditation – Spiritual
  • Shamanic Journeys

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