Subtle Body

Subtle bodies are layers of energy that are part of, and extend beyond, the physical body into the higher dimensional planes of consciousness. The subtle bodies form an integrated energy system that is part of our multi-dimensional being. There are 7 distinct layers, the first of the subtle bodies being the Etheric.

ETHERIC BODY (1st layer)

The Etheric body is the blueprint for the physical body. Consists of lines of force that form an energy matrix upon which the physical body is anchored. It is the link between the physical body and the other subtle bodies. The Etheric body has structure and rigidity and contains the Etheric fluid which passes into every cell of the physical body thus allowing the transfer of energy between the physical body and the various subtle bodies. The Etheric body extends 1/4″ to 2″ from the physical body and is perceived as a blue/grey colored grid. It is the only subtle body that can shift from left to right or up and down, up to a level of 2″.

EMOTIONAL BODY (2nd layer)

The Emotional body is associated with emotions and feelings, emotional stability, and security. The Emotional body extends 1″ to 3″ from the physical body and is perceived as a multi or rainbow-colored fluid (moving) layer. The colors vary from vibrant and vivid to dark and dull depending on the emotion or depth of feeling being formed.

MENTAL BODY (3rd layer)

The Mental body is associated with mental processes and thoughts. It allows for clear and rational thinking, screening and interpreting data, and storing thought forms. The Mental body extends 3″ to 8″ from the physical body and is perceived as a structured body, yellow in color, which expands and brightens when concentrated mental processes are occurring.

ASTRAL BODY (4th layer)

The Astral body contains all aspects of the personality. It screens or filters karmic patterns, past life, genetic information, and dis-ease into one’s consciousness. The Astral body extends 6″ to 12″ from the physical body and is perceived to be fluid (moving) and composed of similar rainbow colors seen in the emotional body but with a rose pink hue due to the association with the Heart Chakra.


The Causal body is the doorway to higher consciousness. It links individual consciousness with the collective consciousness thus bringing security and knowing within an individual due to the support system of the collective consciousness. All soul experiences (from past lives) are stored within the Causal body hence past life information is coordinated at this level to be released via the Astral body. The Causal body extends about 18″ to 24″ from the physical body and is perceived as a grid-like structure of transparent lines on a strong blue-colored background. It is the blueprint or template for the perfect physical form. The Etheric body uses this Etheric template of the Causal body to produce the grid structure (energy matrix) from which the physical body is formed.


The Soul body holds the essence of the Divine Spirit/God/Source/Universe. It is the emotional level of the spiritual body. The Soul body is connected to one’s Soul or Higher-self allowing information to flow from the source. This is the level where one can discover the nature of one’s being, our connection to all that is, the Universe. This is where we can sense, see and feel the Love and Light of the Divine.

The Soul body extends 24″ to 32″ from the physical body and is perceived as shimmering, golden-hued, opalescent pastel colors (think of Mother of Pearl) which radiates and “glows” from the physical body.


The Integrated Spiritual body is the mental level of the spiritual body. The physical essence and spiritual essence aspects of the subtle bodies merge at this level. It integrates the spiritual values and principles that are open to an individual to work within one’s present incarnation. The Integrated Spiritual body is the focal point for connection with one’s Higher-self and thus one’s soul’s memories allowing for their integration within the physical and subtle bodies.

The Integrated Spiritual body extends 30″ to 43″ from the physical body and is perceived as golden threads of shimmering light. Egg-shaped in appearance with the larger end positioned above the head and the smaller end positioned below the feet.

It is the outer, protecting energy field that surrounds the physical body and all the subtle bodies. It contains the energy “power line” that runs up and down the spine transferring energy through the roots of each chakra and circulating the energy taken in by each chakra. Further “power lines” radiate out from the central core to circulate energy throughout one’s being. Thus energy is flowing and being integrated on all levels.

Cosmic plane energy fields connected to the higher transpersonal chakras are perceived to be extremely high vibrational crystalline zones, the 8th level being fluid (moving) and the 9th being the template.


All the subtle bodies need to be aligned to the physical body and the magnetic core of the Earth. When they are out of alignment some of the following symptoms can occur.

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